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  1. Was a promising student but got involved with the wrong crowd. Joined the army to get a new life. Then moved to Elektrozavodsk and worked as paramedic. Military recruited him to help conduct experiments on zombies once the outbreak in Chernarus started. Military doctors then tried to experiment on him, nearly killed him and left him for dead. Haven't seen his family ever since. Woke up in an abandoned military outpost. Looking for answers now. Moving north in search of military, pissed off and wants revenge.
  2. What are the bounty rewards for the different outlaws? The system is interesting but opens a lotof room for game rule abuse, good luck
  3. Setting scene complexity to 25,000 lowers significantly your ability to spot players at more than 150 meters outdoors and 50 meters in the city. Heli crashes are also not rendered until 200 meters...
  4. Thanks for updating the guide to include scopes. What about military vests and clothing in residential areas?
  5. Starf1sh

    What do you think is the best gear for basic survior ?

    I have tried crafting a stone knife several patches but it always seem bugged. Can you share some tips?
  6. iRL mp5 and ump would be cqb weapons and not really accurate after 80m so I guess making them really rare suits mid range needs filling a gap between pump action shotgun and all currently implemented assault rifles
  7. I really hope the recorded some .50 cal gunshots too. There should be very rare weapons in the game.
  8. Starf1sh

    What do you think is the best gear for basic survior ?

    Axe/hammer, sawed off shotgun and an improvised backpack. Magnum is very optimal in case you need to drop the backpack at some point...
  9. It is a step in the right direction but still leaves room for abuse. I'd love to see some crouch/prone screens too.
  10. I would much rather see the new bolt action rifle released but the ump is nice too. Hope they rebalance all compact guns as ak74u is weaker than mp5 right now.
  11. Also vsync should always be disabled and core affinity of any background apps to be set to exlude first core as current DayZ uses only the first core.
  12. Nice point about silent bandits, rp is all about communication after all.
  13. Good read! Can you share your experience with getting long range scopes?
  14. Can you give me an example of a situation with verbal godmodding in standalone.
  15. How do you identify they are all part of the enemy group? Do you reinitiate just in case? Great posts, examples were very easy to grasp, thanks!
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