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  1. I really enjoyed chatting with @Dwope about medical conspiracies today
  2. Oryx


    But this is no longer the case. Both servers are equal in rp value now and it's because both servers are open all the time and groups can commit to S2. Also, what @lunathecat said. The lag was awful. Please keep things as they are.
  3. @DrMax thank you! I loved chatting with you guys today
  4. I'm always so happy when I get a chance to rp with you @Ron
  5. Oryx

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Now that you mention it, there really are a lot of naive, juicy looking morsels running around right now...
  6. Oryx

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    How delightful. Can't wait to see you in game
  7. Thank you @Dew and company! You guys were so much fun! Thank you @Jean for being hilarious and such a sweetheart. You are a blast to rp with. And @Kordruga my plan definitely did NOT go as I expected. You surprised me at every possible turn. But that's my favorite kind of rp is when I am absolutely blindsided. Thank you.
  8. @GreenySmiley You are a delight to rp with! We must do it more @Aeryes Wonderful job on your character! Though he's mute, he's still quite expressive and it left me curious about him. @Hanro Your character is so mysterious! I look forward to meeting him again and learning more! Thank you for letting us share your campfire and thank you for teaching me some Swedish Oh and to the man in Stary who told me to cover my face, I went back to try to catch you and teach you some manners But you were gone. How sad! Oh, well. Next time then.
  9. Oryx

    "Girls Only Thread"

  10. Thank you to all the girls tonight! I all of you and can't wait to do it again. Thank you @Jadeboat for setting it up. Also, thank you to @Jean (sorry, I mean strawberry!) and @Daisy for the rest of the evening. I think we three make a great team:)
  11. Oryx

    Addition to the whitelisting & helping new people who joined

    This is a great idea. Perhaps organize the video with examples of an appropriate and inappropriate response to the scenarios Make it funny, please!
  12. Oryx

    The Time.

    How exciting! I love to see well done slaver groups in game
  13. Oryx

    Let us wear ruined gear again!

    +1 I like this idea. Question though. What are the consequences to wearing ruined clothing? Does it provide less insulation? If there are no consequences, then I feel that there should be some. Otherwise there is no benefit from swapping out some ruined cargos for new ones.
  14. Oryx


    *radio silence*
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