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  1. Hebee


    1. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      buT DatS rACiSt u cAnt HAve OpiNIOns liEk thAT

    2. Hebee


      One more for you big boy can't remember if I sent you this one yet.


    3. Shroud



    4. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      Hey it's me, Mr. Trudeau. Today I am announcing that not only have we given like 10 million dollars to some terrorist who killed an american soldier but I also announce that discrimination based on gender or gender identity is illegal and will be considered a hate crime.

      Also, no you haven't sent me that top-tier meme.

    5. Lucius


      Trudeau is only good when he is tripping down stairs

    6. Alex Vivian
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