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  1. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    I made Kvass for the first time and my god... IS THIS WHAT WE'VE BEEN DRINKING ALL ALONG?! Its AMAZING. So damned easy to make too. 

    1. Mugin


      Like mildly illegal lol

      But fucking good on ya!

  2. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino



  3. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    Current mood


  4. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    Y'all mind if I T-pose?



    1. Banshee


      A S S E R T   D O M I N A N C E

    2. Brayces


      *Cowers in a corner.* STOP T-POSING PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU!

    3. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      *Gets close to Brayces*


      Y O U M I N D E D


    4. Brayces



  5. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    So I was supposed to have a package here today shipped from Canada. It's in the city but won't be delivered until tomorrow. Now all I can think about is.



  6. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino



  7. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    Greyhound borked my PC. It’s not giving me any display and I can’t figure out why. That and my monitor is borked too. Fucking greyhound destroyed my shit.

    1. LeviathanApsu


      And this is why the only pets I keep are the human kind.

    2. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      I’m so confused by what that meant. Lol. Humans run Greyhound....

    3. LeviathanApsu


      Grayhound the busline... I was thinking the animal. Read it as you referencing a pet knocking your shit down or otherwise fucking it up.

  8. RedSky

    • RedSky
    • Empress Nino


  9. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    I made it to Portland last night. First thing I saw as was a crazy guy dancing and screaming in tongues. How about that west coast life?  Lmao

  10. Empress Nino

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    No thanks. I remember this discussion from ages ago and I hated it then, and I still hate it now. I'll go back to majors statement about the swamp and the pond. Lore is a pond, and without management it becomes a shitty swamp. Time to drain the swamp eh major?
  11. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    "Lets start the climb. It's always difficult until I get the pattern down. Then it's pretty easy; I just repeat the same moves. Repetition is the same as a routine and the routine is the base model of safety in society. So when people who critique my activities, they critique the execution, the climb itself based on probable negative consequences. See, my climb, the way I execute it is based on the same model of safety, repetition/routine you trust and follow every day to stay alive. So when you critique my climbs, or other activities with the argument that they're not safe, you're critiquing your own model of safety which you follow and trust. Meaning, you contradict yourself..." - Shiey


  12. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino


  13. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    Finally did it. Finally made a character using my actual name. Why? Because why the fuck not.



  14. Hello my imaginary friend. You know how many times I hear someone say 'You don't know anything until you walk in my shoes'? Well... it's quite a lot yet I can't help but saying this right now. You don't know anything until you walk in my shoes. There is a song by Pink Floyd that I think encompasses my attitude toward life. It's called The Final Cut from their Album of the same name, and I'd say the lyrics but since you were birthed of my own mind I suppose you already know them. In fact, all of this will be utterly pointless. Shit, I didn't think that far ahead when creating you. Oh well, in case you have imaginary friends of your own, then maybe my story will help them... but... I really don't want to tell you/them much. How about... how about how I went from a broke, depressed college student to a rich, depressed person with two university degrees, all the way to a depressed and fucked person with marketable skills for the end times? Yeah. I like that. So I had the typical shitty upbringing that most people my age seem to have had. Father was a cunt and mother was certifiable. I was the kid that started getting bullied on day one and it never stopped. I still remember being in kindergarten on my first day and being pushed into the linoleum floor and slamming my head. Teacher did nothing; Kids will be kids I suppose. It started that day and never seemed to stop. I got into music, which stupidly enough caused more bullying. The kids hated that I actually had a talent and they punished me for it. I got interested in politics around the age of 8 which is, as one should know, WAY too young for that life. Aside from being mentally abused at home and at school, I spent my time hunting and fishing before I found a love for video games. I guess I'm back to that now that everything is fucked. Go figure. I graduated from high school and attended our local university where I went through wave after wave of fucked up emotion and severe alcoholism. Those were the days where I could drink 1 and a half liters of vodka a day, or take 30 shots and still be standing without much effort. I kinda miss those days. It was simpler. Anyway, I worked in 2012 and 2014 on the Romney and state campaigns respectively. Then my life changed. Well, it wasn't going to let me retire, but I won the lottery. Eighty Thousand dollars later and I went from being broker than broke to sitting comfortable and able to do the things I needed and wanted to do. Like everyone who wins the lottery, I blew the money on hookers and blow........ just kidding. I blew the money on surgeries in Thailand and a cruise. Still had loads left over when the next part of our story takes off. Costa Rissaca. That was her name. The damned ship that went down in the Green Sea. I was on it. I figured "HEY LETS TAKE A CRUISE TO GEORGIA. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE IT!". Big fucking mistake guys, never do it. After the ship went down, I did manage to get to Georgia on my raft. I lived for quite some time in Batumi with the rebels before flipping sides and working for the actual government of Georgia. Serves 'em right for killing someone I loved and forcing me to spy on the Government in Tbilisi. I'll tell ya more later my imaginary comrade, but the whole situation was fucked. For almost a year I worked for the betterment of the city. They had me doing 'police' dispatch duty while learning Georgian to fluency. I guess they took my education into consideration. I got to know a great woman named Nino, who took off for Chernarus for some god damn reason. Her fiancee left a few months later. Anyway, she trained me in things I never knew, and taught me some neat things with coding among many other applicable skills. During the summer, the Russians launched missles at Tbilisi and thats when I decided I needed to get out, I just didn't have a way to do so. Security was upped after the attack and no one was permitted to leave without authorization from the military. Took me months to find my way out, but I got it. See, this entire time I was working with the Batumi rebels as their 'spy' and feeding them bad intel. This time I gave them good intel, and slipped out in the attack. I was gone before they knew it! Now my friend, we only have one goal in mind. Find Nino. If anyone will help me survive this, it will be her.
  15. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    Made a thing. Nearly accidentally chopped my finger tip off in the process but hey... shit happens am I right?


    1. N-Tox



    2. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      Yeah it is midly adequate. Plays okay, but VERY much so not worth the injury to my finger. 

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