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Empress Midori

"Even the wishes of a small ant reach heaven."

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  1. How have I NOT heard this song before until very recently. This slaps hard. 


  2. Thanks. It's been a bit complicated to figure out, but that is a good start to have both the inputs I need. I HAVE encountered another problem however. The EWI requires that I connect it to a sampler if I'm going to do anything with it on a computer (It has a midi out but I don't have a cable for it). I spent the last few hours figuring out a sampler program and it finally works. However, I'm unsure of how to take the output of that program and link it over to voicemeeter. Currently as it stands, I can play the instrument over discord, but it also pulls all of the audio my computer plays to do it. So DayZ would come across the microphone and so would any other boops and sounds (Which is something I DON'T need in my life). Also Rover, I can assure you this isn't to be trolly. I live in a thin walled apartment, so using proper acoustic instruments won't fly. I have to use this midi controller to play anything so I'm not disturbing people. I'm not going into synth territory with this. Instead, I'm trying to replicate a Shakuhachi. EDIT I somehow clicked enough things that it finally works. Thanks for cluing me into voicemeeter. It really helped!
  3. So, this is going to be a BIT of a strange question, but I was wondering if anyone would have expertise or knowledge of the possibility of having two recording devices play back over the IG microphone. I have what is called an EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). Think of it like a more complex electronic keyboard that requires you to blow through the mouthpiece and everything. I'm trying to figure out if there will end up being a way to have the EWI play over IG microphone while still being able to talk. I imagine it would possibly function like a soundboard to some extent, so any knowledge of that would probably be helpful.
  4. Shits fucked fam. Looks like I might be working these 12 hour shifts with no day off soon. Could get worse if the two other people who said they are quitting quit. Free time? The fuck is that? *sigh* People just don’t wanna work.

  5. I really miss bows. It hella prevents me from playing one of my favorite character types.
  6. I bought this rifle from this redneck. Totally worth. - 


    Now once it comes into my FFL I'll have the same firearm Midori uses ICly. M98/48 Yugoslavian capture and refurbish.

    1. Watchman


      Bang bang, nice!

    2. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      Pew pew pew :3


  7. “No worries I’m just on a crusade against Serbs in the discord” - @canadian_boi 2020

    1. Roman


      Kosovo is Serbia! Slava republike srpske! Slava Milosevic!


  8. Please please PLEASE get this on the server. I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted something like this. It would make it a HELL of a lot easier to not wear a backpack. As it is, it’s such an eyesore that not wearing a bag makes it 10 times more yikes. Also, this mod has the katana which I’d hella use on Midori. I don’t care how rare it’s made lol
  9. Anyone work night shift and have advice on how in the hell I can keep myself from waking up at 2pm? My body hates me right n

    1. groovy toez

      groovy toez

      AS in you're waking up too early? I usually put off going to sleep for a little longer and go to sleep almost as late as I can, that means i'm so tired I sleep through the sun and wake up just in time to get ready for work

    2. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      I tried to do that today by doing some artwork shits after work, but um... yeah. Four hours of sleep. Fuggin RIP me.

    3. Malthis


      I've heard the best method is try to limit the amount of sun your body gets in the morning before you get home. Not sure how you're supposed to avoid direct sunlight when driving home...(unless you get off work before the sun is fully up. I don't get off till 7am my time.) Heavy blackout blinds/drapes will help trick your system into thinking it's still nighttime and help you sleep better I've heard as well and is supposed to be a MASSIVE help. Last resort see if you can either try Melatonin gummys to help you fall asleep quicker/stay asleep, or a prescription pill (Hydroxyzine and Alprazolam are both prescriptions I've been given in the past).

    4. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      Yeah, I have some Alprazolam on my desk actually. It helps get to sleep yeah, but it wears off too quickly. I've taken to using my own legal means of getting to sleep easier since driving home in the daylight kicks me into a second wind. Honestly, I think the big problem is the lack of blackout curtains. I've been working 3pm-11pm for so long that my body is just used to making sure I'm up before 2 pm. *sighs at breaking sleep schedule*

    5. groovy toez

      groovy toez

      What shift are you on now? I'm lucky in that once i'm asleep generally i'm pretty much out, but I don't require much sleep really 4-6 hours is plenty for me

    6. Malthis


      @Empress Midori You sound like you do Security. I used to work 3-11pm as well until I swapped to overnights.

    7. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      7pm-7am. *cries*

    8. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      Nope @Malthis, healthcare.

    9. Imagine


      I work those same exact hours. 7pm to 7 am. Probably not healthy at all, but a lot of caffeine at work, then when i get home i make some food, then immediately crash for the night. waking up at 6pm ready for work the next day. I just try to stay super busy at work so i know i will sleep thru the day.  

  10. 2015er here. Still a bit salty I missed out on mod.
  11. I was today years old when I learned 12 hour shifts suck when you're phone dies an hour into it.

    1. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      Your* WTF I'm tired. I go sleepy sleep now.

    2. Malthis


      Always make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi, turn off backround app refresh, turn down the screen brightness on your phone, and if all else fails you can buy one of those cell phone backup batteries you just plug into your phone if you're unable to charge your phone at work. Luckily we have Wi-Fi, and outlets at our work anyways in case my battery got low, but I couldn't imagine my phone dying while on shift...the sheer boredom to ensue.

    3. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      I was just a dumb ass and forgot my charger lmao. We aren't allowed to access the wireless there. It's only for our patients. I thought I had the charger when I set up a hotspot for my tablet. Ended up catching it just in time and setting up google docs to work offline so I could at least start writing up more backstory. 

  12. 12 hour night shift here I come. Thankfully this time I'm working with a lazy person so I can get away with drawing and doing character art stuffs on my tablet lol.

    1. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      That and rewriting my damned backstory. Gods I was tired when I spat that out. lol

  13. dats a very noice. Might have to poke you if I can find summin' nice.
  14. I just want to go home! 12 hour night shifts suckkkkk.

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