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  1. I was running through the field in which I shot the man. During this time I was alone with no allies. I saw the man with a blue arm band, in which I had previous troubles with that day(people in blue armbands), when he was within a close enough distance to hear me, or at least I thought. I suppose maybe things have changed since the new engine, but I am unsure of that. I then told the man to stop multiple times and the last time I said I was going to shoot. All of this cant be heard because apparently I was out of range, or the new wonderful engine had some sound issues just like the gunshot s
  2. Yelled at you to stop. You didn't stop. I shot you. You shot me. I died.
  3. Scotty Savage: Me and Elliot Savage were sitting in a little patch of woods off a bit north of The Northwest Airfield next to our car. We notice two cars in the area of the road that we had just came from. We tried to lay low so that we were not spotted as we knew it would most likely lead to a hostage situation and I was also starving so I was trying to get some food from Elliot before any kind of interaction was to occur. one of the cars then drives up to us and the passengers get out. At this time there were no arm bands being worn by either myself of Elliot Savage. During the beginning of
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