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    You know, I intended to do one of these super status updates like… forever and a day ago. Only just got to remembering that I used to give a shit about my public image apparently.


    So last I left you all off at, I was absolutely miserable, but mostly due to a feeling of dread that wouldn't leave me. I was so close to graduating, yet it felt so far away. I felt like I wasn't ever going to start to medically transition, and a dream of being able to look myself in the mirror and not recoil felt so far away. A few weeks afterward, I was lucky… super lucky. I was given the go ahead from a therapist to begin HRT.



    Large pic is large. My first bottle of T-blocker.

    Yet every time I thought I was getting ahead I’d get a slap in the face (or so it felt to anxious me). The doctor wasn’t willing to start me on estradiol. He wanted me on a “six month plan” where I would be blocking my testosterone for six months, then start on a very low estradiol. Combine that with the insurance I had deciding it wanted to prior authorization my ass all the time, and then the doctors office sending the medication to the wrong pharmacy half the time, I was getting pretty frustrated.




    Eventually, my doctor recanted and put me on estradiol, and I started it on April 24th. Every day has just been better and better. My father's side of the family was dead set on my walking during graduation, but I in lesser terms I told him to fuck off. I left the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for good on May 06th, and arrived in Delaware the next day. A few days later, yall made me a LM.



    Not much of a change, but I'm happy. Picture on left taken a year and a half ago.

    Then… things got a little rough again, but meh such is life. It’s all good now. I have a boyfriend that I wuv @Method, I just got a job, and I’m finally able to live as myself full time. All in all it’s been a rough journey, but I’m alive.

    This status has been too serious, so let us all take 2 minutes out of our day to enjoy a spicy meme eh?