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  1. #givemefunding In all seriousness, there a lot of things that need to change, but I hold reservations on whether or not it will materialize in actual change. History has shown that this community will just kind of end up doing what it always did after a few months. It's why lore wipes don't really get us a desired effect (however the first few months of this lore were pog). It's up to the community to be the change that needs to happen, as corny as that sounds. End to constant down talking, end of zerging, end of blah blah... A lot of changes that can come about come from inaction ra
  2. episode 4 before the empire GIF by Star Wars

    "Before the dark times... before Whitename and Misho left us."

    1. Watchman


      i see how it is

    2. Whitename


      @Watchman Who are you?

    3. Watchman


      @WhitenameYour worst nightmare

  3. Unfortunately we missed the mark heavily on the creation of this group and the stars refused to align to make it work. Activity from the very beginning was low, and it all came at a time when I didn't have the ability to take a heavier hand and get the group going. My time is limited between the group, my full time job, and dev work. We'll still roll dynamic... but as of now. Archive us. Who wants activity points?
  4. 8ne9pJv.jpg

    In reference to the RP in the community center.

  5. I can only speak to my own experience. It's not a question of lack of motivation, it's a question about the amount of time I've personally had to persue the project. At the start of Nyheim I was hit with an 8 day stretch of work which severely limited my play time. Adding into the issue is I'm a nightshift worker and this job knocks me out many hours of the day when peak playing is going on. In two hours I'll be starting my days off so I'll be able to be present IG more. I plan to try and rally everyone together. I also have a job interview in a few hours so with any luck this job issue will b
  6. Bug fixing be like

    cat depression GIF


  7. I saw a man 'dancing' on the roof of the northern firestation in Elektro. He had music in his head. I logged off soon after in frustration at the quality and went to the bars.
  8. A simply beautiful documentary. Well worth the two hours if you're a history nut. The story of the Sumerian's is fascinating and depressing.

    1. Harsardie


      19:08 : The impersonation of "We did a little trolling"

  9. Firewood + handsaw/hacksaw = Weapon Stock Metal Pipe + Handsaw/hacksaw = Weapon Metal Weapon Stock + Weapon Metal = Weapon Parts Weapon Parts + Screw Driver = Improvised Gun/Mag
  10. I'll deliberate with DrBrain today and get the thread updated for ya hopefully today.
  11. Removed Asherren, added @AlmondMilk. Welcome!
  12. Met lots of conformists, flited with a few people, went to bed and woke up an hour before work. 10/10
  13. The sound of Takagi’s pistol striking across a man’s face reverberates throughout the abandoned warehouse. The man she just struck, Chadwick, falls to the floor with a heavy thud. Blood begins to pool from the top of his forehead and he begins to sob. He knew what was coming, and no amount of begging and pleading was going to save him. Takagi drops to one knee to get onto his level and presses her pistol into his chest. “And still you fail to understand. It will cost you dearly.” She presses her pistol firmer against his chest as she speaks. “Do I need to ex
  14. If you're interested in joining Flight of the Lights, please PM @Empress or @DrBrain the following form filled in. If you wish to make a new character for the group we are more than happy to help you out!
  15. "Freedom is merely privilege extended unless enjoyed by one and all."

    Bonus points if you know what I'm referring to without googling it.

    1. KonoSimp


      George Washington! 😀

    2. Empress


      No GIF

    3. logn


      English version of The Internationale?

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