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  1. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    Finally did it. Finally made a character using my actual name. Why? Because why the fuck not.



  2. Hello my imaginary friend. You know how many times I hear someone say 'You don't know anything until you walk in my shoes'? Well... it's quite a lot yet I can't help but saying this right now. You don't know anything until you walk in my shoes. There is a song by Pink Floyd that I think encompasses my attitude toward life. It's called The Final Cut from their Album of the same name, and I'd say the lyrics but since you were birthed of my own mind I suppose you already know them. In fact, all of this will be utterly pointless. Shit, I didn't think that far ahead when creating you. Oh well, in case you have imaginary friends of your own, then maybe my story will help them... but... I really don't want to tell you/them much. How about... how about how I went from a broke, depressed college student to a rich, depressed person with two university degrees, all the way to a depressed and fucked person with marketable skills for the end times? Yeah. I like that. So I had the typical shitty upbringing that most people my age seem to have had. Father was a cunt and mother was certifiable. I was the kid that started getting bullied on day one and it never stopped. I still remember being in kindergarten on my first day and being pushed into the linoleum floor and slamming my head. Teacher did nothing; Kids will be kids I suppose. It started that day and never seemed to stop. I got into music, which stupidly enough caused more bullying. The kids hated that I actually had a talent and they punished me for it. I got interested in politics around the age of 8 which is, as one should know, WAY too young for that life. Aside from being mentally abused at home and at school, I spent my time hunting and fishing before I found a love for video games. I guess I'm back to that now that everything is fucked. Go figure. I graduated from high school and attended our local university where I went through wave after wave of fucked up emotion and severe alcoholism. Those were the days where I could drink 1 and a half liters of vodka a day, or take 30 shots and still be standing without much effort. I kinda miss those days. It was simpler. Anyway, I worked in 2012 and 2014 on the Romney and state campaigns respectively. Then my life changed. Well, it wasn't going to let me retire, but I won the lottery. Eighty Thousand dollars later and I went from being broker than broke to sitting comfortable and able to do the things I needed and wanted to do. Like everyone who wins the lottery, I blew the money on hookers and blow........ just kidding. I blew the money on surgeries in Thailand and a cruise. Still had loads left over when the next part of our story takes off. Costa Rissaca. That was her name. The damned ship that went down in the Green Sea. I was on it. I figured "HEY LETS TAKE A CRUISE TO GEORGIA. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE IT!". Big fucking mistake guys, never do it. After the ship went down, I did manage to get to Georgia on my raft. I lived for quite some time in Batumi with the rebels before flipping sides and working for the actual government of Georgia. Serves 'em right for killing someone I loved and forcing me to spy on the Government in Tbilisi. I'll tell ya more later my imaginary comrade, but the whole situation was fucked. For almost a year I worked for the betterment of the city. They had me doing 'police' dispatch duty while learning Georgian to fluency. I guess they took my education into consideration. I got to know a great woman named Nino, who took off for Chernarus for some god damn reason. Her fiancee left a few months later. Anyway, she trained me in things I never knew, and taught me some neat things with coding among many other applicable skills. During the summer, the Russians launched missles at Tbilisi and thats when I decided I needed to get out, I just didn't have a way to do so. Security was upped after the attack and no one was permitted to leave without authorization from the military. Took me months to find my way out, but I got it. See, this entire time I was working with the Batumi rebels as their 'spy' and feeding them bad intel. This time I gave them good intel, and slipped out in the attack. I was gone before they knew it! Now my friend, we only have one goal in mind. Find Nino. If anyone will help me survive this, it will be her.
  3. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    Made a thing. Nearly accidentally chopped my finger tip off in the process but hey... shit happens am I right?


    1. N-ToxRP



    2. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      Yeah it is midly adequate. Plays okay, but VERY much so not worth the injury to my finger. 

  4. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    Thinking about making a flute tuned so that I can easily play this.

    I swear half my flutes are tuned specifically for songs to make it easier to play. It's such a bitch to half finger each of the tone holes just to play a song in the right key.


  5. Empress Nino

    Dealing with Depression

    I've been through quite a lot personally but never discount the traumas and struggles of others. I'm still working with my doctor to figure out exactly whats going on, but ever since I can remember I've not only had mood swings but crippling depression. I started taking medication for it at the age of 13 and it didn't really do too much. To this day the depression medication doesn't really work all that way. The only thing thats ever really worked is the bipolar medication they put me on recently. It's evened me out pretty good. What I did for coping while growing up was expressing myself with music. I found that my only real talent in this world is just that. Expressing my emotion through playing music. I'm the kind of person who could pick up an instrument and a week later take part in a concert with said instrument with moderate quality. Though during my college years I supplemented not being able to play music as much by drinking heavily and RPing. I found when I wasn't manic, the RP did help somewhat, but when mania would hit I'd... well... self implode. Those of you who remember me from the past know exactly how those times went. I'd burn all my bridges and become a pariah for awhile until things settled down. Things got so bad that I went completely off the deep end in one of my depressive episodes and attempted suicide. I spent a week in a mental hospital and a month in the partial hospitalization. Funny bit about that is, it actually made me worse. When I'd come out of my mania, I'd have no one to turn to when the depression set in. So I guess at this point I don't really know if I just struggle through bipolar or if MDD is involved in it as a secondary diagnosis. I sure as hell know PTSD and G.A.D are apart of it. As of the last few months, I've been doing somewhat better, and as of the last month I've been REALLY doing better. I think thats due to the meds finally working right and the fact that I've gotten myself a wonderful support group online as well as three people I really like that I'm moving in with. Sorry for wall of text Tl;dr, I struggle with mental illness and have my entire life. Meds and support are helping and that if anyone else is struggling to find that ear and shoulder, I'm your girl. We gotta stick together. PS. I found wood working is actually very soothing. I've been working with PVC, but have started to branch out to working with wood. Once I move out to portland I'll be able to explore my hobby more. I found a great love for making flutes.
  6. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    So I was diagnosed bipolar today. So THATS a thing.

    Welp. Here's some music..... I guess.


  7. Empress Nino

    Change Radio Chatter Rule 2 - Regarding Message Encryption and "Translation" Metagaming.

    I can't +1 more. As someone whos done the encryption game, it was fun for me and others to try and figure out what I was doing. I went out and learned how to do the VIC encryption that the soviets used and would use a note book I have to do all the work. No computer necessary. I don't know what more I can say. The rule is asinine. Bring encryption back.
  8. Empress Nino

    To all foreigners, a message of hope... [Open Freq.]

    *Rae snickers at the whole situation and after a moment of listening in, she develops a devilish idea* "Yes the nationalists are scum of the earth, but true freedom and hope comes from ridding ourselves of non legitimate hierarchical structures. That means countries, businesses, banks... Nations are just the people of a country, and those people are what need to rise, not some new order. We stand united in camaraderie against nationalist swine, but I'm afraid we depart at that. As fucked up as Anarchy was, they had one thing right. Down with order... and with my own personal touch, down with capitalists!" *she releases the PTT*
  9. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino


  10. Empress Nino

    An Invitation to the Future (ATTN: Neutral Nation, Cerna Liska, Kamenici, National Bank)

    *Nino is highly confused by the broadcast and slumps into her couch. Elena cuddles up next to her and Nino fights the urge for a cigarette as she depresses the PTT. She speaks in chernarussian.* "In light of what? What did Kozlov do? As a.... person from the Interior Ministry I figured I would have heard something, even if I am.... in retirement of a sort." *She pauses a moment* "Slava Kozlov, and Slava Chernarus."
  11. Empress Nino

    Empress Nino

    I came out to my father tonight as trans.... and after a bit we started talking about the moody blues,. I love these guys.


  12. Empress Nino

    Is killing someone who steals from you while knocked out rule play

    I'd say a better solution would be to initiate if you can. No need to jump 100 mph in escalation of violence. Though theft like that is a hostile action soooooo. I guess you have kill rights lol. Whether or not that is rule play or not is debatable.
  13. Empress Nino

    Anyone I know still there...?

    *Nino speaks honestly* "Normally yes, but me and Elena wanted a child, so we had to do it this way." *she pauses a moment and sounds excited* "Yeah we will find out in about a month the gender of the child." *she pauses a moment and responds* "Technically this child will be 3/4ths Chernarussian, since I'm half Georgian and half Chernarussian... and we did it the old fashioned way. Oh and don't you worry about me, I'm quite safe here, especially with Dr. Beth living with us."
  14. Empress Nino

    Anyone I know still there...?

    *she laughs innocently* "No no no... my wife Elena... the one who I was missing so dearly and was where I came from... we found a doner. A Chernarussian man. He impregnated me. So now me and Elena are going to be parents. So yes... I'm still homosex" *she giggles*
  15. Empress Nino

    Anyone I know still there...?

    *Nino sighs and finishes her cigarette before depressing the PTT, her voice sounds very happy compared to how blue would have remembered her. As if she made a full recovery* "Hey Blue, it's Nino! I'm glad to hear you're okay! We have a very safe place Dr. Beth and me are staying at. I even got my family here with me." *she holds her stomach and smiles* "Me and Elena found someone willing to donate to me and well.... I'm pregnant. Maybe you can think of a name!" *she releases the PTT and waits eagerly for a response*