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  1. Just now, JoffreyRP said:

    We need rules... uhhhh... You must drink alcohol, enjoy a good cigar, and have copious amounts of chest hair.

    And enjoy everything sports related, even the most feminine of sports such as soccer and lacrosse.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Squillium said:



    Careful that is dangerous and logical thinking that can lead to hurt feelings and final warnings.

    Even in this boys only thread, never know where there could be some low testosterone soy boys lurking.

  3. Just now, Squillium said:

    Yes, and like any form of successful government, it will be run by men.

    Take me back. I prefer constitutional republic though. We need to draft a constitution

  4. 4 hours ago, Voodoo said:

    Finally we are moving in the right direction and going back to the communities roots by promoting imagination and effort in approved groups being worked on. Should build back a great community spirit and allow members to get to know eachother a lot better.

    Exactly, people aren't going to like it "but muh PvP" but that always comes with changes for the better :)

    Big fan of number 3. The other numbers aren't to bad either but #3 is cash. Finna have to hop in game sometime now even if beta isn't out.

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