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  1. That was a good read, very detailed and descriptive.
  2. Thanks for the relpies. I do intend to join once I complete my story. I play a lot of public rp servers but there kinda a joke. I can appreciate that they have them but still often hear things like I just logged in, I just spawned, or I got killed down that way. Thanks again for the replies and feedback
  3. Hey everyone glad to be here. I think DayZRP is doing great things. Reading the lore and a few charecter stories in the forums lets me know this is a good creative community.
  4. I was brainstorming a diary for my charecter. It would start after finding a pen and paper in the rundown grocery store, in which I had to kill my first infected.
  5. I really thought he was going to pull the trigger for a moment. Im glad he didn't
  6. mowgli

    The man with nothing but his name.

    Nice description of his fear as he spotted the group of four.