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  1. Oryx

    Addition to the whitelisting & helping new people who joined

    This is a great idea. Perhaps organize the video with examples of an appropriate and inappropriate response to the scenarios Make it funny, please!
  2. Oryx

    The Time.

    How exciting! I love to see well done slaver groups in game
  3. Oryx

    Let us wear ruined gear again!

    +1 I like this idea. Question though. What are the consequences to wearing ruined clothing? Does it provide less insulation? If there are no consequences, then I feel that there should be some. Otherwise there is no benefit from swapping out some ruined cargos for new ones.
  4. Oryx


    *radio silence*
  5. Oryx


    Savanna's voice is warm and sweet. “I am pleased by your sincerity, Kendrick. I will be in touch with further instructions.” Her tone becomes casual. “And to the other man. You are not needed.”
  6. Oryx


    Savanna is braiding her long, light colored hair when the transmission comes through. She completes the braid and ties off the end with a turquoise ribbon, wrapping the end carefully into an aesthetic coil. Only after she is satisfied does she reach for her own radio. " It is good that you have reached out. Though I have permitted you to call me Mistress, know that you have not earned that permission as of yet. I allow it because I see undeveloped potential in you. I feel you are worthy of my time. Maybe. Between now and when we meet again you are to do the following. Consider what makes you valuable to me and be prepared to articulate it clearly. Do not restrict yourself to attributes of a sexual nature. I would not make use of them for myself, though there is a market for it. Consider when you have been successful, or could have been successful to identify your own talents. Consider tactics that you tend to use when backed into a metaphorical corner. I expect a lot. I demand absolute devotion and obedience. I expect both of these things to be expressed publicly and frequently, and without reserve or sarcasm. I do not tolerate sarcasm or insincerity. Should you demonstrate your worthiness, you will be rewarded. I expect a lot, but my expectations are clear and predictable. And I offer absolute freedom. I offer freedom from your own mind. I can see in you the potential that you cannot see in yourself. Through me, you can be more than you have ever allowed yourself to consciously fantasize. Through me, you can be the person that you can only imagine when your mind is blank and empty and your vulnerability allows the unconscious dreams of your psyche penetrate your defenses, escaping from where you have hidden them away. This not a joke. So do not treat it like one. Eviscerate that flippant, nonchalance that you demonstrated at our last interaction and dispose of it. I see it as the protective shield that it is and am bored and displeased by it. I demand authenticity. To proceed from here, declare your obedience to me. Do it here, publicly and with sincerity. Fail to do so and I will consider our partnership permanently and irreparably severed"
  7. Thank you @OxeN ! Your rp is amazing and I enjoyed the encounter greatly. The situation felt intense and I’m excited to see where our stories go from here
  8. I drew my rifle accidentally when you initiated. Thank you to the two guys for not shooting me. I appreciate that you waited to see if it was a mistake before responding<3
  9. @Jackfish Touche friend. You surprised me when you punched my lights out I always enjoy rp'ing with you also.
  10. Static and muffled voices is followed by a soft, shaky female voice. "Hi, so umm my name is Savanna Washington. And I was really wrong about the Chedaki. I met a few and they helped me with umm ...some stuff. So they are really great people and everything. Slava Chernarus." A male voice whispers "Slava Chedaki!" "Oh! Slava Chedaki!"
  11. Is there any reason not to implement this, @Roland ? I don't know how it all works backstage, but it seems like this would be an easy thing to do.
  12. What an amazing coincidence! ! We will need to get started asap with those plans and catching/interrogating those targets we discussed. Gonna blow this thing wide open and save the world
  13. I'm excited to run into you again and to see where this story goes. It was so fun rping with you guys. Your characters are each so unique and well developed
  14. -User has been cautioned for this post-
  15. Oryx

    False Report?

    This report provided by @Rover contradicts the verdict in Dusty's. Regardless of whether you agree with the first report or not, Dusty had reason to believe that the report was valid based off of how previous reports have been handled. The verdict of "False Report" is unfair and should be overturned.
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