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  1. Sunshine

    The House Media

    I usually just go to the report section to see gameplay from you guys.
  2. Sunshine

    Bring Beans Back to Reports

    No. Non. Nej. Nah. Nein.
  3. “I never expected you to be the successful one,” Savanna's mother told her. “Jared was always the smart kid. And the good looking one too. You never did anything but work hard.” Born dirt poor to an alcoholic, aspiring artist mother meant a childhood of learning to adapt to rapidly changing situations. The little family moved every year or so, usually right after her mother had split with her latest man. Savanna remembers her mother with a steady stream of men– All of them charmed by her mother’s vibrant, but mercurial allure. Some of the men Savanna liked and some she didn’t, but her mother’s unpredictable temper and alcohol fits drove them all away in time. Often the men provided for the family. In spite of some level of contempt Savanna has for her mother, she acknowledges the power of her mother’s strong personality and Savanna has developed a façade that mimics this. School wasn’t a high priority in her childhood. Her mother always said children should learn from the world, not from a cinderblock room. But even so Savanna nurtured and developed her talents for writing and observation and in high school she managed a school newspaper and even profited. She saved the money for a year, planning to use it to escape the poor Appalachian town that the family lived in that year and build a real life. Maybe one in New York City! But on the night before the start of her senior year she discovered her mother passed out in the ditch, catatonic drunk. As she and Jared carried her inside, Savanna was struck with a suspicion and she checked her hiding spot in the floorboards behind the coal burning stove. The money had vanished and with it her hopes of escaping the filth, cold and hunger of poverty. Savanna ran away that night. Hitchhiking landed her in a van full of groupies who followed bands across the country and she stayed with them, helping with odd tasks until they passed NYC. A year later Savanna was working a job at a small newsletter company and living in a rented closet in the apartment of an old German woman. She worked hard, dressed well and spoke well and it all earned her some friends in very high places. Her charisma enabled her to fit in at elite NYC parties and some of those friends became dates. One man in particular, a stockbroker, was of particular assistance to her in those early days. With his connections she landed a job as a writer for the New York Times writing a weekly advice column. Her empathetic writing style and specific, direct advice was a hit and within a year Too Risqué for Radio was ranked one of the top 10 relationship columns in the US. But then on a cold morning in December of 2014, her newish husband, the stockbroker, was discovered cold in his car with a gunshot through his right eye and Savanna was arrested on suspicion of murder. Detectives established a motive (money) and her husband’s brother testified against Savanna. Stories of death threats, affairs and fights involving furniture being splintered against walls were damning to Savanna’s case. He also disclosed that his murdered brother had intended to leave Savanna due to her manipulative and bipolar nature. But ultimately, the circumstantial evidence was not enough for a conviction and Savanna was released. The murder remains unsolved to this day. Savanna profited greatly from his death. She used the money to establish her own podcast and her program Hearts for Bullets was a national success. Following up on a political scandal story landed her in Chenaurus right before the start of the infection. From her history of poverty and from the events of the last few months Savanna has developed a ruthless sense of self-sufficiency. She values her social skills above all else and sees it as her primary weapon. She’s much more comfortable navigating complex social situations that loading or assembling a rifle. Her charisma enables her to build social connections and alliances and this has helped her to live as long as she has.
  4. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    A rule protects hostile rpers too. For example. If a hostile rper did things that made a hostage uncomfortable, but the hostage did not tell the hostile person of their discomfort ooc and just made a report, the hostile rper would be protected if their actions didn’t breach the rule. Within reason, of course
  5. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I do want to add that I do not see the RapeRP discussion point as being a potential problem only to females. Guys deal with it also. I also don’t think that a rule is only going to benefit just the hostages. A clear rule would protect hostile rpers who want to experiment with edgier stuff but don’t want to be bannned because someone didn’t like the way they experimented. Referring back to a point that @Osaka made earlier.
  6. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    A point can be invalid because it can be illogical. That does not mean the individual is illogical, just that that particular point is not logical. So yes, I can say that. That’s how discussions work. And yes, I agree with your discussion, not argument point. edit: I do not intend this post to sound snarky towards you traveler.
  7. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    That’s not true. If that were true then dayzrp would have NO rules, but it does. No kos rules, nothing. Not a valid argument. This is ONE issue, not many. And a no rape rule, defining rape as penetrative and non consensual (possibly below the belt) could easily be enforced. No one suggested that anyone here was pro-rape....
  8. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    +1 That could be a major issue.
  9. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    RapeRP and ERP are entirely different. Forget apples to oranges, that’s apples to elephants. ERP is silly, but harmless imo
  10. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    That is a slippery slope argument and is a logical fallacy.
  11. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    And one more thing to add to my previous reply. Allowing rape would be a new change to the rules. Eagle’s post made me think of this. Some people may be reasoning that rape isn’t really a rampant issue now, so why bother restricting it. But it hasn’t been a big issue because I think that many players didn’t know they were allowed to. The fact that we can rp penetrative, non consensual rape is news to me.
  12. Sunshine

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I would draw a hard line at actual rape rp though. Below the belt, penetrative and non-consensual (ic or ooc nonconcensual) is how I'm defining it. If it doesn't meet ALL of those criteria then it should be fair game, though with riskier rp the hostile party has extra responsibility to be mature. I suggest prohibiting actual rape rp not so much because people may get triggered (I agree with the assertion that triggers should not be a reason to eliminate something from rp), but rather because it is simply too hard to get right and too convoluted to navigate by 99% of rp'ers on the platform of Dayz. If rape is allowed, people WILL do it, and I don't like the idea of new players getting in game and getting into a situation that is really nasty and not knowing what to do about it. When actual rape rp goes bad it goes really bad. Even if you aren't the active party, but just stumble on someone violently raping someone in the woods...meh. To be clear though, it's not just the hostile party who has all the responsibility. Both the hostage and the hostage taker have a responsibility for the other rp'ers enjoyment. The hostage has a responsibility to tell the hostile party ooc that they are uncomfortable. It should NOT be assumed by the hostage that just because the hostage is uncomfortable, that the hostile party is aware of that fact and ignoring it. If you do not tell them, assume that they think you are fine with the rp and having fun. But even so, rape rp seems like a whole different thing from racist, etc. And btw, this is coming from someone who feels comfortable handling it. It's just that I don't trust 99 out of 100 people to get it right and don't want to have to navigate out of that situation frequently.
  13. Thank you, Mia. I noticed your rp as well! I find that with my current character people often respond in predictable ways and dismiss everything she says reflexively. Much of the variation in short rp sessions typically comes down to what degree of condescension are they going to levy toward her and whether or not they are going to try to intentionally anger her to see her reaction. One-on-one interactions can sometimes be more diverse, but frequently group interactions devolve into this. Even small groups of 3 people. It's fine and a normal way to react, but to me since I see it over and over I get bored with it and it begins to feel formulaic. To me, it's so refreshing when someone engages more fully and an actual conversation is had. Last night was a rare interaction for me on that character and I appreciate you
  14. Sunshine

    {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    Figured out my problem. I learned that apparently it helps to actually have Dayz installed.
  15. Sunshine

    {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    What am I doing wrong? http://puu.sh/BGj5R/46ac61631d.png