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"Couches pull out I don't"

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  1. The Laws of Status Updates.

    If there are any I forgot feel free to update this in the comment section below.

    Post vague status updates that could literally mean anything

    Be sure to low-key flame in those status updates

    When called out make sure to tell those people to stop posting on your profile. 

    Post at least 10 rap songs a day that no one will ever listen to. 

    Never @ someone you are trying to throw shade at as that would be targeted harassment. 

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    2. Hebee


      I hate star wars.

    3. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      Damn Hebee, this couldn't have come sooner? As you know, I was hit with that "targeted bullying" and if I had read this before posting, I wouldn't have gotten those forever points.