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  1. Oryx

    Dance Party

    This is everything I hate about GTAV roleplay.
  2. Oh hostility is my absolute favorite so that wouldn’t be such a bad thing Reading about it on your thread when it was not readily apparent in game made you guys even more interesting though.
  3. Very diverse and interesting group of characters in this group. I often spend time in your camp when it gets dark and I’ve really enjoyed spending time with such fun rp’ers. I liked reading your backstory and goals after spending so much time with you in game. Ooc I was surprised to read about your emphasis on hostile rp, since I have not seen much of that ic. I really like that, in game, those aspects of your group are not advertised publicly. It’s easy for a group to come across a bit simple. Very Good vs Evil. But in your case I appreciate greatly the nuances. Thanks for the rp
  4. No cooldown timer. It's complicated and unnecessary. But complete separation of the Livonia and Chernarus storylines with completely different characters on each I think would be great. I agree with others saying that the character exchange between the two countries just makes Livonia feel like an extension of Chernarus.
  5. Oryx


    For netflix and chill night maybe?
  6. Has nothing to do with prejudgment since the OP literally stated it was the player that she had the problem with. OP revised the statement later to say something else. It is not absurd to not read the entire thread before commenting and to miss that the meaning of the original post as it was written was changed in a comment later. Therefore, your judgements towards those that interpreted it as such are illogical.
  7. I've been thinking about this also. I have always kinda assumed that the players playing distinct characters that were not an obvious version of themselves ( though ALL characters are some version of ourself I think), are doing it "right". But lately I've developed a new appreciation for the approach that @OnionRingOfDoom describes. Sometimes the fancy, highly unique and distinct characters that are designed well ahead of time and well- performed can require a great deal of energy to play. And for me, when playing those characters I feel constantly in a kind of performance-mode. I've found performance-mode, for myself, rarely leads to meaningful connections in rp. And meaningful connections are what make rp actually fun. Basically, I've been thinking that sometimes these "interesting" characters cost great energy to play and sometimes disallow for human connection. I've been experimenting lately with making characters more like myself, and ignoring the voice in my head criticizing it as not a REAL character. And in return I have experienced some of the most meaningful rp that I have had in years.
  8. What @TheScouseViking said, leave. Be careful not overtly rp dislike/avoidance of a character played by a player that you genuinely dislike rping with though. Rping overt avoidance or dislike generates ic drama, which generates storylines.
  9. Layla Kovalchik was born and raised in New Orleans, LA to Polish immigrant parents. At the University of Baton Rouge, she earned an undergraduate degree in chemistry, then went on to earn a graduate degree in biogeochemistry and environmental science. But after a few years of switching jobs from labs to colleges, she discovered her true calling – Fiction writing. She published a series of short stories and essays on terraforming alien planets and soon after was contacted directly by Harper Collins about a book deal. She quit her job teaching Chemistry at community colleges and began writing full time. Since then she has published four science fiction novels, one of which was nominated for the Isaac Asimov Award. She was visiting relatives in Livonia when the infection begun.
  10. I didn't get everyone's name that I want to mention. To the "Charlie" that I went to NW with, I really enjoyed travelling with you! I can't find your username though so I can't tag you And to the guys at NW, thank you for the very scary situation! Your hostile rp is just SO good! I didn't get many of their names. But @Undead and @Pawdough you guys were great and I'm excited to have such a fun story line started. And for the last bit of the day, I really enjoyed travelling with @miss_natcula. Your rp is sincere and authentic and it was lovely to ride around with you
  11. Oryx

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    It seems that daytime is quite a bit warmer than nightime. That's pretty neat if that is the case. I like the idea of having to be prepared for bitter cold nights.
  12. Oryx

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    I'm kinda sorta freezing to death in a military sweater, cargo pants, poncho and baklava. What am i doing wrong?
  13. I had a great time running to Zeleno with @APositiveElmo and company today
  14. Disclaimer: I haven't read this entire thread so if this is redundant, forgive me. Just want to give thoughts on this cool idea. This idea could enable some really diverse role-play. But only I think if we were to take this idea and metaphorically run with it. So for example, in the last 50 years or so people new world orders have tried and failed. The infection remains relevant because it continues to mutate – sporadically probably. I would imagine the last 50 years have seen numerous false hopes dashed as a new strain of the virus mutates and unleashes a new wave of destruction on the world and obliterates any progress that has been achieved. And to make matters worse, as the educated population has died out we have lost our knowledgeable professions in the fields of medicine and biotechnology and therefore, our ability to fight the infection has been reduced further. Pharmaceutical labs are hollowed shells and most people don’t understand the intricacies of immunology or biochemistry or whatever. People are hardened survivors at this point, but not what we would call educated. This lack of diversity of background could lead to a problem if done incorrectly, as I will talk about at the end here. The concept of a country is no longer relevant. Communities have developed as people of similar backgrounds coagulate in order to protect themselves. These communities can be quite diverse – a group of Muslims that has existed for many years and have maintained their knowledge and culture by teaching it to their children. Or a group of isolated cannibals that are seeing the long term effects of their diet and perhaps inbreeding, with the newest generation suffering genetic disorders caused by inbreeding that no one understands anymore. I see a lot of potential here. But if we did it wrong it could be a problem. If we did not follow this through to an extreme conclusion with micro communities and such, the idea could backfire and stagnate rp by reducing character background options. What I mean is, if we basically took the same cultures and countries as they are now, and as we currently play it, it would be ridiculous for people to originate from much farther than a few hundred miles away. For example, trans-oceanic transport would not be feasible on a mass scale. You would need a really good reason for your character to be from the western hemisphere. How did they get here? You can’t exactly say they floated on a raft. So everyone would really need to be from a similar area and therefore have a similar culture background etc. Not to mention, you can’t play characters with certain professions anymore – The notion of a yuppie –style, arrogant stockbroker trying to survive in a new world order would be absurd for example. So in conclusion, this is a cool idea. But we should acknowledge that we sacrifice some character diversity. It may still be worth it though.
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