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  1. Hebee

    Rust Thread?

  2. Hebee

    o7 folks

    >Loremaster wins Staff Member of the year >Position later gets scrapped >Haha Take care major you did good.
  3. Hebee

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    The positivity in this thread has reached a new level. Great game, the better team won.
  4. Hebee

    The Sea Men

    Good luck with this hopefully it doesnt get yeeted as quickly as it did last time.
  5. Hebee

    Did Rolle break something again?

    I'll have to decline James. Thanks though. Okay ty I'll let you know if it persists boss man.
  6. Hebee

    Did Rolle break something again?

    I don't believe I'm supposed to be seeing who is creating staff application threads. If I am and just missed it oh well. Was this intended or is it as the title mentioned? -snipped the image just to hide the application title, member, etc (Oliv)-
  7. Hebee


    Hello voodoo
  8. Hebee

    How many DayZ hours do YOU have?

  9. Hebee

    Real life picture Thread

    Got started on my sleeve today. The wife got her medusa partially colored.
  10. Hebee

    XXXTentacion Appreciation Thread

  11. Hebee

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    L There you go you earned it.
  12. Hebee

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    Guy was so young and made a lot of great music he will be missed.
  13. Hebee

    Rust Thread?

    Couple of fun encounters.
  14. Hebee

    Rust Thread?

    I found that as I got better at the game it became more enjoyable. It's not fun to be a noob and get shit on constantly since the game is so unforgiving. Unfortunately most people give up do to that.
  15. Hebee

    Rust Thread?

    Kinda? Will be this week then probably back to a vanilla on the force.