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  1. This is excellent! A great idea and very well executed too. Thank you for doing this @MrsSunshine!
  2. *an assertive voice responds* “What an excellent idea! My name is Dr. Veronika Yin and soon my colleagues and I will be looking for people to participate in a small research study. I’ll reach out to you to discuss placing an ad. Vitamin serum. Mostly. Participants will be compensated for their time of course.” *click*
  3. @DrMax your medical rp always seems so authentic! Thank you for everything last night!
  4. Thank you! It was a lot of fun. Thank you all for organizing it so well!
  5. It was fun encountering you @Zanaan ! I love unexpected forest encounters.
  6. You guys are outstanding and I've had so much fun over the last few days. The push-pull tension is excellent, and you all manage it really well because you allow it to escalate at a natural rate. Sometimes these tense situations blow up into shootouts immediately. I'm so glad this one hasn't because it allows for the more nuanced situations to develop. Thank you for the great rp.
  7. Thank you guys for the rp at Novaya today! Very authoritative and commanding, but not in a way that restricts rp options. It was a lot of fun!
  8. *Fiona presses the button* A strangely old, and creaky voice answers. An observant listener would think it sounded almost theatrical. "Ooooh hi, honey. Yes I know Fiona! She's gone far away! Very far! New Zealand! Lovely place with very clean energies. Lot's of places close to the sun. So don't bother looking for her! Definately not here!" *click*
  9. This seems like a great compromise. Wouldn't this solve the problem?
  10. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Archiving the Anime group seemed presumptive and unfair. You assume it wouldn't have been taken seriously, but wouldn't it have been better to let them play it out a bit and see? The way I see it, there was nothing to gain by archiving them as a troll group. Possibly, you have info that I don't. I don't have any connection to them personally. All I know is what I skimmed on their page. But the sudden archive seemed unnecessary and strict. If the issue was truly a matter of not fitting with the lore, wouldn't it have been better to have a loremaster work with them a bit and allow them to make changes? That's the normal procedure I think. Usually, you make very reasonable and balanced decisions imo. This one surprised me. Suggestions for improvement: Consider giving questionable groups a chance and allow them to fail on their own rather than assuming they will fail and archiving prematurely.
  11. Character cooldown was just annoying imo. If character swapping is being abused, perhaps there's another way to address it than adding another restriction? I like swapping characters.
  12. Dr. Veronika Yin recognized the problem years ago, even when no one else did. Everything that rises, must fall. And humanity peaked generations ago. Now, average IQ drops every year. Autism. ADD. All of this and more, it’s just more evidence proving that when inferior genetics no longer self-exterminate, then the problem amplifies. When natural selection ceases to improve upon the human design, then the forces of entropy begin to eat away at humanity’s progress. A new approach was needed. When news of the infection spread to the US, most people saw only fear and panic. But Veronika saw opportunity. How lucky to live at such a time. Or perhaps it was meant to be. She didn't bother to put in her two weeks’ notice at the university, she just left. And sneaking over the border into Chernarus wasn’t even that hard. It just needed a little money and a connection or two. Most people are incapable of making the hard decisions. But for Veronika, that’s her specialty. Effectiveness –that’s what matters. For Veronika, the future is a branching network of cause and effect pathways that lead to all possible outcomes for the human race. She believes that she alone can see all those possible outcomes and the paths toward achieving them. And all paths lead to humanity’s extinction, it seems. Except one path. Many would condemn Veronika’s chosen path as “evil”. They would say that harvesting bone marrow from unwilling subjects or using their bodies for experimentation is “evil” and therefore Veronika is “evil” for using such methods. But these accusations are made by the superficial masses, who don’t –or can’t—understand the concept of end game. Outcomes matter. Methods are just the paths toward that outcome. Sure, if there was a cleaner path, Veronika would choose it. If she could save humanity by feeding stupid, homeless people or adopting puppies, she would. Fucking idiots. But you only need a few strong ones. Humanity has always relied on the few strong visionaries to carry the burden of responsibility for the ridiculous, pearl-clutching masses, the fools who would be content to passively watch the greatest beings of the known universe – the human race— decay under the forces of entropy rather than make the choices needed to ensure its continuity. That is evil, truly. Oh, well. Allow them to wring their hands and cry about morals and babies. In the end they know what’s good for them. Deep inside, they are grateful for people like her. Gene therapy, particularly in-vivo gene therapy, combined with the power of the frenzied flu will be the only path of hope for the ascension of the human race. She’s a savior, really.
  13. Thank you @Ron and @Terra for your wonderful rp It's always special running into you guys.
  14. Thank you to the Dr. and everyone else in island experiment hostage thing. It really chilling kidnap rp and so much fun. I'm excited to see what kind of storyline develops from it. I didn't get most of the names so I won't do shout-outs because I'll just miss people. But thank you all.
  15. The only other person who would have understood Fiona’s gift was her father. But he died years ago – or disappeared rather. The NYC homeless shelters where the last to see him. Fiona’s gift didn’t manifest until afterward, when she was about 25, and so she never got the chance to tell him. She’s learned that strangers don’t want to hear about it. Specifically, it’s the plant voices that they don’t want to hear about. She wrote a book about it, and self-published it. But no one read it, not even her mom. Her mom never understood her though. Her mom hadn’t understood her dad either though. She needed another way to tell people about all the conscious beings that can’t communicate in the same way as people, but that still feel pain and think thoughts. “So you’re saying plants have feelings too?” a date asked her when she tried to explain it to him. She knew there wouldn’t be another date. On the internet Olga located a guru, self-named Shatter-SoulStorm who claimed to understand the universes cosmic energy in the same way she did, and the tranferences of souls and consciousness from one being to another. So she flew all the way to Chernarus to study under him, and to develop further her theories of plant sentience. But she was only able to know him a few days before the chaos began. Since the infection, Olga has developed her own, rather unconventional, theories about the nature and cause of the infection. She considers herself the only advocate and champion for helpless life that can’t speak for itself, but that suffers greatly.
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