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  1. is it safe to come back yet?


  2. this stuff, is the good stuff. Do the server and rp proud Apollo. i have faith this group will do great things
  3. Yall should check out my post about adding some potential cool stuff

    if yall vote no, please explain i would love to hear yours concerns





  4. Idea name: Additional Survival Supplies and Gear Reason for the idea: Whats a survival game with out the proper survival supplies? Add more variety to the supplies you could find!! Saw that some one asked about the lighter in discord a while back in discord. Its about time we got a proper lighter! Small tent!. A travel tent that you could easily fit in your bag! Adds to nomadic experience and traveling groups! Description: Links/Pictures: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/food/miscellaneous/survivalist-gourmet-pack https://www.cgtrader
  5. Idea name: Lean to Shelter Reason for the idea: it would be another alternative for players to have as far as shelter and storage. It would make being Nomadic or on the move more rp friendly. Also since These shelters are eat to make in RL if you know how. RP wise most building supplies would be hard to come by. These would offer alternatives to bases and camps Description: a shelter made up of sticks and twine and other material’s found in the environment recipe could be 5 Stick+ 5 Sticks = shelter Links/Pictures: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/exterior/landscape
  6. Worst LM ever, also your a butt head and anime sucks

    1. Dino


      Good thing none of us have a anime profile picture ?

    2. Brayces


      WOOOOWWW I am personally offended and deeply hurt ...

      JK, you smell

      angry pokemon GIF

  7. i think its safe to say 




  8. in 4 hours i'll be picking up some nerds know as @Chief and @Combat Logo from the airport 

  9. Having video backgrounds really give you 2 separate moods 



  10. Canned food is fine, While its no the easiest to always get its enough so people to survive, However hunting is still the way to go.
  11. My Favorite horror manga Character to date 



  12. had to return to my Weeb roots...

  13. i live for the edge 


  14. To over throw......



    1. Raptor


      Tread on these nuts

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