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  1. Sunshine

    False Report?

    This report provided by @Rover contradicts the verdict in Dusty's. Regardless of whether you agree with the first report or not, Dusty had reason to believe that the report was valid based off of how previous reports have been handled. The verdict of "False Report" is unfair and should be overturned.
  2. +1. Would be nice for all a persons characters to show on their profile. It may even encourage people to be open to permadeathing characters more knowing that the character won’t disappear into oblivion. I think that would benefit rp because people may be more willing to let a character go once their characters story comes to a logical close.
  3. Thank you for the great rp @Oiram and @Real Vegas! I look forward to seeing you guys again too
  4. Sunshine

    So PK for NVFL?

    PK for NVFL is an excellent addition. Keep it simple, with either 1st or 2nd offense being a PK. Do not make it different case by case. Doing that will make everyone who receives the harsher punishment feel that they were unfairly treated. We don't need more opportunities for complaints of favoritism in reports.
  5. +1 to this. I’m changing sides. No rule changes.
  6. This thread is discussing rapeRP and whether it should be allowed, but the poll is not related to rapeRP. The poll is asking whether people should be allowed to ERP. "Explicit sexual rp" is erotic role play because you are describing in detail what sexual actions you are performing. It does not imply nonconsent. I may think the ERP is cringy, but I don't think it should be prohibited. The poll and the discussion are mismatched.
  7. No. Some people have defended being able to rapeRP. RapeRP is not rape. And for the record, I’m in favor of prohibiting rapeRP. But I’m not going to label everyone else as “defending rape”.
  8. Actually, no one here has defended rape dude.
  9. The poll is misleading. It does not specify RapeRP. It says “explicit sexual rp”. These are different things. While I think erp is cringy, it should not be in the same category as rapeRP
  10. Prohibiting penetrative rape techniques (via any orifice) would benefit rp in my opinion. Humiliation with sexual aspects can still be fair game between consenting parties though. Antagonist should ask for permission ahead of time though, to avoid a frog-in-hot-water-bath problem. I suggest prohibiting penetration rape because it would improve rp situations. Not because people might feel triggered. I don’t think possible triggers should be a reason for changing rules to affect everyone.
  11. That is just vile. Hugs to you, Sophie
  12. Sunshine

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    In my humble opinion, too many assumptions are being drawn from the fact that amnesty players paid to come back.This fact is irrelevant. You cannot assume that by paying then they wanted back into the community more than someone who came back via old fashioned appeal. You cannot assume that they have more to lose either. The two groups (amnesty permaban and non-amnesty permaban) are too diverse to draw blanket conclusions about an individual. Whether a person came back via amnesty or normal appeal is irrelevant. What they did to get banned and how they have behaved since is relevant. PS. Also remember that 50$ means something different to different people with different incomes. For some this is a ton of money. For others it may be petty cash.
  13. Sunshine

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    Anyone should be allowed to apply. And remember that this isn’t a allow-previously-banned-players-into-staff thread. It’s a allow-previously-banned-players-to-apply-thread. There should be no auto disqualifications. But of course careful consideration should be used when deciding who to pick for staff. It goes without saying that people are accepted into staff on a case-by-case basis. Isn’t everyone accepted into staff on a case by case basis? I mean, the individual is actually considered. It’s not an automatic picking process. Also, there should be no auto-distinction made between amnesty players and players who had permabans revoked the old fashioned way because you cannot make blanket assumptions about individuals in either group. Too much variation in both groups to make assumptions about an individual based on whether they were part of the amnesty program or not.
  14. Too people responding with “30 points is hard to acquire. Just play by the rules”- You missunderstand my point. Perhaps I have been unclear. The problem is I that two people can be equally rulebreaky and receive disproportionate punishment depending on how active they are. i was going to suggest a system of ratios instead. i intentionally did not include a poll because I find them only useful when a very specific change is bring suggested. This is a early stage idea. So a poll is misleading and possibly harmful. Edit: sorry for typos. Busy and typing in phone.
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