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  1. Empress Julia

    Empress Julia


    1. Roach


      Did not know it was your bday :) Happy Birthday Joules :D

      Don't sweat it, I love lonely birthdays. Peace and quite is the best gift sometimes (for me).

    2. Method


      i just got home but i guess i hope you had a great birthday or are having a great one (the time shift confuses the hell out of me) but hey happy birthday


    3. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia

      @Method It was pretty shit TBH. Went to class and came home and sat here doing nothing for hours on end because I have nothing better to do. Thanks for the thought though <3


      Thanks! Yeah IDK I've had so many lonely birthdays that I'm quite well sick of it. Well at least next year I'll be with people I love instead of in my room loathing being here. lol