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  1. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    I'm pretty damn well openly Trans and Bisexual within the community. I mean hell, the signature that I haven't been fucked to change has the logo on it. I'd say most people are willingly disrespectful when given anonymity of the internet, but are usually too scared and self loathing to act mean spirited in public unless in a crowd of their own bigoted friends. Visibility is great and all, but it does have it's down sides, but without visibility we won't ever be able to push past the socially ingrained hatred.
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    @Major for the memories


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      Oh shit.


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      Best maymays

  4. Julia Rae

    Graphics SoonTM Entry 001 Entry 002 Entry 003 Entry 004 Entry 005 Entry 001 Aug 2 2017 Location - 30 kilometers north northeast of Novigrad, Chernarus. “All is as if the world did cease to exist. The city's monuments go unseen, its past unheard, and its culture slowly fading in the dismal sea.” - Nathan Reese Maher All the trials and tribulations one can conquer will invariably leave you still incapable of such a simple task. With my true life absorbed unceremoniously from the carcase of my soul, I find myself struggling to hold on. Just a few weeks ago, I was on cloud nine. Leo, my fiance, most assuredly shuffled off this mortal coil just a few days ago. I suppose it was only about time, each successive day felt like one step closer to our final farewell. Hey, Carpe Diem right? I apologize dear reader if my poetic side isn't tantalizing enough for you. Should you rather scavenge my body of all earthly possessions I wouldn't mind. Hell, I’m no stranger to desecrating a corpse. Should you however chose to indulge in some quality reading, then I implore you to view my final fate without a tinge of disgust. The reaper seeks an audience of his children, and I must be going soon. Before I venture off into that great unknown, I must leave behind a history. I mean, hell, I was an archaeologist at one time or another. To you future explorers, here is my story. I suppose never was an average life in the cards for a girl such as I. Even so, all uniqueness of my upbringing was sewed in the soil of the unexceptional. My father was an abusive brute of a creature, one that would spend its time in and out of prison. I never had that father figure to bring me in line, and was forced to figure it out all on my lonesome. My mother God rest her soul was just as inept at caretaking. The feeble woman was incapable of self respect. See, I lived in a small town so word got around quickly every time my mother would have another “accident”. The whole town saw it, but with the community being as tight knit as ever, none dare raise object to her plight. He would eventually find his way into a long prison sentence after the police were forced to finally apprehend him. When they broke down the door, my mother was half dead and I was laying in a pool of my own blood. Yeah, that’s right. He shot me and my mother. With the monster finally behind thick bars I was able to have a childhood as close to normal as possible given the circumstances. Long story short, my mother divorced and remarried and I pooled all inspiration into history. I found getting lost in a book about the Mayan civilization was enough to sooth the internal pain caused by my childhood tramas. *two paragraphs are scratched out with thick pen marks* So I graduated from from Northern Michigan University in the field of Anthropology . While not quite a perfect paper weight, the degree would open the flood gates for being accepted to Harvard. Yes that Harvard, and unlike most sob stories, I didn’t drop out. Yes, that's right! The cold body you’re oogiling has a PhD! I also met my Leo while I was working toward my PhD. We hit it off pretty well, and he didn’t seem to care that *there is one sentence scratched out with thick pen marks* He was born and bred in Sheffield, and after we both got our doctorates, I followed him to our new home. I got a nice job at the University of Sheffield teaching in the Archaeology department. Life was grand until my misfortunes would begin. *Eight paragraphs are scratched out with a pen* So it was Leo, Casimir, Alister, Veruska, Pyotr, Nina and I, finally reunited in the grand city of Novigrad. The rest of our little circle of misfits were well on their way, having had to delay their flights due to a mishap at Gatwick. Veruska was patiently ready and waiting for our flight to arrive at Kozlov International Airport. After a night of fun on the town, we found out the others were going to be delayed longer than anticipated. Oliver had spooked security and gotten himself arrested, so the others decided to stay behind a few extra days to help out a brother in need. To prepare for our excursion, Veruska had indexed a couple dozen locations for us to dabble into. After some debate, we settled on getting into *Four paragraphs are scratched out* With our newly found artifacts, we retired to the den. My only regret about our civilizations seemingly apparent mass extinction is that countless precious relics are going to become buried, lost to time and to future researchers, should we happen to recover. I guess that really is the grandest blunder of all of this. No matter we survive or not, those alive in the future… You the reader, will be considering our dreary scenario to be akin to our generations Black Death. With it, knowledge of the past will slip through the finger cracks of time. Even I with this letter can’t avoid my third death. I… I can't write much more. I’m starting to feel… Fuc-----. Entry 002 Aug 03 2017 Location - 30 kilometers north northeast of Novigrad, Chernarus. “Sadness in London Town I walk the streets of Leicester Square Sadness in my own heart sound I walk till dawn the disappear” - William Francis Fuck...
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    After my psychotic break they tossed me in a psych ward. One of the "activity" sessions was we would all request a thing to listen to while we did our own thing. This was mine. This song means so much to me


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      <3 ya girl. I'm glad you're okay. I hope you have the best christmas

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      I'm glad you're out now, I hope you're feeling better or on the road to feelin' better. <3 And that is a neato song! Have any more?

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    Thinking of changing my name. Here are the options so far.

    1. Stay the same "Joules"

    2. change to "Empress Julia"

    3. change to "Kreia"

    4. change to "Traya"

    Slide in those DMs if you get those last two names and why they are so amazing.

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      I like apple cider.

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      and I like bed and board.

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  12. Joules

    (I was writing this in response to Harvey's thread but I guess it got locked as I clicked post so RIP).

    I haven't really properly RPed in quite some time, so I can't really comment on the current state of things. All I know is every time I've RPed since maybe the beginning of September I've received meh role play. The setting is already failing, and I think that comes down to the lack of early events to keep things moving along. The pond got infested with rubber tires and garbage bags again. Now we have a mucky swamp that needs to get drained (:troll:) I can't be asked to waste what little time and sanity (my internet has been REALLY shitty these last few months) I have on RPing consistently. Now it's up to the player base to get it back on track. I really don't know if that's possible because our player base is so... I really don't have a word for it. People have taken the "community" aspect of the server FAR TOO SERIOUSLY. There are legit people here who treat this as their life and thats sad. It's one thing not to be a cock to others and to deal with that aspect of the community as "serious", but the drama that goes back and forth is just sickening.

    It's a beautiful day internet, go outside and enjoy it.

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      Also going to @Major for that swamp meme.

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      Meh. My pump is broken.

  13. Computer giveaway

    What a moment... wat
  14. Joules

    My rule of taking a drink when my character does does NOT work with text RP. Jesus on high was I drunk.