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  1. Empress


    Out of curiosity. There is an idea I've had floating around that I wanted to well erm... float here. See if this something people would want to see on the server and or if people would be interested in actually doing something like this.

    A group made up of Deer Isle survivors who managed to escape (and those they pick up along the way) with the main goal of making sure South Zagoria doesn't become the level of screwed that Deer Isle was ICly.

    1. Para


      Needs more depth for an actual group concept bc right now it's just "survivors" which is a backstory for literally anything that would put people under situations like on deer isle.

    2. Empress


      Ano. Hence why it's the very BASIC idea. I haven't yet put any intense thought into it as I wanted to gauge the general overarching concept.

    3. Para


      Overarching concept, sure. As far as I'm concerned Deer Isle lore was still present and existed for a short space of time. Those characters could've moved over so the place exists. 

    4. Empress


      The idea wasn't that the group would be made of people who only had a short time on the Island. The founding would be centered (ergo the concept initially redivided by) around people who lived the entire time on the Island and only now (whether before the server went away or after) made it to the mainland. 

    5. Empress


      Could be fresh characters that lived there. Doesn't mean they had to have actually RPed on the island.

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