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  1. That is just vile. Hugs to you, Sophie
  2. Sunshine

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    In my humble opinion, too many assumptions are being drawn from the fact that amnesty players paid to come back.This fact is irrelevant. You cannot assume that by paying then they wanted back into the community more than someone who came back via old fashioned appeal. You cannot assume that they have more to lose either. The two groups (amnesty permaban and non-amnesty permaban) are too diverse to draw blanket conclusions about an individual. Whether a person came back via amnesty or normal appeal is irrelevant. What they did to get banned and how they have behaved since is relevant. PS. Also remember that 50$ means something different to different people with different incomes. For some this is a ton of money. For others it may be petty cash.
  3. Sunshine

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    Anyone should be allowed to apply. And remember that this isn’t a allow-previously-banned-players-into-staff thread. It’s a allow-previously-banned-players-to-apply-thread. There should be no auto disqualifications. But of course careful consideration should be used when deciding who to pick for staff. It goes without saying that people are accepted into staff on a case-by-case basis. Isn’t everyone accepted into staff on a case by case basis? I mean, the individual is actually considered. It’s not an automatic picking process. Also, there should be no auto-distinction made between amnesty players and players who had permabans revoked the old fashioned way because you cannot make blanket assumptions about individuals in either group. Too much variation in both groups to make assumptions about an individual based on whether they were part of the amnesty program or not.
  4. Too people responding with “30 points is hard to acquire. Just play by the rules”- You missunderstand my point. Perhaps I have been unclear. The problem is I that two people can be equally rulebreaky and receive disproportionate punishment depending on how active they are. i was going to suggest a system of ratios instead. i intentionally did not include a poll because I find them only useful when a very specific change is bring suggested. This is a early stage idea. So a poll is misleading and possibly harmful. Edit: sorry for typos. Busy and typing in phone.
  5. I agree completely. But that's not the point. People do fuck up. And in the hypothetical examples I provide two people fucked up the same amount and were disproportionately punished. I don't see how that point is debatable at all. What is debatable is whether everyone else sees it as a problem. Clearly, it appears I am in the minority. Which is fine.
  6. In my opinion the current point system is unfair. Highly active players are penalized by the 30 point system as it is in place currently because it does not factor in number of hours played. This entire post is to suggest that we take in-game time into account when delivering permaban verdicts. I am providing two fictional examples. For example: Player A plays 100 hours of DayzRP over a 10 month period and gets 30 points. Player A’s points erase monthly and Player A continues as usual. Player B plays 100 hours of DayzRP over a 1 month period and gets 30 points. Player B is permabanned. But Player B is punished more harshly only because he/she was more active. Player A and B are identical in gametime and points. In this hypothetical situation assume that both players made the same mistakes. It could be argued that the current system penalizes community members that are contributing the most to rp. Player B spends more time in game, contributes more to the community rp-wise, but acquires points at a faster rate than Player A. If the community agrees that the current point system punishes very active players, then I suggest that we should find a way to take gametime into account when delivering permaban verdicts.
  7. I loved running around Stary and Kab with Mal and Kendra today ?
  8. +1 for requiring text chat in vehicle initiations. But a big no for requiring it for all initiations including non-vehicular one. People are saying that if you're in a group it's not a problem for one person to type out the initiation. But not everyone is in a group when they take a hostage. People take hostages solo too and it is a pain to type when you are the only one initiating.
  9. Sunshine

    Character Kill Applications

    A possible alternative may lie in finding a way of making perma-death more appealing from an ooc perspective. I have no concrete ideas for achieveing this. But it should be sad, but satisfying to perma-death a character. Satisfying because it feels like you finally have the whole story. So maybe something to maximize that feeling of satisfaction would be neat, and to make your character’s death publicly known.
  10. It's always fun to run into you as well! Thank you for the great rp from you ???
  11. No misunderstanding. You are suggesting just that I think. Edit: In fairness though, I do get what you are saying. I don’t get on if I have only an hour to play either. I don’t see how your argument supports the hostage-required-to-stay-30-min rule though.
  12. So.... If you don't have time then just don't get robbed?
  13. Do you know the meaning of the word "ambiguous", friend?
  14. Asking: any admin Q1: This statement was made in a recent appeal: "Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play." This is to ensure that all recipients are equally held to the same standard, where your cooperation, be it through providing info, engaging hostiles or taking part in the roleplay either as a negotiator or hostage, you are all part of this situation and making some exempt over certain circumstances would be illogical. This quote says that if you are a hostage and have not done any hostile action yourself then you still need to wait 30 minutes before logging out, otherwise combat log. Two questions: Is this correct? And if so, what is the reasoning behind it because the reasoning provided in the quote above sounds silly to me. A1: That's technically correct as the rule is written right now. If there were any exceptions, they would be stated in the rule. Since there aren't any exceptions to the combat logging on the rule page, the above statement is correct. /Roland
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