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  1. 7 minutes ago, Jamie said:

    I can't see his app. I guess you may as well take your Admin spot again, you're special. 

    I'll have to decline James. Thanks though.


    3 minutes ago, Oliv said:

    I removed the staff app section from being displayed in that box, should be cleaned up now, hopefully.

    Okay ty I'll let you know if it persists boss man. 

  2. I don't believe I'm supposed to be seeing who is creating staff application threads. If I am and just missed it oh well. Was this intended or is it as the title mentioned?

    -snipped the image just to hide the application title, member, etc (Oliv)-

  3. On 5/31/2018 at 11:43 AM, lukaszxe said:

    Never was able to get into Rust. It looks like a great game but I don't know never really got the charm of it.

    I found that as I got better at the game it became more enjoyable. It's not fun to be a noob and get shit on constantly since the game is so unforgiving. Unfortunately most people give up do to that.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mexi said:

    Do you play on accel mainly now? I'd be down to hop on more often.

    Great C O N T E N T.

    Kinda? Will be this week then probably back to a vanilla on the force.

  5. I couldn't find a rust thread to upload stuff to because well, let's face it its a great game. So i will post stuff here as I have started recording again and what not and maybe others that play the game would share their experiences too (if there is already a thread for this just merge it, I could of sworn there was but after a brief search I could not find one).

    This happened last night. 

    This is an older video of mine just pvp clips from a wipe.

    And here's one of my favorite screenshots, a story of lust and betrayal. (In reality hc4b and flats were just fucking around and their bodies landed in hilarious positions.)




  6. Just now, CaliforniaRP said:

    i prefereably want 'nam.

    but futuristic would be cool imo. unlike COD, using hovercrafts and sort would be l  i t

    I hated 2142 with a passion. They don't need a remake of it, it didn't compare to BF2 at the time it was terrible.

  7. Anything past ww1 and I'm okay with it. Miss me with that horseback single shot shit that was in BF1. Veitnam would be cool and I have faith that they could make it better than rising storm was (game thuroughly disappointed me I refunded it the first day it was out).

  8. 3 minutes ago, Whitename said:

    Honestly I think less restriction on hostile rp would be nice, but at the end of the day it's not a decision that falls onto anybody but Rolle. Votes, polls, or otherwise.

    This every time i see suggestion threads like this in my time of lurking it is frustrating to know this is the inevitable outcome of them.  Y'all need to realize and give up hope that these rules will change for the better, or betterment of how the community actually wants to play the game as many of us did long ago. 

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