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  1. DarkStyle


    *Sees people using NATO phonetic alphabet to send each other messages*


    THIS IS NOT HOW YOU USE IT!!!! If you wanna do military RP, im cool with that but YOU DONT USE IT LIKE THAT!!

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Are you saying you guys never used NATO-alphabets to repeat normal sentences over the radio so that the enemy cant understand what you said? ? We did that all the time...made communication take a while but it was completely worth it so the enemy cant gather intel about our actions.

    2. Spartan


      Send them a PM with feedback, I'd want to know it if I was doing something wrong and how I could fix it

    3. DarkStyle


      It is pretty idiotic thing to do since the alphabet is easy to decode (Take every word first sentence and boom) and it takes unnessecary radio time. SInce most prob you have to send it multiple time so radio is always busy which also gives enemy time to decode it. Easy. Use phonetic for callsigns and use somekind pre prepared code to send messages. Or talk normally since usually military radios are encrypted.

    4. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      i think you might have missed the sarcasm in my post. Ofcourse it makes no sense. No need to be triggered though since this is an internet roleplaying community. Dumb as it is, better just let people do their thing. We cant expect everyone to have real military experience to RP as a military character.

    5. DarkStyle


      If they wanna be abit more realistic then they should atleast know the basic of radio communications. Thats like the easiest thing to do. Also brings more realism to RP. If we wouldnt have that we would all be running around like super spetsnazsasnavysealsamuraisomalianpiratesniperwithover700confirmedkillsonsyria soldiers. Thing is that i earn my living doing that kind of stuff irl so seeing something like that. Yeaah. I am allowed to get just abit triggered.

    6. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      I understand your frustration but as a fella who has also served, I still dont take it too seriously. Afterall its just a game and there is plenty of unrealism going on in the server considering other things (first thing that popped into my mind was the numerous MCs that were in no way realistic). This just happens to be something you and I know a thing or two about so we cant help but notice it. As Spartan said, you might want to consider PMing them about it to help them improve.

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