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  1. Lucky1911


    So glad i found this channel ! i love this music!


  2. Lucky1911

    Will the server be back up tonight_

    or the winter of 2015 when we had LIF......sigh....just one of those days........again
  3. Lucky1911

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Gonna be honest you got some good goals and thats all i got As some on who is highly critical with Cartel/street gang lore and stuff. Its a fucking mess. You got no graphics other then photos from google (I would hope you actually graphics being worked on) the Lore is like really weird, Are yall a cartel, Syndicate or a street gang. Im fucking confused. Yall's characters got decent backstorys but i find it hard to believe for half of them to be a part of something like this My Honest opinion. Scarp the whole group thing keep the characters. I feel like yall should of made yall's own thing and not be a LA street gang. It would of made more sense for a Mexican/Armenian cartel to be formed from all yalls characters
  4. Lucky1911

    Require recording during hostile situations

    I like this and dont like this. I get some people cant stream cause of pc issues or older hardware. as someone who had a old budget amd pc for years. I was running 15-30 fps and i recorded with play tv which i found the best. Never took a hit to performance and its easy to use and upload footage. There are other software out where. you just gotta find out the right one. Im mean cause a good chunk of reports people magically dont have footage or its corrupted. (Not throwing shade to anyone in general) Then magically the pops up and when i ask why it wasn't use in this report. IT's cause they would of been banned or people were saying some stupid shit about stuff We honestly need a good middle ground for this
  5. Lucky1911


    the before.......



    the after 



    1. Sleepyhead


      beautiful, i love those colours!

    2. Banshee


      Damn that looks dope!

  6. Lucky1911


    so i gots a tattoo 

  7. Lucky1911


    Man my play list is pumping out some good ass songs!.




    1. Mademoiselle


      Sad thing about this music video is he wore a shit load of makeup and had it in black and white to cover the look of having aids. And would get his makeup touched up to perfection if he noticed one small fault 😕 

    2. Lucky1911


      i watched the BTS for this and it made me a bit sad. His Band mates saw him fighting his pain while making the video and considered him brave for it. They consider his performance in the video as his way of saying a kind of good bye

    3. Mademoiselle


      Yup 😞 

    4. Lucky1911


      sad boi hours 

  8. Lucky1911


    i feel like my profile will forever be anime now

    1. Murp


      Great job lucky xD

    2. A Reformed BorisRP

      A Reformed BorisRP


    3. Lucky1911


      its to late fam


    4. Harvey



    5. Lucky1911




    6. Harvey


      We are watching... weeb.

    7. Lucky1911


      * Dabs in anime*

  9. Lucky1911

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    This is amazing !!
  10. Lucky1911

    Why hellooooo ;)

    *Remembers getting shot by ruthless* Hey you!!! Welcome back to the wasteland !!
  11. Lucky1911


    4th year in a row working on thanksgiving and 3rd year working Christmas 

  12. Lucky1911

    What was your first job?

    Worked at a Sporting goods store in the camping and gun department, quit that job and have been doing security for almost 3 years
  13. Lucky1911

    are you back yet?

    1. Cid


      I support this message.

    2. NishiUrban


      Nah, I'm just a ghost. 👻

    3. Cid


      Your uncle dad demands you come home this instant.

    4. NishiUrban


      I'm considering it. 👻

  14. Lucky1911

    New in this community :3

    Hey there! Welcome to the community !
  15. Lucky1911

    Day or Night?

    I have no idea what i heard...but i nearly lost my shit...i swear i was being followed
  16. Lucky1911

    Day or Night?

    Duudddee same... i was in the forest with a flare and it was some silent hill shit last night sucked but was the most tense ive ever was in rp last night. Night is amazing... keep it!
  17. Lucky1911

    Rules base raiding, stealing, base locations?

    i would imagine breaking into/ raiding a (base/camp) would be allowed as long as the reason is valid , and not using "we're assholes so fuck their shit" as a reason Raiding a base would be a huge hostile act in terms of rp and those that live there
  18. Lucky1911

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    some Reskins of the backpacks would be cool...different colors and camo patterns would be neat
  19. Lucky1911

    Powder Gangers [PG] (Recruitment: Closed)

    Loving the theme and ideas all have for this group! (Cause someone asked about official lore for prison island) However Last time i was told the lore for the prison back before our great loremastes got removed, was told by one of them and a admin that the prison was for maximum/political prisoners and they were shipped out at the beginning with only a few escaping and prison island was shut down. Other then that Looks great my dudes
  20. Lucky1911

    Change Radio Chatter Rule 2, Part 2 Electric boogaloo

    trying to make Radio post fun and interesting or trying to make it mysterious is bad. Did not know trying to make radio RP interesting is bad Thats a shame. Looks like i'll stick to IC Radios from now on since we cant have interesting radio transmissions now. This shit needs to change asap
  21. Lucky1911

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    My god....they have returned!.......Looks like i need to dust off my dayz boots now.
  22. Lucky1911

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    All hail the Dark Lord! 10/10
  23. Lucky1911

    Not really new but newly new

    issa Martha..i remember you! Welcome back!
  24. Lucky1911

    Teamspeak: "the heart of he community"

    yeah keep TS. I like discord as a way to post stuff and a back up when needed but not to replace TeamSpeak. TS feel more comfortable
  25. Lucky1911

    Executions and their purpose

    It just ruins all character progression when getting executed. person getting shot loses character development and story. It would make no sense to your character to hate them. You "forget everything. Its dumb.