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  1. Jarvis Seistt

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: Jan Veselý Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): medic, squad lead Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: Aye. Group Name: - Primary Phase: 3, though I am available for any phase if the need arises Reserve Phase: 4
  2. Jan Karel Veselý was born into a somewhat wealthy and modestly respected family of middling industrialists in Primorsk. Slated as the heir to the family company he was sent to Europe to study so that he could eventually step into his father's footsteps. Of course, being a young, enterprising man in a foreign country he turned towards jobs of legally questionable nature to fund his lavish lifestyle instead of actually working on his degree. Eventually, after years of evading the taxman and one civil war in his own country he returned home to his family to aid his aging father in running the company with what little knowledge he picked up from the classes he actually attended. Due to Jan's lack of interest and his father being forced to retire after an accident at work the company was sold off. Now being unemployed and the modest family fortune not lasting forever he signed up with the local paramedics to atleast have some kind of income. He'd even volunteer for the CDF reserve later on. Less out of a sense of duty but rather for the pittance they'd pay him for that each month.
  3. Jarvis Seistt

    • Jarvis Seistt
    • Derek Steel

    Ah, they grow up so quickly these days!
    Quickly and most unexpectedly.

    1. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      hehe yee

    2. Jarvis Seistt

      Jarvis Seistt

      Your quest for TS server groups has gone entirely too far.

    3. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      shssst dont tell my secret

  4. SkillerPenguin

    • SkillerPenguin
    • Jarvis Seistt

    Stay strong!

  5. Ordered some flavoured salt from a lady who lives one town over and received one jar of salt more than I paid for.

    This may be the one time where getting more salt than you expected is actually rather nice.

    Pictured below, the most benign salt you'll see today.


    1. Roland


      Nice salt!

    2. Caesar


      Hahahaha. I love it, very apropo. 

    3. Chewy


      Wtf is Parasol salt

    4. Jarvis Seistt

      Jarvis Seistt

      Why, thank you, @Rolle. I try to provide only the best salt for DayZRP!

      @Caesar, nah, entirely coincidental. I swear on my salt.

      @Chewy That'd be salt infused with the finest Austrian parasol mushrooms. For those that can't take regular salt straight on or like their salt with some classy undertones.

    5. Lyca


      Looks good tbh. :D 

    6. Chewy


      Oh I get you.. Like that time @Caesar talked about chicken salt to me...


    7. Caesar


      Chicken salt is great.

  • Jarvis Seistt

    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Ah, yes, that thing. Now that was a clusterfuck. I could have planned that better, all in all. Considering how we mostly fought with the server itself. It's a shame you missed the ending where I got, uh, "saved" by getting a "tranquilizer round" to the face. Then again, I was firing a rail gun at everyone...so, fair enough. We should have done more of those, though. And I did even manage to get proper admin tools eventuallly. Ah well.
  • Jarvis Seistt

    CLOSE THREAD: Reign of Kings Roster/Registry

    Captain Jarvis Seistt, Master-at-Arms to Niflheim
  • Jarvis Seistt

    Where is the greatest RP experience you have ever had been?

    Homestead at Pobeda Dam during the early evening hours, that's when the interesting stuff usually happened. That was in the mod days of course. Today's Pobeda Dam doesn't quite live up to the legend.
  • Jarvis Seistt

    F11 Banditry

    Well you have to press F11, then after the animation is completed you are ready to click the fire button and commit it. If you have a weapon of sorts in your hand. Otherwise you'll just shoot yourself with a finger pistol. Buuut, are people really doing that? Telling someone else to F11?
  • Jarvis Seistt

    Cannibalistic Identification System – CIS

    What I was trying to say, basically.
  • Jarvis Seistt

    Cannibalistic Identification System – CIS

    It´s like i said before. If laughing and crying in the mic is used for being "crazy" or sad, why did people not do that before they implemented the Cannibal mechanics? Now when people are "caught" and these side effect happen, they are excused and you then you are left with looking the other way. People know of the infection..about the quarantine, about groups and events, but not that people eat each other and they are flipping out because of it? We are immune to the infection, but what´s to say that does not advance or "mutate" the damage done to the body when eating the flesh from someone? I am not saying what it is used for, I am merely stating my interpretation of someone acting like that and what I think most people would assume. What do you mean with "caught". If I were to catch someone chomping on someone's corpse then he would have a bit of lead delivered to his cranium rather quickly, or not, depending on how he presents his case. But if I caught someone crying or laughing maniacal, the ingame symptoms, then I would just stay away. They might be dangerous and/or unstable. Or someone might try to comfort them, depending on the person. Not saying people acting weird should be excused right away, but they would have to put on some convincing acting that they are just very stressed out or lost someone important recently instead of just being...a "regular madman". Not my call to decide if the infection would make you get some disease from eating human flesh faster. Might happen, might not happen. But whose first thought would be that someone is acting weird because the infection made them get Kuru faster?
  • Jarvis Seistt

    Cannibalistic Identification System – CIS

    No it´s not. I found out about it in school and through TV, papers and such. Cars are very much more common than this, yet i know nothing about them. Why? Because i don´t care and i have no interest in it. I have made school reports about psychology and trauma etc + we have had papers written about the movie Alive and it´s surroundings. I would hardly call myself educated in a scientific degree, but nevertheless i knew about this. I find it strange that people doubt anyone would have known about this actually. Is it actually that strange? It´s not that you should have the exact knowledge to Diagnose Kuru ingame, but that you should be allowed to recognize a Cannibalistic trait and avoid or take precautions or combat it. Call it Kuru...buru...flusiluru or whatever you wish. The name does not matter. It´s that you should be able to recognize what the reason for it is now when it´s been happening all over the area we are in. I tend to disagree. Keep in mind that while you learned about Kuru in school, the TV or papers not everyone might have. After all Kuru is a disease that can only be found in a few, few parts of the globe and I doubt many people would do a report in school about it. Well, I, for one, first heard about Kuru whilst playing Standalone. So, what would classify as a cannibalistic trait? The laughing and crying ingame? Personally, I would attribute that to, simply put, "regular insanity" like the one portrayed in games and movies because I think people would firstly think of that than cannibalism.
  • Jarvis Seistt

    General Broadcast Frequency - (Old, no longer valid)

    *after listening to all the transmissions Jarvis decides to respond* "This is Jarvis Seistt. I am, as a matter of fact, looking for a decent place to stay at. Temporarily, at least. So, if you will have me for a few weeks I would be more than happy to lend you my metaphorical sword and whatever other skills of mine may be of use. Provided you are not situated in the worst middle of nowhere. Do let me know how you decide. I'll make sure to keep the radio on for a while. Seistt, out."
  • Jarvis Seistt

    Why do you believe in DayZrp?

    I really just like the colour blue. Yup.
  • Jarvis Seistt

    Last Will And Testament

    You would be able to hear the conversation from inside the vehicle and you can turn on whisper mode on certain radios so whatever the radio picks up can be heard louder and clearer by everyone on the frequency. The rest. It wasn't that much information that we initially had or we could gather from the radio streaming the conversation. You destroyed documents on Napf, you destroyed documents here and killed someone who might have known what those documents said. So you are either working for the council trying to clean up their traces are you worked for them in the past which in the end results in the same outcome.
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