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  1. Lucky1911

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    i can dig it 8/10
  2. Lucky1911


    Yeet New video background!

  3. Lucky1911

    The military RP is atrocious

    i mean i played a soldier last lore for a bit and did like 30 minutes of research. Made sure his age was right and picked a Op he would of been apart of. its not hard...a quick google search and boom done
  4. Lucky1911


    new theme for my profile again....fuck you Your lie in April for giving me hella feels

    1. cheeks


      Damn, that show was one of my first ones. Mah feels man, good memories.

  5. Lucky1911


    why do i find the weirdest things 


  6. Lucky1911


    i have been finding some nice beats these last couple of days 



  7. Lucky1911

    Avoiding RP

    ^^^ Gonna second that Yeah sorry...if a group of dudes run at me and im alone. Survival instinct is to run. We are in the Apocalypse aint we? My character is mostly nomadic/ travels with the people he trust. a group of dudes run up to me im either running or getting ready to fight
  8. Lucky1911


    So.....anyone know any good fallout 3 mods?


    1. Lyca


      Probably @Ender. He is spending more time modding fallout than he actually plays the game.


    2. Lucky1911


      It took me 2 weeks of modding fallout 4 before i started playing. but im stumped for 3 

    3. Zero


    4. Ender


      tbh i'm in the same boat as you Lucky. I've got plenty of mods to talk about when it comes to fallout 4, New vegas, and Skyrim, (both Oldrim and special edition) but for Fallout 3 I've never touched it so far. simply because as of buying the game 4 or so months ago to 3 days ago it refused to actually run, thats why i used Tale of Two Wastelands to play fallout 3 using fallout new Vegas. and being able to use the new vegas mods for fallout 3.

  9. Lucky1911

    Elektrozavodsk Commune

    didnt even get the chance to rp with half the group...its sad boi's that it came to this. Time to build our base's in the woods now boi's. See yall next time!!!!
  10. Lucky1911

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    i can dig it 9/10
  11. Lucky1911

    Settlement Protections

    people cant bitch then when a huge group takes up a chunk of the server slots to build their base in the woods and hide out there every night. Ive been on both sides of the coin. People would bitch and talk shit behind my friends back when we would take up 15+ slots back in the day cause we wanted to rp and not be attacked every 5 minutes. people wanna pvp that cool. I don't mind some shoot shoot action every once in awhile. But when it happens all the fucking time. You cant do it anymore. its draining. But when half the server starts hiding in the woods and hills. No one has the right to bitch about that then
  12. Lucky1911


    Merry Christmas  to those working Christmas Eve and Christmas day. i'll be right there with yall

  13. Lucky1911


    So glad i found this channel ! i love this music!


  14. Lucky1911

    Will the server be back up tonight_

    or the winter of 2015 when we had LIF......sigh....just one of those days........again
  15. Lucky1911

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Gonna be honest you got some good goals and thats all i got As some on who is highly critical with Cartel/street gang lore and stuff. Its a fucking mess. You got no graphics other then photos from google (I would hope you actually graphics being worked on) the Lore is like really weird, Are yall a cartel, Syndicate or a street gang. Im fucking confused. Yall's characters got decent backstorys but i find it hard to believe for half of them to be a part of something like this My Honest opinion. Scarp the whole group thing keep the characters. I feel like yall should of made yall's own thing and not be a LA street gang. It would of made more sense for a Mexican/Armenian cartel to be formed from all yalls characters