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"We are the people of Chernarus and their fist!"

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  1. Why not. I don't have a problem with it, but it would be better if we made our own instead. +1 ~ *shrug*
  2. Tuna Sandwich. None other can compare to the simplicity of it.
  3. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0Qkloy2j8t8SEZ7u2EqWcd?si=05928bf4a9b14a4b

    How did I spend my day? Building a playlist for a character I probably won't be playing for months. Sounds about right.

  4. Empress

    Tagaki "Neko" Akari

    A photo album for Tagaki Akari.
  5. I'm more excited to see a possible exclusive dayzrp map instead of Livonia. Granted, I never played Livonia and I don't own it. I wouldn't mind playing it but I do mind purchasing it. Money is tight with frivolous things at the moment.
  6. *suddenly has become jealous* Who thinks dancing with a sword sounds like a good time?

    1. UniiLR


      sounds like a goodbye arm

    2. Empress


      Chop chop chop

  7. Trader update when plz. Must have nambu.



    The Midori story


  8. Namalsk was cool at first, but quickly became stale with the lack of content it really provides. There isn't enough... stuff to do as it were. Very few residential areas to make it feel lived in... and much of what there was to do was purely loot driven given the economy. When loot is everywhere, why care to move around. Speaking of moving around, another big issue was everyone hunkered down in one location or another and eventually the entire server migrated to the same tiny city. At that point it became pointless to stick around.
  9. Marlin 1895 (though I'm working on this one myself) Magnum Research BFR chambered in .45-70 Government Type 99 Arisaka (probably will work on this one myself) FAMAS AUG A1
  10. IDK about you, but I find it beyond a cool gun. Different tastes I guess.
  11. You don't gotta call me out like that.
  12. It started with us vibing with a hostage. We heard over the radio Dolly talking to people back at the UN camp. The order was made and we made our way over there and proned to look. They had taken her hostage. We had rights... We used those rights when our brothers Syno and Nonplayer arrived and when the enemy started to move out. There really isn't much more to it.
  13. If anyone wants to end antenna RP, send me a DM on discord. Empress_Julia#8118

  14. I'd be willing to organize people to pay for this. As it is, I can't afford to pay for it all myself. We won't get this unless we come together and chip in.
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