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  1. Empress Julia

    Empress Julia


    I know none of you actually give a rats ass, but I'm having one of those moments, so either frig off, or stay and read what I've got to say.



    I like bonus points.

    To preface this I have to come out and make a statement that I'm damn sure most of you already know anyway.


    I'm a transwoman.


    Big shocker! I know! #sarcasm

    There, now that thats out of the way, time to get down to the brass tax of this little status update. To briefly describe my issue, one must understand how receiving medical transition works in the US. First you go to a therapist so that they can determine if you are making shit up or not, then the therapist gives you a letter of recommendation saying that you should receive hormone replacement therapy. Then you get blood work and if all is good, you can begin your transition. 


    At this rate I'd even settle with seeing Samurai Futaba.



        Well I live in a very sparsely populated and conservative area, so my options are quite low as to receiving therapy. I received an email from my first option saying that she would not take my insurance.
        So I took a day and wallowed in self-pity before getting back up on the horse and sending off more emails to the other therapists on my list. I just received emails back from them. Bad news is the only news of today. Neither of them will help me. One just sent me the email address and phone number of a therapist widely considered a quack by those in my area. Another left me the name of someone who might be able to help but I'm not sure. This is my last chance for the area. So once I'm feeling better about all this I'll send off that last email and pray that they give a shit enough.


    This is life in the UP... except I envy it not being cold in this picture.    

      The plan was to get as much done here as humanly possible while I have insurance, then start HRT either just before or just after I move to Delaware in May. If I can't receive help up here, then it's looking like I won't be able to start to even see a therapist until the middle or end of summer, and if that even works, I probably won't be able to start transition until exactly a year and some change from now. I'm not happy that's for sure! Keep in mind even when I get to Delaware, I won't have insurance so I will be paying out of pocket for every single thing involved, from the initial visit to my new general partitioner to the countless therapy sessions involved to the blood work and then finally the medication (I don't mind paying out of pocket for the medication. Thats the important part. I'll pay the 120 USD a month if I need to).

    I hate our medical system.


    Send hugs?

    1. Shepard


      You will always be welcome here, Joules. Stay strong.