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  1. Kyle was born in England eighteen years from present, his parents were named Aleks and Aleksandra. Both his parents were born in England, they moved and set up a life in Chernarus on their fifth year of marriage. Kyle grew up in Березино (Berezino) and led a fairly simple life, he spent his time hunting with his father which granted him the ability to use firearms. Kyle prefers to be genuine and fair to those who are to him, he'd never inflict violence or fear on another unless it was absolutely needed. He is commonly open and accepting of strangers, putting his trust in their honest intention. During the time the outbreak reached Berezino, Kyle was eating dinner in a restaurant with his mother and father, where it was interrupted by the screams and distressed people running for their lives. The family decided it was best to leave the restaurant and return home, little did they know that safety was indoors. The first glimpse that the group got of the infected was inside an alleyway on route to where they parked their car, the infected male swiftly approached the group and was heading for Kyle's mother. Kyle's father threw himself forwards to pin the infected against the brick wall, allowing the rest to pass through to what seemed like safety. Kyle and his mother passed through, content with themselves that ALeks was going to make it to the car with them, they looked back and they saw otherwise, he was limp on the floor with three infected males around him. Kyle and his mother managed to make it to their home safely and lock themselves inside, both traumatised about the recent events. They spent two days inside shelter, the mother spent the time mourning whilst Kyle was busy gathering all the supplies they had to see how long they could last indoors. Midnight, on the third night, Kyle was awoken to a shout as their front door was thudded against over and over until it eventually was smashed open and two armed men followed behind. Kyle grabbed his fathers loaded Winchester which Kyle had many years to practise with. He kept silent as his mother screamed once the men found her, Kyle heard the man announce he's going to rape her and then turn the house upside down for anything useful, then steal the car. Kyle kept as silent as possible, he was too scared to open the door and confront the looters. He heard one of the men try the door handle to his room which was locked, Kyle left the Winchester on the bed and hid inside the closet. The man eventually broke in and didn't find Kyle who was hiding for his life, Kyle sat and endured screams from his mother which ended by what sounded like..Death. After two days of sitting inside that closet, Kyle eventually came out and walked straight out of the house with nothing, he didn't want to see his mother dead, the guilt would get the better of him. Minutes after leaving his house, he met a man named Charles Butcher who seemed to know what he was doing, Kyle put his trust in him as he knew this would be his only chance of survival. He followed Charles everywhere, the two became very close friends that stuck together. The two reached what Charles called his "Safehaven" which was a wooden shack on a hill just outside of Berezino, Charles told Kyle before he slept that they are both setting off to find some food in the morning, Kyle agreed and entered the hut to lay down, he fell asleep almost straight away.
  2. Alright thanks for all the help, it sucks so hard that I refreshed that page as soon as I got the ID I suck man, I will wait till the que lowers then I will make my app!
  3. Thanks dude, is there no way for me to get my app I just started back or do I have to remake it?
  4. OK, it's on public now, I tried that method and it still didn't work..My SteamID is so messed man. Thanks for helping me, you are one kind lad. Oh my days I just refreshed the page with my app on thinking it was this one, nooo.. I am gonna get on with it again hahaha
  5. Here http://steamcommunity.com/id/callum117756/
  6. I have made a full app, all I need is my SteamID..I have tried everything, done everything right and even got the right url that takes me to my profile, but no steamID finder works?! Please help.. Steam: Legolas Greenleaf If you can't find me, give me yours pls.
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