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  1. Indeed. It is available in the game files, however it is unpawnable as anything else would spawn. However, I don't see why it wouldn't work with the trader. Otherwise, I could redo my work on the magazines and try to get them working again, but no promises that it will ever appear on the server. Just add them to the traders and call it a day.
  2. While we are at it, why not readd the ice axe to the game and have it with the trader. IDK why it's not IG. I know it's junk but I've missed it. The files are there and you can spawn it in the offline mode. So unless I'm missing something I'm a bit baffled why I've never seen it. Also. Me Nambu. Me love.
  3. DayZRP being more family friendly won't put butts in the seats.

    More content would. 

    cat jump GIF

    1. Queerios


      You're right, but its a start. Don't put the horse before the cart!

    2. Para Cringe

      Para Cringe

      You're right, but making DayZRP more streamer friendly removes a reason for people not to be here making DayZRP a contender for a wider range of people to join. Now we just need the content too 😎

    3. Itsmez


      That is true, but it is a good way for better direction. Sometimes you can do 1 big thing for better direction, or you can do multiple smaller things

  4. cat cafe GIF

    Morning coffee and drama. Keep classy DayZRP.

  5. I arranged the set up of it, but Yakmouth was an hero and funded over half the damned thing. IDK when they will be added, but allegedly it should have been this last week. IDK whats going on. I have MULTIPLE models I made that I imported into the game and retextures that have been donated that haven't seen the light of day. I've had people in the past asking me to do commissions for them, but I have to decline because I'm never sure what's going to get added and what won't. The server needs more than just dogs.
  6. Yes... can confirm. Though I find it incredibly rewarding to see a 3d model I've made in the game and functioning as intended. So I can't confirm no the unrewarding bit. It is difficult and backwards AF though. It would be more rewarding to see my things on the server but well... Can't control much.
  7. sad kitten GIF

    How does one keep motivation to do things when the fruits of their labor are never seen?


    1. UniiLR



  8. *The sound of a boat engine can be heard in the background as a Japanese woman speaks over the radio* "Major... I was never poisoned. I won't apologize however for the things I've done... for what my brothers and sisters have done. We only did what we thought was right, but somewhere along the way some of us were lost. They were consumed by their hatred... and I must admit it wouldn't have taken much for me to have been alongside my fallen brothers and sisters." *She releases the PTT for a moment to compose herself before speaking up again* "To those of us still yet alive. I lov
  9. As Midori returns to Japan, all that is in her mind is her old home.

    Glory to Chernarus. Glory to the Liberation Front.

  10. It was an honor. While life kept me occupied much of the time on our second run, I enjoyed every moment. Glory to the liberation front. Glory to Chernarus. It's time for Midori to return home.
  11. WIP The journal is written in well written English. There is a bloodstain on the cover Day 42 All secure in my perch, but around it is still infested. The poor pup from yesterday finally stopped it's barking. I heard screeching and a mad howl as well, so one can only assume. All that extra noise dragged them closer to the station. Pity them. I'll have to sneak out back and sabotage another car. Get the chuds away. Food supplies are looking nominal. I'll have to leave again soon though. My guess is I have enough food here to last me another ten days. I suppose moving on is
  12. Send all three of those things dobry den.

    1. Oy


      A true outlaw legend.

  13. High School Reaction GIF by Film Society of Lincoln Center

    Importing firearm into dayz be like.

    1. Watchman



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