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  1. Empress Julia


  2. Oh hey dude

    I agree and disagree with some aspects of that. There is a major problem with people conflating hostile RP with PVP, but unfortunately this isn't for no reason. For quite a long time, that has been the pervasive point that has stood out (since 2015 IMO). While the people you listed might (haven't really interacted with any of them) give fantastic RP, the OOC behavior of many people, many of which were at a time friends of theirs sort of gives a "guilty by association" vibe. The anger experienced by many who interact with the "superpower" is righteous, which is the most dangerous type of anger. It gets people twisted on an OOC level. Combine this with the endless tales of rule violations and OOC flaming that the subset of people have committed for a very long time, and you have this divide. Best thing I can say to remedy this (to the ones who have gotten this stigma because of other peoples actions) is to be approachable. Prove to the other side you aren't what they believe you to be. Participate in the mentor program, and stop the endless cycle of righteous anger due to perceived past injustices. Staff also needs to start being more on the ball and ready to act to "Shut that shit down".
  3. Oh hey dude

    90% of the time when I'm RPing, I try and completely immerse myself into the character, so that my OOC influences don't fuck with my RP. Yet nothing is perfect. There have been many times recently where the RP has taken me out of my immersion and at that point I struggle to try and go back. This can come from not only unrealistic hostile RP, but also from unexceptionally bland interactions that are your typical "Dude you need food?" interactions. When para talks about the dichotomy of campfire and hostile RP, it reminds me of the times back in 2015 when I personally believe this rift started to form. What we lacked at that time was a decisive smack down of a lot of what was happening on an OOC level. You had groups like the pestilence brotherhood which didn't even follow their goals and point of the group, and was only using it as an excuse to initiate. Sure they eventually got shut down, but the damage had already been done. We needed Negan but instead we had Dale. Now I've been on both sides of the coin. During 2015 I was a dreaded campfire RPer that quite literally ran to the most northern town to set up a settlement (Pinewood) so that I could avoid the constant shit storm that was below the northern highway. I got great tension from the Jackals at that time, but every time I interacted with a group from down south, it was pure cancer (to me at that time). After Pinewood fell to OOC reasons (and after a quick stint with a spy group... yeah weird I know), my ass ran a group that was so campfire, even the logo itself was a fucking campfire. Eventually however, the hostile RP bug bit me in the ass, and now I have a hard time doing anything BUT hostile RP. On a slightly different note, something that I believe still to THIS DAY is still underutilized is the mentor program. Both campfire and hostile can learn a thing or two by switching sides for a bit with a mentor... and maybe the stigma can eventually heal. Lastly, IMO there are only three types of RP Hostile, Neutral/Survivor, Hero/Campfire Now people can fluctuate within those roles. A survivor can be a hero and even hostile... but what we have now is: PVP, Hostile, Neutral/Survivor, Hero/Campfire, CAMPfire PVP and CAMPfire are NOT RP styles. PVP is an aspect of any RP style, but it is not and never should be the main focus. Likewise, CAMPfire RP is when someone is only concerned about gear, build massive camps, and then cry when someone burns it to the ground. Both "styles" for lack of a better word are the far extremes of the debate.
  4. Empress Julia

    "Because, if one is on the spot, disorders are seen as they spring up, and one can quickly remedy them; but if one is not at hand, they are heard of only when they are great, and then one can no longer remedy them." - Niccolo Machiavelli

    1. Brayces


      Ahh very true. No one thinks you have problem or needs help until it's almost too late! 

  5. First Responder - last Survivor

    I didn't know Chernarus was where I grew up! It would snow on the 4th of July sometimes.
  6. Empress Julia

    I had no idea purchasing a domain also included the added bonus of getting called twice an hour by Indians who want to design my website. Bleh!

    1. Eagle


      You must be at the wrong company I've bought two domains and never heard from them since except maybe an email every few months. :D 

    2. JimRP


      What does them being Indian have to do with anything? lol

    3. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia

      Clearly I am. I had an issue on their end where my database wasn't getting connected. I made a ticket and the morons accidently deleted mysql. They got it fixed but god damn. 

      You don't get Indians calling you in Greece Jim? Lol. 

    4. Rolle



      Should've bought privacy service with the domain

    5. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia

      Mistakes were made Rolle. Many mistakes lmao. But hey, now I know how you felt working with mybb. 

    6. Rolle


      Please no, don't do that to yourself! 

    7. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia

      I know! But I don't know what else to use to get the same effect without me having to liscense! 

  7. Final warnings

    Decent changes. I've always advocated for stricter punishments. Maybe this change will bring positive results.
  8. Steven Crowder Appreciation Thread

    Personally I think he's a prick, but he can be a good meme sometimes. Some of his stuff is good, especially anything revolving around the second amendment. I used to watch his stuff years ago.
  9. DayZ 6 years later, share your story.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miami_cannibal_attack So the above event happened and thats what triggered me to start playing the DayZ Mod in May of 2012. I was a solo player for a bit until I met my first DayZ friend in global chat waiting for one of the servers to let people spawn in. The screen was stuck at a black screen for like 25 minutes. We jumped on skype and kept playing together. I quickly fell into the role of "bandit" and generally played as an overwatch for my friend when he would be looting through NWAF. We made a camp north west of Myshkino. Once that was discovered we made a camp north west of the air field, and once THAT was discovered we made our final camp slightly south east of misty peak. Eventually we started to distance ourselves, and I haven't talked to him since. I managed to be around the Medics of the Wasteland after that, a community of medics who would jump on servers to give aid to those who requested it. Then SA came out. I played it for a bit and realize how trash it was. I would leave and come back a hand full of times as I tried to recapture the same joy I had in mod days, but it never came back. Then on March 5th, 2015 I decided it would be interesting to role play in DayZ, and googled DayZ Role Play. My first RP interaction was with a fully geared guy who almost robbed me for my hat when I was a fresh spawn. The interaction was about 30 seconds. Not long after that my second interaction was with some weird dude on top of elektro fire station "dancing" to music in his head. I would play a few more times here and there but eventually kinda gave up because I hadn't received any real RP and I was preparing for my final exams. After the semester I came back, ran a group called the New American Order. We were generally just PVPing at that rate and people grew tired of it and quit, forcing an archive. Afterward I started up with the help of @Jim Lahey the group Pinewood, which was a settlement in Stary Yar. We ran that for a few months and it too died. Right before it though I had met @RileyChan and we had our characters start dating. We joined the group The Faceless and our only claim to fame then was our Alcyone operation which was chaotic as hell and stired so much IC shit. After that we left and created The Enigmas. We were as campfire as you could get, hiding away in the North because ICly we were being hunted by a good number of people. We met up with Roach toward the end of the first iteration and once we archived, I ended up joining the New World Mafia which was short lived. After that I did a one week stint in L.I.F.E before bringing back The Enigmas for round two. We had a blast, zombie wrangled and did general bullshittery. We archived because it was getting too stressful to lead a group that had gone inactive. Right before that, we tried to resurrect Pinewood as an event, and that lead to us making the Pinewood Coalition, which got taken from us and turned into the Northern Alliance. I joined the Lost Souls, memed about, got kicked out IC and then ran a group idea called The Chosen, which fell flat on it's ass. After that, I joined Outrun and was there till archive, then joined the Silent Majority and was there till archive. Then came the Cursed, which I left a few weeks in to join uh.... I can't remember what it was called because we only interacted like twice. I took a bit of a hiatus after that and then rejoined the Lost Souls and road that train until lore wipe. After Lore Wipe I ran a short lived group called The Departed which quickly turned unintentionally into STALKER RP pretty much. We got roped in with the Mankind Liberation Army early on and then into the New World Mafia 2: Electric Boogaloo which was birthed from the MLA. After that I took a very long break and didn't really intend to come back but I jumped on just to run around solo and see what would happen without getting on the forums. Shit happened and I joined The Killers which Rolle recently yeeted and now I'm running the group Natshanakru. So yeah... Dayz 6 years later.
  10. Empress Julia


  11. Natshanakru

    Edited one of the goals to be a tad more realistic. Thinking of coming up with a color indicator chart for "On Scheduled, Behind Schedule,, Ahead of Schedule, Failed, and Completed".
  12. Empress Julia

    See... there is being high... and there is being so high you spray ax body spray in your mouth because someone in the TS made a meme. @N-Tox

    1. Refacture


      Ok then


  13. Natshanakru

    We like our edgy font thank you very much But yeah I was having trouble deciding on a font for the main body of text and just decided to run with the font used on the headers. If you got any ideas for a different font drop a linky for them?
  14. Natshanakru

    can you tell me in what places in specific?
  15. S1 - Fail RP, Lack of RP

    My POV: Initiation drops, we do some torture RP. More people show up so we nab them. Refracture drops it on bucky and I search him and stuff. Not long after then we decide to move the hostages. On the way I believe Dvlin spots someone and I leave the group to try and find out where they are. I hear a shot and that was the RIPining of Bucky. I really don't have much to add to the report since I was only involved in the initiation and early RP on him. I can't say anything to the point of refracture gunning him down, since I wasn't involved.