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  1. I will never forget S-GRU, RSM, BHM, and of course the closest to my heart, CLF. I'll also never forget this classic.
  2. Goodbye my friends, and my foes Well guys, My time here has been amazing. I've made many friends and my time here has been great.I'd like to personally thank Bray, Alfie, Sidewinder, Alfie, Dino, Archer, Franz, Kakan, Sin, SumoS, Nath, Matthew, Jonjo, and Vadim. I considered us to be friends whether it only be at one point in time, you all made my RP experience amazing. But not without some bumps. After my demotion from Staff, and now CLF I really don't feel the power to go on. As well as other things in between, You guys are great, and kind. You'll see me around the forums, and the TS, occasionally posting my Opinion, and helping others out. It's been a spectacular ride, and I'll truly regret my wrongdoings. Maybe sometime in the future when I've improved on my bad personality, and become a more pleasant fellow to be around, and gained interest in DayZRP again I might come back. -Ethanorg And with that I'm out
  3. Everything will be wiped, all game things, items, place, Humanity, leaderboard scores.
  4. Well Woodzie, you see. Earlier when I made this thread someone messed up and accidentally made everything bold .
  5. Oh man there's been so many, Hmmmm. many of my CLF hostage situations, administering Novy-Chernarussian Citizenships, all that fun stuff
  6. Dammit, I'll be in stinky school while this happens #Cut4WeekendEvent Good luck, looks like it will be fun!
  7. It was bolded right when I was reading a something addressed to me and I was thinking "Why is he using bold towards me? Is he mad at me??"
  9. The Great Bolding #NeverForget5/6/13
  10. Okay, it wasn't just me, I thought I had gone crazy again
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