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  1. Sunshine

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    Anarchy is a very tame hostile group from what I've seen. I've heard bad things about them, but from the rp I have had with them I think it's mostly just that there are no other big hostile groups right now to share the attention. We don't need to penalize Anarchy, instead we need more hostile groups imo. I haven't been in game much, but one thing I noticed about this group is that even though there are a lot of them they seem to disperse around an area rather than congregate in one big follow-the-leader horde. Sometimes big groups do that thing where everyone is following one or two lead rp'ers and roam around raising hell. But that's not the case with Anarchy, which I like. If they aren't following their goals though, then easy solution is to change the goals on the forum. Surely a group is allowed to adapt?
  2. I LOVE the character flaw aspect of this! Why is this not used more commonly? Really interesting idea here.
  3. Sunshine

    Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Bad guys!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. @Itsmez I would miss the survival aspect too.
  5. I suggest trying an Arma Life approach. The two district roles of civilian vs cop was interesting when I used to play that. It would have to be done on Arma though, since the dynamic between civilians and cops DEPENDS on a power imbalance-cops more powerful (but they are monitored and regulated), civilians less powerful (but unregulated and unpredictable). In a weird way the structure may be liberating. And with inherent opposition, civilian vs cop, may be more exciting with a smaller player base because all the fun opposition doesn’t have to be engineered by role players them self. Is that what people mean when they mention some of the mods? Has this been done and just didn’t work out? Because I support that 1000%. Some may argue that there are already communities that do this with Arma. I would respond that we could do it better
  6. Sunshine

    Larry's Radio Show!

    This is a GREAT idea!
  7. Sunshine

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    Yeah they are! It's the fluoride that the patriarchy and big pharmaceutical companies put in the water that killed them! Don't drink the well water! And it turns all the frogs gay too!
  8. Sunshine

    Show some love <3

    <3<3<3<3 Thank you. Thank you for being a kind friend and an intelligent, empathetic and creative rp'er. I think of Jack as being my absolutely perfect in character arch-nemesis! I was always excited to run into you and had so much fun, whether it was me catching you or you catching me
  9. Sunshine

    Here we go

    <3 <3 <3
  10. Sunshine

    Get out of jail card idea

    Stop making this entire discussion about ONE incident. It was nasty, yes. AND it is absolutely beside the point when there are A LOT of people involved with and affected by this. Other people have done nasty stuff to get banned too. Are we going to hash them all out here? I think not.
  11. Sunshine

    Get out of jail card idea

    Kinda like what you just did there?
  12. Sunshine

    Get out of jail card idea

    A mass unban is a better option though. Just ban list, Ctrl A, delete. Done. Happy Sunshine.
  13. Sunshine

    Get out of jail card idea

    Yes! Do it! But make it 50. That's still a lot of money. Enough that people would only do it if they were serious about coming back and playing nice. But it won't restrict the returning players to just the rich kids with a trust fund.
  14. Why is it a "meme"? Explain please. Because from my pov, I saw a really great group that generated tons of interest. But when some of the members received any feedback other than pats on the back, they ranted, blamed the community and quit. I call that a tantrum. I AM involved since I'm a member of this community. I'm just providing a pov from another, more neutral, perspective. By neutral I mean I wasn't involved in the group or the criticism and watched what played out.