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  1. Checster1999


  2. Following some questions people had about horse: The reason why there isn't much about horse (or tiger) is because i wanted to give some freedom to the persom that would want to play her. I don't want to limit you to something you don't want to do. What i can tell you about her is that she is a very complicated and chaotic person. Crow loves her, and maybe she does too, but she certainly doesn't show it. In my head she is innocent sounding but inside she likes killing and comitting all sorts of crimes (that being said, if you want her to have a different behavior i am ok with that).
  3. Hey, I'm looking for people that want to do hostile RP in-game and join my group called "Les Vermines", an old group of scumbags originating from an isolated and poor town in France. For more information about the group's lore, check out my character page (Frederick Delacroix), or InvalidCat's character https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6898/, or Ethan-J's character, https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6877/. Anyone can join really, as long as we don't run out of "animal" names for the masks x) The taken, and available (key) characters are: Crow (myself)- @
  4. Best time: Being part of The Lost Highway during the Anarchist threats and attacks, felt like i was part of the resistance or something. Also i enjoyed every single moment of playing as Arthur Armel (a.k.a creepy biker helmet guy), who is now unfortunately dead. I really liked posting threatening notes around Berezino (for rp reasons related to my character's goals) and seeing a reaction from the bar. I appreciated them following the RP instead of ignoring it completely. Worst time: The ridiculous rule-play i witness from time to time. When i played as Richard and was hanging around Che
  5. Artyom Votyakov was born in Chernarus in 1962. He was raised by loving parents, who died when Artyom was 19. Artyom spent his childhood like a normal kid, getting good grades at school, playing with his friends, and spending time with his family. He was an intelligent and well raised boy. Nothing special to say other than that. When he was of working age, he spent his time helping his father at the graveyard. One night.. "Artyom ! Time to go home ! Dinner will get cold !" Artyom was not answering his father. He was too absorbed by what he was holding in his hands. It looked like an
  6. Checster1999

    Crow’s Drawing

    Thanks it means a lot ! Actually most of it is traced. The outfit, the gun, and the mask all come from different images. I did have to draw freehand in order to connect the different elements :))))
  7. @InvalidCat Tom, Roland and I really like your character. When we met you alone in the woods we were going to rob you, but we didn't have the heart to do it after talking to you. Thank you for being involved in the RP today. I also liked your reaction to Arthur's death (i watched Tom's stream afterwards). @VolraSlava I enjoyed your RP today. I myself cannot sound angry and aggressive but you do it very well, i was pretty intimidated ! @NickYakov always a pleasure to be RP-ing with you and your group. I liked how you popped out in front of me at the entrance with your gun pointed at
  8. Freddy Lafleur was born in Canada in 1995. He was a brilliant little boy, doing very well at school, especially in Chemistry. He had a good childhood with loving parents. However, as he grew up, his behavior became more and more strange. He spent an increasing amount of time in his room. Glassware could be heard behind his bedroom doors, and on some rare occasions even machinery. Once, Freddy killed a student at school with a hand-made gun he pulled from his suitcase. On the crime scene, the body of the kid was found, along with numerous riddles written on pieces of paper on the ground. F
  9. *in an ominous voice* Oh jeepers it's me...
  10. @God it was a great pleasure encountering your character today. I find that the use of a monotone and robotic voice for your character is pure genius ! It makes her calming and intimidating at the same time. If i could give you some feedback, although i absolutely love the voice you use, it takes a bit of time for you to respond which makes the situation a bit weird sometimes. However if you find a way somehow to decrease response time, your character would be perfect ! Anyway thanks for the RP !
  11. Arthur and his twin brother Richard had a very hard childhood in France, abused by their father and bullied, since kids at school, without knowing it, felt threatened by Richard's high IQ and Arthur's good looks. Growing up, Arthur and Richard understood that they always had to stick together in order to survive throughout their unfair lives. Not so surprisingly, one day, their father lost his mind and started beating Richard very hard, almost killing him. Without hesitating, Arthur killed the father, stabbing him in the back. After that, Richard became increasingly psychotic, and Arthur
  12. Thank you very much for the feedback @Ron ! Yes indeed my fan was blowing right into my mic, i fixed that afterwards. As for the change in name, you are correct. I had the intention to play as Chester Armand but sadly i forgot to change the name in game (Richard Armel is the character i use for this group). I will try and not repeat this mistake, thank you for pointing it out. And sadly Chester will have to die, because as you probably noticed, his backstory is very influenced by a book series i love, which is "The Dark Tower" by Stephen King. Sad to see him go. Cheers !
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