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  1. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    With the lore wipe almost upon us, I wanted to take a time to reminisce on the groups I've been apart of.

    New American Order - This was the first group I created... It was highly tied in with the US Embassy which became USAF. I miss the crew, but this was my white name experience.

    Pinewood - I don't think anything in RP has surpassed the sheer greatness that was Pinewood. YEAHHH THIS IS PINEWOOD NAHAHAHAHAHA @DocofPinewood

    The Faceless - It was a fun group to be in for a short stint. It was cool being a spy.

    The Enigmas v1 - The truest of campfire RP groups, I mean hell our logo was a campfire. It developed a great internal family story though, one that thought me real life lessons about family.

    New World Mafia - You fuckin' chooch @Roach. That was such a fun experience finally being the bad person for a change.

    LIFE (for like a week) - I couldn't really get into this group, but the time serious RP that happened on the first night was 10/10.

    Enigmas V2 - It went in a far different direction than v1, especially after the disappearance/presumed death of my main characters wife. It was here that I finally dipped my toes into the hostile RP scene and realized I loved the shit out of it.

    Lost Souls V1 - Not much to say other than being the group I fleshed out my hostile RP skills. It was a great change of pace going from being a campfire survivor to a bandit, a change that I never have been able to shake.

    The Chosen - Was a very short lived group. I'm very disappointed it never took off. The story put into that was stellar. 

    Outrun - I joined and then a few weeks later it died. Was fun as a way to start developing my character Julia Riley. Really lead to some interesting shit.

    Silent Majority - Was a fun old time going around and being an edge queen with my bow and arrow. Best part was how we initiated people into the group by having them cut their thumbs off. Good times were had.

    Cursed - I didn't really enjoy my time in the cursed too much, but I had been away from that kind of RP for awhile. If I would have stuck around, I'm sure the development would have picked up and I would have liked being there. The concept was great though.

    Nomads - Was very short lived, and I only interacted with yall twice. It had a lot of promise but nothing paid off.

    Some Farm Group - yeah I can't remember the name. Played with yall once. Wasn't very entertaining to me. Too much sitting around. I guess my tastes have changed.

    Lost Souls V2 - Fuck yeah. Thats all I have to say to that.

    Looking forward to the RPortunities that will be made available with the new lore wipe. It's gonna be great!


    1. Ender


      "Pinewood - I don't think anything in RP has surpassed the sheer greatness that was Pinewood."

      I could think of a few :P 

      (Fuck Pinewood #TheResort5lyfe) <3

      in all seriousness These were some really amazing groups back in the day. including *Gulps* Pinewood. :D

    2. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      No one cares Joules

    3. UndeadRP


      Looks like some quality groups there I don't see any filthy pvpers in there. +1 +1

    4. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      Fair play... fair play.


    5. Mademoiselle


      <3 Thank you for remembering L.I.F.E


    6. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino


      Up until my time with Los Souls V2 I wouldn't be able to PVP anyway. 10 FPS in the middle of nowhere?! Hell yeah!

      Bring me on a PVP journey. I'll derp around with a bow and get shot.


    7. Roach


      And to think that Tony Moretti returns for a new (parallel) life this weekend :) Great times we had man.