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  1. And that is officially prefab finished.

    *Breathes big sigh of relief.*




    1. Finn


      Beanz for the countless hours you spent on dis

  2. *The woman chimes back in* "Nice..." *She chuckles* "You talk a mean game for a dogpig traitor. Are the names of our brothers still on your arm? Or did you burn your skin? You're coward, and you will die a cowards death." *She pauses a moment. In the silence you can hear a lighter and a very quick inhale. She holds her breath for ten seconds before exhaling again. Clearly whatever she is smoking isn't a normal cigarette. She exhales with a heavy cough.* "And by the way" *Her words are suppressed by smoke still exiting her lungs.* "Sushi is no best thing ever. You miss out if you think only Japanese food sushi. You should try takoyaki or shogayaki... hmmm or maybe dango or natto before you die by our hand... and our fist."
  3. riot GIF

    >Be me

    >Finish work on prefab. Finally!

    >"We're going to need to move to Chernogorsk"



    1. OwOgles


      Cherno you say?


    2. Woodzie



      Please stop following us. 

  4. *A Japanese woman speaks over the radio in response* "When the fight is won in the west, we'll return and do what we do best. We are the people of Chernarus and their fist. Glory to the liberation front!"
  5. This is the RP Police. We have you surrounded. Heck yeah on our approval. @Bryan rush home to get dem tags sent out fool!
  6. Is it weird to be patriotic about a country you’ve never lived in or even visited... or is a fictional country? RP can be weird with your head sometimes.Ostriches Going Crazy GIF by chuber channel

  7. Empress

    Nino Kobiashvili

    Images for Nino Kobiashvili
  8. So what you're saying is I need to bring back Kobayashi Midori from Novigrad to go booli some westerners. IDK how it will turn out, but I wish you luck.
  9. It was great! There are more of us around still, but it's few and far between. It's such a fun concept to run with, given that it's nearly been 600 days for those who were on Deer Isle. It gives some /extra/ apocalyptic flavor. It was some fun RP indeed. Glad we had it. Now I get dressed for work. Thanks for da rrrrrrrrrrrrrrpz
  10. Voted no, but for selfish reasons. I tend to switch characters if I'm playing and no one of any group I'm apart of is around. Especially during CLF times.
  11. Dammit Riley with the first! Hyped. Lez go.
  12. Thank you. I figured it was bugged. Is there any possibility of this being fixed in house or replicated in some manner? Or is it just flat out impossible at the moment?
  13. I remember awhile ago there existed 5 and 10 round stripper clips for the Mosin and SKS respectively. From my understanding, they are still in the games files, but that are not actually spawning. I’m not sure if this is due to them being bugged or not. I wanted to suggest a return of them it is at all possible. I’d also like to see a stripper clip added for the K98 if that is feasible. As it stands, it’s hard to justify using these firearms when one could just as easily use an automatic. With these added, these firearms can be more competitive without sacrificing on damages in an attempt to balance the firearms. Yes? No? Thoughts? Is this even possible at the moment?
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