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  1. Obnova [Recruitment Open]

    *Takes out his bag of carrots* Good luck and have fun
  2. Lights Hope WoW - Elysium [Vanilla WoW]

    Also downloaded it. First time playing any kind of WoW. Suggestions for complete noob?
  3. Karel Pesek

    -Real nationalist backstory is in works-
  4. [Game] Rate the In-Game name above you

    I like the Boris part of the name :D. 8/10
  5. [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

    Did somebody say AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP?
  6. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Looks awesome. Good luck.
  7. Passphrase

    It is in the rules. Read the rules word by word. You will find it pretty easily when you are doing that.
  8. Well i dont know if it is appropirate but have fun and stay safe. Make sure your rifle is ready to kill alot of those fuckers if you need to.
  9. DarkStyle

    What is the pefect way to start your day? Connect your laptop to speakers, put on some Frenchcore, make coffee and rave yourself up.


  10. back4the pvp rp

    Oh look who we have here. Mr Frisia himself. Nice to see you again mate!
  11. To the Slavs in Chernarus

    *Seeker hears all the broadcasts, finishes his cig, puts on his gasmask and replies. But not like others he doesnt do it in Russian. You can hear muffled Ukraine* Що ти намагаєшся зробити? Почніть війну. Ну, я можу продати вам зброю і речі, але я не буду вибирати будь-які сторони, що так і раніше. Не добре для бізнесу *Seeker releases the button and countinues doing what he did before*
  12. The Last Light

    We are taking over slowly!
  13. Wagwan

    Oh god. Not you again.
  14. DarkStyle

    Oh god. Partying until 8 in the morning is awesome but not very good idea but atleast i woke up next to very hot chick :D

    1. Spartan


      Unless you woke up on the sidewalk in your underwear hugging a pizza slice, you did not truly party.

    2. DarkStyle


      In Estonia we do things more civilized. We actually sleep in bed :D.

    3. Spartan


      What is this bed you speak off?

  15. If the accused have learned their lesson then im okay to drop it. Just dont make inaccessable camps again. Set them up in some remote place instead. Staff can close this report if they want.