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  1. I can't remember that, what did I do?
  2. You're welcome I accept payment in BeanZ. Good to see you back dude. I smell aboos and bias. No complaints here
  3. And whitelisted! See you guys in Chernarus!
  4. Great to be back! Hope the white-list wait isn't too long.
  5. Hey Rolle! I see I still have that under my name! haha
  6. Hey! Happy that I'm seeing heaps of you guys around still
  7. Life has been super busy! How about yourself? Hey hatch, cheers. Feels good to be back! Here's hoping my white-list app is good enough!
  8. Hey mate, that's a name I recognize! haha I remember that, then I spent a weekend rewriting it from scratch! Good times... who else is still around? Don't recognize too many names from staff anymore.
  9. Hey all, some of you may remember me from back in the mod days, used to be one of the developers. Well, I'm back! Looks like the white-list has been reset since I was last around so have applied and now waiting, keen to start playing again! Who's still around from the mod days?
  10. You should be able to attach it to the boom arm without the shock mount. What's the shock mount you got?
  11. www.kravok.com ... I should really put something on there.
  12. Spawned in Cherno, about 10 meters from people. Ran up to them, had a good chat. Ended up running to Trade Post (Original) and ended up about 10 of us by the time we got there.
  13. Slaying some Vampires in Nosgoth www.twitch.tv/kravock
  14. Try using a different browser, pretty sure they're open as I have a friend filling one out right now.
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