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  1. Empress Nino

    Lore question - 1st Chernarussian Revolution

    ^ this. I was working on a book of chernarus redux before my time as an LM was cut short. I had planned on elaborating a shit ton on Chernarussian history to add some great depth, but at the time I was told not to waste my effort. If staff would like, I can finish that Lore project and hand it of to staff for official publication.
  2. Empress Nino

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    Well here is the thing, in my own case Nino Kobiashvili is a complex character that required pretty close work with the LMs to be able to pull off the way I intended. There is background lore on the country of Georgia that was worked with the LMs, expansive stories involving her connection with COBR, as well as two table top RP sessions, one of which Nino was capable of hacking into an FSB agents computer inside a Russian datacenter just across the border and I recieved very important intel. Not only that, I was able to create a back door into the datacenter and steal priceless medical testing data. I wasn't about to just say my character did that. THIS is what needs to be worked with with LMs. With that data, I had planned on working on a mini event to introduce the data, but that never panned out. So instead I did what I could to spread the information I recieved. There is also another thing Nino had been working on with the LMs that would drastically impact world lore and could actually be done pretty easily if the remaining government of Chernarus would be on board (which Nino had the support of, being a COBR agent among many things). You realize how much power gaming would be involved if I just went and said I did it? HOLY SHIT. I'm talking big game lore driving. What happens in this back water oblast is beneath what I'm talking about. THIS is why we need LMs. Players can drive the lore for SZ, but you need intervention and creative minds working on the grander scheme. This was what I had in mind when I was an LM. THAT was important to me. The big picture. We created a universe here, and SZ is simply the playground for the players.
  3. Empress Nino

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    +1. WIthout the LMs, having characters who want to actively push the lore forward will be neigh impossible. In a selfish vain, until Major took his break I was working very closely with him on things that was supposed to start coming down the pipeline. My entire character is now... well I have no one to go to. The admin team won't care enough because they have far more important things on their plate. I'm sure this goes the same for every other person who has been working with the LMs. Who do we go to to drive the lore? +1. WIthout the LMs, having characters who want to actively push the lore forward will be neigh impossible. In a selfish vain, until Major took his break I was working very closely with him on things that was supposed to start coming down the pipeline. My entire character is now... well I have no one to go to. The admin team won't care enough because they have far more important things on their plate. I'm sure this goes the same for every other person who has been working with the LMs. Who do we go to to drive the lore?
  4. Empress Nino

    The Mental State of Nino Kobiashvili - A Diary

    Entry 004 0423 06/05/2018 *The following is written in Georgian* It’s been awhile hasn’t it? When your mind races you lose track of all semblance of time. In the old world that might have been a critical error… what I’ve done and been through due to my wanton disregard of time. In these new days however… it somehow doesn’t matter. No, I’m getting ahead of myself. It still matters. Now more than ever. I know not when my world will come crumbling down… but it’s coming. This high will subside, and the reality of our world will set in. I’m faltering again. I shouldn’t write here. What if they find it? I can’t detail my only best play… maybe. Am I paranoid? Maybe those that get away with it only do so by being paranoid. It’s an uncalculated risk to write more, but I need to get some thoughts out. That's what this is for right? A way of connecting with myself? The doctor never wanted to read this… Perhaps the game is still afoot. B.B.F Our only salvation. I've crunched the numbers and thought about it and the only solution really is B.B.F… We’re doomed in probably two months if we don’t execute the plan. Russia is coming whether we like it or not, and it won’t stop until everything living is fried. My plan accounts for Russia burning their civilians to retake the motherland… perhaps that is what awaits us. Once the CAF falls, there will be nothing to thwart a Russian advance. In the span of a few hours they could torch everything in South Zagoria… given three days they could possibly wipe out the entire country, only keeping the infrastructure… what they need to advance themselves in the future. The only fault I see is they need to hold the region, or they’ll just have to do it again when inevitably people start to migrate again for brighter horizons. So what really is their plan. What is Putin thinking? Wish I had a way in to know. If time wasn't a factor… something constantly eating away at your possible choices until inaction become actions… I could possibly figure it out. Unfortunately, I am no god… I do have the listening device though. In the right hands that could be god. No no no… I don’t have time for that. Not now… not while we’re so close. Russia will fall within a month of execution… We do have one thing in our favor. I believe the invasion might be delayed due to the current situation in Crimea. Only downside is now the Russian Caucasus lands will be teeming with activity, biter and otherwise. Phase one of the plan might be already corrupted. Without it, nothing falls into place. I need more time.What about Elene? I need her now more than ever… and now that the chess pieces are moving once more my Intel won’t help as much as I had hoped. I need to go alone. I can’t risk anyone else being caught… especially those I care about. God damn you Elene why won’t you tell me where you are! No… I have no time for that right now. What I have in front of me is all that matters. Time… End of Entry
  5. Empress Nino

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    Not intrested. I've never liked a perma death rule, and the only way I found it even remotely tolerable is if a heal timer is put in place. How about this instead. Why don't we just start enforcing the rule about injury on death. No more running around after your head turns to jelly after an SVD round.
  6. Empress Nino

    The Suicide Note of an Amnesiac

    I though we had something special with our teddy bear fascination! Lmao
  7. Empress Nino

    The Suicide Note of an Amnesiac

    That feel when poor Nino isn't mentioned lol. was good. You've come a long way since the diary of Riviara in your writing skill.
  8. Empress Nino

    An Attack on Miroslavl

    *Her voice sounds very pained and panicked, her radio sounding awful.* "Beth?! BETH!?" *There is a pause... her breathing becomes increasingly agitated before she starts screaming in georgian* "თქვენ ხართ ყველა ტერორისტი! არა პატივი და მხოლოდ კლავს. გეტყვით ჭეშმარიტ ღმერთს, თუ მოკლა ბეთ! დიდება ჩერნოუს!" *She screams out in fury and releases the PTT*
  9. Empress Nino

    Rping as different religions?

    Really not sure what I believe but I took a lot (%80) of my views and made it into the group I ran a bit ago called Natshanakru. People called it a religion and a cult so I guess I believe in Natshanaedei. lol My current character is an Atheist but was given the teachings of Natshanakru and is starting to believe parts of it.
  10. Empress Nino

    Dead Matter~

    I'm not sure how much to say, since I've done the same. Bought a website for it about 4 months ago? Something like that. Don't want to get accused of advertisement eh? Talk in private ano?
  11. Empress Nino

    Dead Matter~

    Thanks for the link. I've been watching their development for awhile and I'm ready to purchase a server going on release. I'm still hyped and have been for awhile. Seeing them work makes me wish they were the ones doing DayZ.
  12. Empress Nino

    The Mental State of Nino Kobiashvili - A Diary

    that was the letter Cernik wrote lmao She included it in her journal.
  13. Empress Nino

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "My story is a freedom song of struggle. It is about finding one’s purpose, how to overcome fear and to stand up for causes bigger than one’s self.” A quote for Nino
  14. Empress Nino

    The Mental State of Nino Kobiashvili - A Diary

    I no understand? No kill Nino. She too bad ass to die.
  15. Empress Nino

    The Mental State of Nino Kobiashvili - A Diary

    Entry 003 0832 27/05/2018 *the following is written in Georgian* I know not of what to say anymore. What to write anymore. I’ve been so mentally tossed and turned over the last… fuck I don’t know for how long. At least all the work has kept my mind from my dear Elene… and Amber. Oh god yeah I forgot to write, Amber is still alive! My piece of shit government lied to me! I was holding out some hope… at least SOME that would show that my government was still showed comradery towards me. I figured that since I’m a Colonel, then maybe they would keep me in their heart for awhile. Yet no… I will write no more of those traitorous fucks. So… the FSB agent in Tblisi delivered on time the equipment and my note... but there was a hick up... I didn’t anticipate Elene and Amber to full on ditch mode on me and run off before I could tell them what to do. Such is my life. Elene has always been an impulsive one. While to her I’m the child and I love this, I pull the big pants up in our relationship and make the hard decisions. Otherwise she’d go off and well… do what she did. Panic attacks are a daily occurrence now… two a day, sometimes three. Until they are safe in my arms, I’ll never be rested. If it wasn't for my little intrusion into the Russian data centers network, I wouldn't have the information on hand to save them. So thank Christ for their incompetence and my sheer luck. I mean fuck me and call me sally I ended up pulling off a one in a million with that man in the middle attack and the spoofing amongst so many other things. I wrote last of heading up to Stary Yar to speak with Tony Moretti… and well I did it and things went weird quickly. I offered my services to get his electricity running in the town, and once they found out exactly what and who I am - well not exactly everything but… - they asked if I wanted to go full on member of their Mafia family…. Like christ alive I was recruited into the Mafia. It didn’t take long at all for me to be moved up to Soldato, and after everything that has happened…. I think I’m close to another promotion. A device was dropped by a Russian plane that we went on a mad hunt for… we got it…. Eventually. I was eventually handed the device for a day to take it apart and figure out exactly how it works. With the data I received, once I finish getting watering working in the town and finish off building the economy, I can work on spitting out countless numbers of these listening devices. Hopefully I can get this done before Elene tells me where she is. I want to drop a few devices along the journey to listen in for later. I’ll try and sneak up to the datacenter at night in a ghillie suit and bury the bastard under a bush… get their communications. Thing is, I’ve made some good improvements on the device… well at least I haven’t yet but I know how to do it. I want to make it possible to start dumping all the audio onto the dark web, which will be possible… just a pain in the fucking ass. Now the Elephant in the room. My former Comrade Captain Cernik is… is dead. He was shot in the back of the head by an SVD in front of me. I beat him before hand and a cannibal had his way with him. I was so mad at him for everything that he had become due to his bullshit… but I found a note on his body. I read it aloud over the radio and broke down in sobs. What have I done? He was a friend… and I think no matter what happened he still saw me as one. I wish he would have survived now… maybe he could have been redeemed… the following is the letter I found on his body. My name is Stepan Cernik. Many of you know me from the radio. Many more of you know me by my actions. We’ve all made mistakes in our life. God knows me more than others. We lie, we cheat, we steal, and we sin; sometimes against people we know, sometimes against people we don’t. No matter who you are, you’ve hurt someone, whether intentionally or not. There comes a time where you realize that those you’ve hurt most are those closest to you. Those you considered your family, or loved like your own – and that’s when it really starts to bug you. What’s my life been like? Did I do more harm than good? How will people remember me? How will God judge me? Oskar Hosek. You were my commander, but more than that, you were my friend. I didn't agree with your methods but you were there for me and I was there for you. Slava Chernarus. Anna Kovar. You showed me how to be human again. Merek Cernik. The light shining in darkness, friend. Nino Kobiashvili. Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon; fully past and fully gone: for auld lang syne. Svetylana. I love you with all my heart. I have since I met you, and it pains me more than anything to not know whether or not you are alive. Everywhere I turn, I am reminded, of that beautiful summer day, of the park, and of that young pretty girl who kept glancing over through sips on a smoothie. You are kind. You are caring. You are understanding. More than you should have been. You are more than I ever deserved, and yet somehow found it in you to be in my life. The years we spent together were the best of my life. I am scared, Svetylana. Scared for you, scared for me, and scared for our daughter. My deepest fear is that I shall never see you again. I pray with all my heart that you found a way out of Pirgoridki. I love you. More than you will ever know. Katalina. My sweet baby girl. I would do anything to have another minute to spend with you. I can imagine you’re saying all kinds of words now, and it brings me to tears never knowing the sound of your sweet, sweet voice. If by some miracle your able to ever read or hear this, just know, that your father never forgot about you. You were in my mind in every waking moment, you and your mother. Everything I did was for you, from the moment you were born to the moment I die. I hope they'll do well. I hope no harm comes to them, from within or without. I told them I’d be with them forever, and that I’d never leave their side. Lying, then. I guess I did. Lied to you, Svetlyana. And Katalina. Told you I'd be with you forever, caring for you. And protecting you. And I didn’t. I couldn’t. But I wouldn't go back and unsay it once if I could. What was the point of it all? So many failures. But I never forgot your face. Or Katrina’s…or Svetlyana, or Merek, or Nino. They used to say that happened after a while but it never has for me. Maybe the only point of all that living was to keep those pictures in my head going for as long as I could. It was the only life I could give you. Not a day went by without. It wasn't choice. I chose to die again and again. Just never did. Body had its own drive. I wish everyone well. It's been a gift to me, my time here, and at the end of it all, to behold the innocence. Goodbye, Svetlyana. Goodbye, Katalina. Goodbye, Chernarus. I’m a monster… Forgive me Captain… my comrade. In another universe we would have made Chernarus great again. Slava Chernarus brother. End of Entry