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  1. Gick Rhymes

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    "It's a MEME you dip" - Phillip "Smeg Head" Wendell
  2. I have never encountered a hacker, maybe because I play on Australian servers
  3. Yusuf has a golden UZI and a Rich father that thinks he is a joke. He got dat Arab Money.
  4. Jacob wears lady deodorant because "It smells better"
  5. I bet Zolene owns every season of Two and a Half Men on DVD
  6. I bet way more than 18 people have called Veera "Rude"
  7. I bet Johannes has never seen The Shawshank Redemption.
  8. I bet Luke got a tattoo of Kermit the Frog on his left buttock while smashed on an entire bottle of Ruskov, and is too ashamed to tell anyone.
  9. I bet Frannie has a Jewish grandfather that owns a shoe store.
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