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    Empress Nino

    "It is often stated that the twentieth century was one of, if not the bloodiest centuries of human existence. In the death throes of these hundred years, the breakup of Yugoslavia occurred, and Europe was once again scarred. The violence of the Bosnian war, and the ineptitude of the west in handling the conflict raised questions as to the causality of ethnic violence. Ethnic symbols and myths are exploitable by manipulative leaders to achieve their own goals, and when a country is in a state of power vacuum, these manipulative leaders have a greater chance of success. To understand the role and to apply these predictors on such a wide ranging conflict as the Bosnian War, they must be broken down, explained, and then applied to the role of ethnic Serbs and ethnic Croats, and ethnic Muslim Bosnians. "


    And this is what I will be spending every waking hour on between now and the 27th. <3