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  1. Ooh. Reminds me of my baby (SZPR). Good luck.
  2. DarkStyle

    I decided to share some songs in Estonian. Staff be humble and get Estonian to translate them. One song everyday for a week atleast. #MakeCommunismEqualToNationalsocialism#RolleRemoveKimIlSungProfilePicture 


  3. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    I used to hate every single one of the LGBT. But i got older, grew out from my racist and homophobic views and made 2 good friends who are gay and bi. As long as you dont rub it under my nose or try to hit on me im okay. You can do what ever you want with your life.
  4. Real life picture Thread

    I fucking love masks and knifes
  5. CitadelRP.com - new community

  6. Ragnar Seil

    "You can kiss my ass" - John Wayne Gacy prior to his execution "Do you really fucking think im gonna fucking write my autobriography to tell you who i am. Only thing what you need to know is that im gonna be your executioner and im gonna take my sweet motherfucking time to do it. Its not gonna be painless like what you have seen in movies. First i cut off your finger, then balls, slice open your mouth and in the end slowly cut your head off and feed it to the pigs" Said Ragnar to some random survivor who just didnt fit well with him. So Ragnar disarmed him and killed his girlfriend right before him. Ragnar has always been diffrent from other people. His blue eyes will pierce your soul and will hunt you for the rest of your life. His parents didnt like him. They abused him alot. Beated, locked in cellar and beated even more after that triggered something in him. Their neighbours reported Ragnars parents to police and Ragnar was taken into orphanage. But damage was done, Ragnar was diagnosed with multiple personality. Rest of the childhood was abit easier for him. Ofcourse because of living in orphanage and being bullied by other kids in school turned Ragnar to be bad. When he turned 18 he had already been to jail for 6 months for being high as fuck and beating some guy to death almost. But because he was a minor he only served 6 months. Things didnt go better after that. It was excatly opposite. Ragnar started doing more drugs, more crime and got into trouble alot. Thing what finnaly brought him to Chernarus was double homicide in Estonia. Ragnar broke into some old couples house and durning robbery the man woke up. Ragnar didnt even think twice. Last thing what the man saw was his piercing blue eyes and Ragnars emotionless face. To be sure that he wouldnt be caught so easily he also slit the womans throat and beheaded both of them. After that he escaped Estonia and made his way to Chernarus. When he arrived to Chernarus apocalypse happened. Rest of his life is unknown but he ended up with equally fucked up people and now they roam the lands of Chernarus, spreading fear to everyone who they meet.
  7. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    I like trains
  8. [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    Oh. This is back. Too bad i cant be arsed to make SZPR again to oppose you. Good luck Rifleman
  9. I'm Out

    And another mod brother dissapears. o7 and see you again one day.
  10. What's a good first car?

    +1. Killing a Volvo is hard.
  11. What's a good first car?

    Hmm. Forester. Can be good. They dont have been tortured like Imprezas.
  12. What's a good first car?

    Automatic cars are like traps. Good to look but with suprises. Manual all the way. It might be because im a European and we actually drive our cars :D.
  13. What's a good first car?

    No problem. I grew up with cars so i know :D.
  14. What's a good first car?

    And you get better fuel economy and if manual breaks its cheaper. If auto breaks, have fun paying the huge bill.
  15. What's a good first car?

    Driving manual is easy. You will get a hang for it in first 2 hours. And i agree, German cars are expensive but they are also reliable. One more car what you look into is somekind of Audi quattro (A4, A6 or if you want power S6 or S4). If you have shit weather conditions then quattro is perfect. Fun whole year.