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  1. Padalʹniki

    Im gonna put this idea on hold atm. Gonna get some more time to work on it and stuff. Its impossible for me to get members in 3 days. Requesting it to be archived for atleast a month.
  2. Padalʹniki

    Goals are in work, expanding the backstory is also in works. I just had 2 12 hour shifts so didnt have any time.
  3. Padalʹniki

    Give me active people pls Senpai. But i will try to make this work this time. Also i would like your assitance abit. PM me for more information Other people. Thank you. I will try to make this group as close as i can to Free Stalkers.
  4. Padalʹniki

    Im sorry but where does it say that we hold on to it? I checked it and i think i said we provide items to other people/groups. And that means theres shit ton of interactions with other people and group. So i dont see how looting and then RPing with other people to sell it to is boring.
  5. Padalʹniki

    Backstory Rules of Scav *Dont rob someone for your supplies *Always try to eat canned food to minimalise the risk of getting somekind of sikness *Dont drink from ponds and lakes *If trade is not fair, back out from the trade Roster Scavs @DarkStyle Kyrylo "Seeker" Zelenko Goals *Stay neutral *Scavenge things what other people need *Gain reputation *Get more good scavengers into our ranks Recruitment *Contract to become the Scavenger* Name of your character(Can include link to character profile): Where are you from: What to you do in RL: RL age: Previous groups: RP experience: Why do you wanna be a Scavenger: Cheeki breeki or no cheeki breeki: Place your contract at nearest abanoded military base aka PM it to @DarkStyle
  6. *Seeker who is in the area hears the transmission and presses down transmission button. Muffled voice what is caused by gasmask is heard* "I can confirm the radioation things. Geiger counter is going crazy in the area. Like the UN man said. Stay away from the area. I dont know if any chemical or biological agents are also in the base but entering without protective gear is suicide. Even with protective gear i dont reccomend staying for longer than 5 minutes. Radioation levels are prob caused by Russian artillery shells. They havent entered that agreement so those arti shells contained somekind of small nuclear warhead." *Transmission ends and Seeker continues moving out of the area"
  7. It's been a long time.

    Wait. Tamtam? Holy shit. Hey hey o/
  8. Just here to think

    Oh god. Its gonna get difficult again for some people. Welcome back
  9. ChDKZ - 103.7 [open freq]

    *Radio strings to life. You can hear a man who uses somekind of device to mask his own voice* "Man who responded us first. First of all, blyat, i dont know where you lived. North Korea perhaps? Ofcourse Soviet system was fucked up but most of the things what you mentioned are complete lies. Do you know that people not having private property actually saved more people? I have been walking around slavic countries for long. There are so many homeless people who dont have a place to live because they dont have any work and the rent for even the cheapest house is fucking high. During the Soviet days housing was free. Ofcourse you didnt get paid alot at some places but you managed to live. You had roof over your head and bed to sleep. Not like at these times. You couldnt be religous? Zivo blyat? Ofcourse Soviet goverment didnt support religion but that was no problem. Churches were still around and open. Why else did the fucking religion survive? If it would have been underground it would have died already in fucking 60s. But that was alot better than fucking fascist tyrannical goverment what this country has at the moment. Do you even know how much discrimination and corruption is in this country? Ofcourse you dont because you are a fascist lapdog. You call Radek your saviour? Hah! I would say he is mini Adolf Hitler. You guys are blindly following him. Ofcourse we are not good guys ourselves but we have learned from our mistakes. Not like you. Wanna talk about the massgraves what we have found? Or the crimes what you commited against UN personalle with certain armed group. Ofcourse you have somekind of agreement at the moment but that still doesnt help you out. How about you debils start doing something then. Maybe leave your camps safety and go help out people who are all around the region. We would have risen sometimes anyways but you let deserters of goverment forces also to roam freely. Im sure that what your glorious saviour Radek would not want. Man up and do something. STOP beating you meat in Chernogorsk. And to the lady. Dont worry. We are not planning to have innocent civilians get shot in our fight. *Transmission ends. The man who was speaking lights a cigarette and starts preparing for operation*
  10. Had fun RPing with my group mates today. And also thanks @SmartyyZ for amazing RP. And also Janska people who showed up in the end. Your reactions were priceless :D.
  11. Jánská - Media

    Team Putin? Zivo blyat?
  12. What some of the Chedaki members did after they escaped tyrranical fascist goverment of Chernarus
  13. My char went to hide in Russia and after that to Ukraine when war started there.
  14. Red's Twitch Thread!