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  1. I remember them. Too bad we were on opposite sites during these days :D. And i would be in to play again as not a baddy.
  2. Sooo. Anyone wanna take this noob under his wing? I have 4 months until my deployment so i guess its time to get some RP done in that time.

    1. Crim


    2. FalkRP


    3. RoCKiE


      join our pub 😎

  3. Why was i not informed of this? Co sakra kluci? *Pulls out a carrot from his back pocket*
  4. GLORY TO CLF!! Nice to see you sneaking around 😄

    1. Hofer


      How are you man? Didn't recognize your name at first but as the great stalker I am I got you figured out.

    2. DarkStyle


      Hehe. Im good. Sneaking around myself also 😄

    3. Hofer


      Cool. Catch you on the Discord some day?

    4. DarkStyle


      Yeah. Sure 😄

  5. *While chilling at his camp rolling a cigarette, Seeker hears the transmission come through on some random frequency. Thinking that doctors always need supplies he picks up the radio and presses the button* Zdrastuyte! Im no doctor but i think i can help out with some supplies what you may need for you delicate surgeries and shit. So if you are interested, gimme a call. I shall be listening to this frequency. *He releases the button, takes a deep breath and keeps rolling cigarettes*
  6. IGN: (In - Game Name) Can create a new one if needed Country: Estonia English skills: I consider them good DayZ Mod Experience: Alot DayZ Standalone Experience: Have few hundred hours Roleplaying Experience: Been in DayZRP since since May 2013 so i have alot of experience with diffrent styles of RP What kind of In Game role best describes you: There isnt one. I can adapt to whatever is needed too Have you been in any clan/group previously: AWWW YEAAH! Alot. Most notorius CLF and Cerna Liska. Also have led few groups in the past with kinda good results Additional notes: Hey hey DarkStyle here (Changed my name so dont judge). Im open to all invites and stuff since im looking way to get back into RP and playing alone isnt just my style. Also i make my living by being soldier irl so my dicipline is kinda in place. Best way to contact you: Send me a PM on forums or Discord. I check those places out a lot Backstory: Will write something up depending on a group.
  7. I might be coming back to play that game then. Im up for it
  8. Now this is a group what is worth coming back to DayZ. Good luck Cheeki Breeki iv damke
  9. Greetings fellow STALKER...


    1. DarkStyle


      Starova tavarish

  10. Sooo. Should i just go along with the weeb stuff like cool kids? Maybe then senpais will notice me🤔

    1. Chewy



    2. Lyca


      you should definitely. 

    3. Lemons


      Definitely not, You're soilder not a weeb

    4. DarkStyle


      Weeb it is then

    5. DarkStyle


      And done 😄

    6. Lyca


      I like it 😄

    7. Lemons


      ...You're dead to me!

  11. What does it say when you get disconnected?
  12. Yoooo, Are you still actively looking to join a group?

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