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  1. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    So I guess I'm no longer "allowed" to serve in the military. The draft dodger cheeto in chief has made it so.

    Fun facts. The estimated cost of care for transgender service members is 2.4 million to - 8.4 million.

    Keep in mind, we spend 41.6 million on Viagra. So I guess we care more about getting your cock hard.

    Oh well, its not like transgender people in general would want to serve under Agent Orange. A failure on all accounts. 

    1. RedSky


      just wait for his service to end and they shall almost instantly reverse it ;P

    2. Vytis


      Oh please... I'm sure if the government came knocking on your door to take you away to fight a political war started by a false flag, then you'd be kicking and screaming not to go.  It's funny that the leftists use the term "draft dodger" the most when attacking Donald Trump yet forget they were the majority of the anti-war protesters since, ever.  You all should be praising him for not fighting in a war that you did not approve of.  A war started by Democrats, mind you.

      If transgender people don't want to serve under Trump, then I don't see what the problem is.  Also, it's the MILITARY, not a social experiment. The military has their own set of laws and you must obey them.  if you don't like their laws, don't join. Simple as that.  If you want the laws changed, vote.  The leftists had plenty of opportunity to change the laws and they didn't in favor for LBGTBBQWTF. And yet they didn't. 

    3. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      Funny how you assume what I think and feel. You assume I'm just some run of the mill "leftist". I supported Ted Cruz and John Kasich throughout the primaries.

      I just won't buy into this cult of personality.

      About your "social experiment"... You do realize this is the same logic keeping blacks out of the military right? Blacks can't serve with whites, it will disrupt the unit. You know what? I did, but the military adjusted. If you think the military can get disrupted over roughly 5,000 trans service men and women, then you have a low view of the US military.


    4. Vytis


      You're not very bright are you? I mean, you supported Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the primaries, but now you're mad that Trump won't allow trans in the military.  You realize that Trump was the most pro-LGBT candidate for the Republicans, right?  He was pretty much the only one who wasn't guided by some sky-wizard saying that gays were bad and should feel bad.

      As for your assumption on my view of the US military.  You really have no clue, do you?  I work in a field that works closely not only with the military but with many veterans as well as law enforcement.  I have several war veterans in my family, including veterans of the war that I'm guessing you'd gladly take up arms to fight in if the government pulled your draft card (assuming you even have a draft card, but I doubt it). 

      Now, because I'm standing up to some loud-mouth anti-Trumper, you must assume that I'm anti-gays in the military or anti- whatever.  Far from the truth.  Sure, let the gays in.  Sure, let the trans in. I don't care, so long as there's good unit cohesion, and no special treatment.  If the military doesn't spend a single dime on a trans-persons personal life choice, then I'm fine with it.  But too many are wanting special treatment and the government to pay for their life choices.  It's not the purpose of the military.

      For the record: I'm against the government spending a single penny on viagra. I'm against people joining the military for college.  I'm against people joining the military for free job training to get better civilian jobs later on.  I'm against the government paying for anyone's LIFE CHOICE.  The government should only pay for what is deemed necessary for good unit cohesion.