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  1. Frank Hollander was born into a wealthy family in Canada where he usually got whatever he wanted. He had no other siblings which tended to allow him even more leeway being his parents pride and joy. By the time he was 20, he used some of his families money to open his own clothing business, very quickly buying up locations and bringing upcoming designers into lengthy contracts with him and his stores. In a few years, he had risen to the top of the luxury clothing industry and had become an expert in trading, and the art of the deal, and not caring about how much people needed their jobs, but only results. Soon after hearing about Chernarus' growing prosperity, he left Canada with some of his advisory board to scout out the country to see if it held potential to open one of his luxury fashion chains there. Little did he know, this would be a large mistake as shortly after arriving and setting up a sort of Headquarters at his hotel, the Russians would bomb the base to the north of Severograd, and the outbreak would begin.
  2. I want to know what the community thinks is the best AK type rifle for all around use and functionality.
  3. I'll be looking for you man! Have fun!
  4. I mean, can anything go well from a little old lady offering food to strangers? Heh, true enough.
  5. Welcome to the community man! If you need any help this link has many useful guides. http://www.dayzrp.com/f-guides-and-tutorials See you out there soon!
  6. Welcome man, I hope to see you out there soon!
  7. That's what I'm good at too! Bad introductions! I hope to see you out there Jumbo!
  8. Welcome man, hope to see you soon!
  9. Hey Matt, nice to see new faces around here! Hope to see you out there
  10. That was pretty good, you should try to add more detail or backstory to make it longer.
  11. Not bad, but I think you should add more about why he went to Russia specifically.
  12. Pretty good, I would work on detail a little more though
  13. Nice! I hope you enjoy! Hope I see you out there! P.S. Hobbit/LoTR is great!
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