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"We are the people of Chernarus and their fist!"

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  1. WIP LORE FOR BACKSTORY NPC THAT I MIGHT EVENTUALLY PLAY Born on Okushiri Island; little Inari never fit in. She was aggressive in her youth, which often lead to intense displeasure from her family and school. She was the very definition of troubled youth (or at least troubled for Japanese standards). While she never sunk into criminal activity, she was always breaking societal conventions on how a girl... and how a person aught to behave. As she grew older, the family moved to Aomori where she received a better education than she could receive on the tiny island of Okushiri. With the change in environment, Inari found herself mellowing out and slowly falling into cultural norms, with a yet still aggressive bend. This aggressive attitude would lead her after university to a career in the PSIA. She served well within the PSIA, with dedication and vigor. In 2020, after the conclusion of a longstanding job, she took a vacation to Russia. She had met someone online that had peaked her interest whom had been living in South Zagoria since the beginning of the infection waves. Not only this, but she had some extracurricular activities leading her to a side job within the NAC. She was supposed to meet a contact first within Sochi and then visit this 'friend'. She never told them of her visit. Arriving in Sochi, she met with her contact, accepted the job offer, rented a car, and ventured into Chernarus. With a bit of investigative work, she found the home of her 'friend'. She awoke a few days later covered in her own blood; bound and gagged. She didn't know the first thing of her location; but she knew whomever had nabbed her had been within the CLF. The first person to address her stepped forward. It was a woman she recognized. It was the 'friend'. She knelt down to her level, and with a smirk the woman spoke to Inari "おはようございます"
  2. *The voice of a Japanese woman comes over the radio. She sounds distant. To those nearish to Miroslavl it would come in clearer.* "Dogpigs... the lot of them" *There is a spitting noise transmitted.* "I won't work with the likes of a Russian. You'll just find a way to seize power. Should we work together to stop this? Yes... but not with dogpig help. We can manage on our own. Even thousands can't stop the Chernarussian people. Glory to the liberation front!" *The woman ends her transmission with the sound of a lighter going off as well as a few people in the distance chiming in 'glory to the liberation front' in response.*
  3. Empress


    Amerikenski dogpigs. *smh*
  4. Me just now trying to solve an issue... and honestly many issues.

    1. Strawberry


      thank you for sharing

    2. Empress


      Thank you for commenting such inspired commentary.


      Excited Pizza GIF

  5. That awkward moment when you realize you accidentally made your character motivations based off the baddies of FFXIV.



  6. Funnily enough, I'm playing a mixed race character as well... not deaf though. lol Unfortunately, I'm not sure you can replicate this outfit on the server. I've never found the multicam SMERSH, the darkened camo bandanna, and I believe it's called Navy Gorka jacket. *shrug*
  7. Empress

    Kobayashi Midori

  8. Out of Random curiosity... anyone know why MSFC clothing isn't enabled to spawn on the server? Is it just down to how much clothing there is with the mod? Broken?

    If it's down to too much variety, would it be out of the question to request a few of the clothing pieces to spawn?

    1. Whitename


      They do spawn

    2. Empress


      I realized afterward I made a word choice error. Aside from the black SMERSH, I don't believe I've ever seen on the server the other MSFC SMERSH vests. Nor do I believe I've seen the variety of bandannas. Are the spawns just really low?

  9. Posting here to avoid cluttering thread.

    Given the current state of affairs on the server, a word either way on whether or not we'll be implementing the change to Namalsk in December will be needed. I believe the uncertainty is causing some hesitation to play for some. Personally, I'd love to know whether or not this will be a thing and whether or not I'll be able to play my other character. I need to know if I'll either be taking a break until Feb 1st, weebing it up stalker style, or starting to work on my group thread again.


  10. Took someone long enough to find that damned thing.
  11. You ever just walk around after a long twelve hour shift and just forget you exist for a second? Like nothing existed?

    Confused Mental Health GIF by Lisa Vertudaches

  12. I'm going to just say no due to how I've seen past community meetings go. It usually turns into a bandwagon. The loudest voices get the most change, and not always based on the merits of their ideas. Any suggestions should be left to the forums IMO. It let's everyone voice their opinions with a more equitable weight. Now having one purely for discussion of the state of things as well as the players voicing in a moderated setting what they think /they/ can do to better the server, then that is fine. At the end of the day, staff can make changes and LMs can write until they are blue in the face. If the players don't adjust, then nothing will be accomplished.
  13. When I see people nerd out about Namalsk

    season 20 20x1 GIF by South Park

    1. Eagles


      Ngapa GIF

    2. Empress


      Cuz meng. I have no nostalgia to member berry.

  14. See y'all in two months now. I have almost no interest in playing on Namalsk. As I said before, I have no nostalgia for that map. I played it twice and hated it. If I can't transfer a character over, then I have 0 interest. At the end of the day, it will kill any drive for people to even return as their current characters. I highly doubt any groups around at the moment will survive the two month stop gap. None of the story will survive that is currently being made will survive. Coming back will be slow and dull, and none of the stories made within that two month time span on Namalsk will have any bearing on server lore and character development. This is a /hard/ -1 for me. My suggestion. Make it s2, but not an open S2 for standard play. Make it an S2 for a proper event series DMed like Staggs does with other events. I love those, and I'd be right there playing.
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