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  1. Graffels

    [POI] Pobeda Homestead

    I keep driving up north to pobeda to check if its been sneaked in yet
  2. A place for all adventures of Rocket Riggs, the most dangerous man on the Chernarussian roads. Adventure 1: [video=youtube]
  3. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

  4. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

    (made by Othuyeg) This is the actual emblem we need I believe
  5. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

    The call has been heard, Brian has let himself be know. If you need another medic count me in.
  6. Graffels

    Bluestone 42 - Resistance of the Red Star [BSR] [Strict recruitment]

    As per the DESOLATION rules: Group wars which are agreed upon by both sides allow for permanent KoS rights between group members who use a group XML, until one of the groups surrenders. Both of our groups agreed to this so there are permanent KOS rights between our two groups.
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-s1-KOS--67237 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict has been made without any evidence to support the claims made against me. The only thing presented by staff as evidence is a screenshot where I might have hit the person. Where I could show the same person moments later being fine and running away without any signs of being hit. The verdict has been made on the possibility of me having hit the person and the words of the OP alone. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have spoken to a couple of people in the community today and all I have spoken to have said the same thing, now it is possible for anybody to claim anything because you apparently only have to make a report not prove that it happened. I can go online and claim somebody killed me there doesn't have to be any proof what so ever. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of warning points. What could you have done better?: I should have waited longer with attacking to have gotten a better feel for the situation and make sure my targets would have been alone. to avoid any sort of confusion or possibility of outsiders getting involved what so ever.
  8. Graffels

    s1 KOS

    The video is raw file uploaded straight to YouTube, the upload itself took about 20 minutes and then YouTube has to process the video before it goes life. this can take unto and hour or longer seeing as YouTube has a mind of its own when it comes to processing stuff. I did not edit the video at all, I have had the problem with both DayZ and ArmA3 a couple of times where it doesn't capture my audio at all. This points out that, he could be on TS with the guy called Luke something. I don't know what this has to do with this report. I think that if ThomaSsS was killed reasonably he wouldn't post a report. Yet I still don't know if he really got killed, because the only proof delivered was from my side, showing he was still alive and running after my last shot, meters away from where is body should have been if I hit him with my 5th shot. again like before ill stand by the decision staff makes in this report.
  9. Graffels

    s1 KOS

    The shot you highlight Owen is the only shot that comes very close indeed. But that's the reason I take my 6e shot as the still frame because you can see the OP still running away after the 5e shot. As far as I know he should have already been on the ground if I hit and killed him with my 5e shot. There is also no blood coming of the OP while my hits on kyril are clearly visible with blood-spatters I stand by the decision that staff will make in this regard, although I hope it gets taken in consideration that there are no hit logs or kill logs from my side what so ever. The Other party hasn't even provided a screenshot from his dead body. so As far as I know he might not even have died. And the fact that Kyril managed to survive multiple shots from the same gun further cements my believe that it either must have been a very unlucky head-shot that for some reason managed to avoid any form of registration in the logs. Or as I am trying to prove that it was not me who killed him at all. again I will stand by the decision staff makes,
  10. Graffels

    s1 KOS

    *snipped because wall of text* If you play on your own then alright ill await logs to settle this then.
  11. Graffels

    s1 KOS

    Alright, I had some sleep over this and want to ask a couple of questions myself if you don't mind. they say they are not involved, yet people that where there have brought some stuff to my attention I wasn't aware about before. I know that the two people I talked to in my video where a 100% the people that I shot at before, they where on that hill looking for me. the Sniper that had shot their friend before. they where under the impression they got shot at with a mosin. Tomas Kirilijen arrived a while after they left it. and the first thing he asks matt (the only person with a mosin) hey are you the person that shot another person with a mosin. nobody but us or them knew that that had happened and that they thought it was a mosin, only people involved with them would ask that qeustion. then secondly the second I started talking to the two people on the hill in a position out of sight from the village. he directly leaves onto the same hill and meets up with them without talking IG. also baron you say the video evidence supports them but this is a still frame. of my last shot you can clearly see tomas still running away, so how I outright shot him and he died there and then I still don't understand, so on that part I am going to ask staff to post the logs for this event. they say I took 2 shots a kyril and the rest on tomas and that is just not true all my shots where on kyril. if you want Ill provide still frames for every single shot. I provided video and everything because I want this resolved either way. If I was wrong I was wrong, if I did not shoot him then I was not. Logs can prove or disprove it. so ill ask again please can logs be provided so this matter can be settled thanks.
  12. Graffels

    s1 KOS

    '> [video=youtube] *edit* video quality will go up waiting for you-tube to work at it
  13. Graffels

    [S1] No care for hostage & RDM

    So you killed Luke out of Revenge for an action I took. when in the rules it says . Otherwise the victim(s) may only be executed by the bandits if they do not comply with demands or if they pose a direct threat to them. Luke was not a threat to you and he could not tell me over radio to come to you because I do not know him ingame. You had every right to shoot me for what I done but not Luke.
  14. Graffels

    s1 KOS

    Uploading video of my side now, shadow-play did not record any of my audio. in the video you can see, Thomas still walking away after I have taken my last shot.