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    2. Joules


      Strange it gets that cold off of lake Ontario. Goes to show I have no idea how climate works. lol

      Almost died a few times when heat went out and it was down that low. Thank god for the existence of cars! lol

    3. Rose


      People used to drive from my current town to a little island people live on across the ice in the winter, that stopped after the ice got too thin and some peoples cars broke through. It still gets painfully cold in the winter though. Like I live in a place where it hurts to breath and I dont know why I still willingly live here lol

    4. Joules


      We must be crazy to live in places like this. It's quite funny, people keep saying I'll miss this place. Nah. I'll only miss the lake, but I'm trading a lake for the Atlantic ocean so... thats an upgrade. Yeah you should probably like... not live there anymore? I'm told its easy to leave and impossible to come back. Hopefully thats true, because I have no intention of coming back. Place is like a black hole sucking all the joy out of your life.