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  1. I'm on that side of youtube again...

  2. *she sighs at his coward like attitude and quickly depresses the PTT.* "Really? I thought you said this frequency was secure... Now... I'm going to make this painfully obvious. This is me talking as Nino Cristavi, not as a representative of Novy Raj... but the people you work for, should you say... these dark people... are a threat to the security of my people. You've already shot one of my men trying to defend pieces of metal and plastic for these people... So I ask you one last time. Who are they? Don't make me slit your throat and look for the words down your throat." *With confidence in her voice, she releases the PTT*
  3. *Nino stands under a pine tree, smoking a stale cigarette when her radio comes to life. For the first second, she thought she bumped the squelch on her radio as she wasn't expecting a transmission from Novigrad at that time. She hears the mans voice and immediately recalls it. Balling her hand up in a fist, she slides the radio off her belt and brings it to her mouth. She depresses the PTT. Her Georgian accent comes over the radio.* "Secure?!" *she laughs* "How the hell is this secure. You don't even know who I am! It's not just me listening. You've got the ears of potentially over seven hundred people, over two hundred ex-CDF soldiers... You know the plane that flew over South Zagoria a week ago? Yeah that was us." *she pauses for a moment and sighs, then continues talking* "So yeah, let's just say my stop at that military installation wasn't just for MRE's. Now... we're reasonable people. The man you shot isn't dead, so you still have a chance to redeem this. Tell me who you were working for, and when we are successful in ridding Chernarus of the infection, we won't toss you out for the wolves." *She releases the PTT and waits.*
  4. "Hey, look at these two M4s sitting up in a tower! Man this is really weird. Let's grab all of the amm-"
  5. I apologize, I was under the impression Rolle was referring to something we discussed with him. We are doing what you and I talked about with "safe zones" but this whole safe zone discussion is a Rolle thing. We didn't talk to him about it.
  6. Like major said, if it's not going to be too hard then do it. I want a Rainbow!
  7. Your profile actually doesn't suck, unlike another LM I know. -pokes Chef-

    Lightning is cool and music is funny and quote is true. And nukes obviously.

  8. It really depends on how close I am to the firefight. If I'm a fair distance away, I'll just toss the gun on my back and show 'em my ass as I'm getting away. Now if it's like in say... Kab or something and I'm in a house and stuff happens on the street, then I just get on my knees, hands on my head and just wait for it all to blow over. I've been pretty lucky to not have to deal with that too much. Or I'll do what I like to call "Operation Dumbass" where I'll get a fair distance away and watch it all go down with binoculars. I'll wait for the action to stop and just sneak into wherever it was to pillage the bodies. That only really happens on one of my characters though, the others are smart enough (or not shitty enough) to just cut their losses.
  9. This is for you and your "Charlie Alpha" friend :) 

  10. I can't stop laughing... I'm dying... I'm dead now.


  11. *Julia hears the man speak and full stops for a moment. A wave of anguish washes over her heart. She sets the radio on her apartment coffee table, then slides back against the wall, just parallel to the table. She sighs for a moment and attempts to compose herself. At first saddened, her emotion turns to anger directed and the pompous Austin. She reaches over to the table and grabs the radio then depresses the PTT* "Hey Fuck stick, that's right you're not going to be done until your head is disembodied from your cancerous corpse, and your entrails spread from Severograd to Novigrad. Pieces of shit like you don't deserve to breathe, and while Sam wasn't the greatest, he was sure a hell fire way better than a rat such as yourself. I just... I can't understand how so many morons actually fell for your "oh he's the bad guy" shtick. I mean really? YOU! *She starts to laugh*. You, you are the school bully who couldn't take a hint that his 'glory days' were over... So I guess what I'm saying is this... You remember me right? See the first thing I'm going to do to you is get you on your knees, make you drink salt water, duct tape your mouth... then i'm going to beat the holy hell out of you... Make you choke on your own vomit. That's just the appetizer. I'll uh.. I'll let the rest of the five star meal be one fucked up suprise eh? And if any of you shitlins ever come near my family again, you'll get the same treatment. Ta Ta" *She releases the PTT and tosses the radio onto her bed she pauses for a moment as tears start to roll down her cheek.*
  12. Nino Cristavi

  13. @Joo - If you need to know how the Georgian language sounds being spoken. 

  14. You are correct. In our current lore, the US pushed for a greater inclusion into Chernarussian affairs after the 2009 Civil War, but it did not join NATO. The process for NATO membership is long, tedious, and not something that would occur right after the civil war. NATO forces wouldn't be stationed here, and they didn't come to Chernarus. I believe I can say we are going to be making changes that would make a group like this make sense in the new lore, but as it stands, the reasoning behind it's existence here is very thin. Another issue is the leadership skills that would be needed to keep a group like this together for nearly three years would take the skills of a Machiavelli. After almost three years, they would have devolved into something else.