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"We're a virus with shoes."

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    You okay there joules?

  1. Joules


  2. Joules

    life sucks and then you die.

    1. Samti


      *you get sucked in life and then you die ;)

    2. Method


      You live till you die so why let it suck. Thats how i live but thats just me.

    3. Samti


      oh hey method

    4. Method


      Howdy my dude samti

    5. Skyline
  3. To the Slavs in Chernarus

    *she responds* "Or maybe I meant to say of America to Chernarus you fuckin' whore bag ethnic Russian slime. Doesn't feel good now does it? Or do you have the intelligence of a two year old?" *she releases the PTT*
  4. Joules

    Me when people do cooking RP.


    1. SweetJoe


      wow. ok. which one are you?

    2. Joules


      Pope, the one yelling at the other dude.

    3. SweetJoe


      The guy powergaming the chicken?





    4. Mischief


      i feel like this is me when i'm held hostage and they suck at cooking....

  5. To the Slavs in Chernarus

    *she depresses the PTT* "Moje babička byla černaruská, to počítá !?" *she pauses for a moment and laughs then continues to speak* "Vypadá to, že jste v panšlavských nápadech. Plánujete převzít toto místo? Pokud ano, teď vám řeknu, že to nebude fungovat. Naposledy byli jiní otroci spolu, Jugoslávie se stala. Toto je velvyslanec Spojených států v Černaru, Julia Vendula Haas ..." *she releases the PTT*
  6. My Personal Battle

    I know we kinda briefly talked about it but I guess since this thread is still around I'll be more open about it to you. Disclaimer this turned into a long story time about drinking. I don't want to feel like I'm hijacking your thread, or looking for sympathy because I ain't, I'm a big girl who doesn't need the "attention". I'm being open about this because I know there is most likely people in the community hiding it and maybe knowing other people know their feels can make things better? *shrug*
  7. Joules

    MFW I see facebook arguments


  8. Joules


  9. This is an age old problem with this server, and nothing said ever changes anything. There are people in the community who prefer to see this as less of an RP server and more of a no KOS server. They didn't join for the RP. Now the situation you presented to me sounds an awful lot like rule play, but I'm also very tired. Depending on the situation it might be reportable? I'm tired.
  10. Bye...

    But but but... Who will i get to do translations!? *cries*. We didn't really know each other up until the Silent Majority, but I'm super glad we met. Always was a blast RPing with you. Stay good, and I'll take a drink in your honor when I get home... Yeah that's what it's for. Totally. :troll:
  11. The Departed

    I can't really speak for everyone as I personally haven't been around as much as I used to, and that's simply due to the work load I have atm. I just physically can't be as active as I used to. I have to wake up at 3 - 4 am ever day for work, and as someone who is NOT a morning person, it zaps all of my energy. It takes a lot of energy to get into RP most days for me, energy I just don't have recently. Half the time I come home from work, eat dinner, and then sleep until I have to wake up again. This should hopefully be dying down as apperently my work load should be getting less, letting me get in game more. So at the moment I can't really be "active" and when the leader isn't around well. Yeah. Again, I can't really speak for them too much.
  12. Name Change Suggestion

    I'm not sure if it registers name changes from before the old website however. I can't even see the clock to check it on my profile. I should have a name change but even in guest mode I don't see it.
  13. Not that new anymore

    Seen you around. Welcome to Hell... Hell, Michigan.
  14. Joules

    "I dislike my fellow-mortals. Justice compels me to add that they appear for the most part to dislike me."  - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle