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  1. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

    Well as you in the sentence use ''we'' I thought you where speaking about your group as a whole not knowing, My ''you'' was ment as a group indicator aswell should have been more clear about that
  2. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

    Thats odd seeing as my character spend 30 minutes trying to explaining that fact to you.
  3. Graffels

    My Favourite Doctor.. [Free Medic Frequency]

    *Doctor greenfield is writting something into her personal medical log sitting near the long range radio when the message comes trough, She grabs the PTT. Ponders for a moment, and says.* ''Hello Carlo, This is Doctor Greenfield from the free medics, I hear you loud an clear. *she keeps the PTT depressed but is clearly talking to someone else in the room, her voice further away from the mic and almost whispering* ''Psst Blake do you know a Carlo? They are asking for a doc, But that could be like 10 people here'' *A voice responds in the background the words too muddled to be distinguised* ''ahh yes ofcourse'' *she responds to the voice then her voice returns closer to the mic* ''Well Carlo its a reqeust we do get more often, And even though non of our doctors are professors as far as I know, Teaching the skills needed in a direct emergency should be possible for us. You could stop by the homestead at your own convience, We can either see who is availble at that time, Or make further arrangements to get you the doctor you prefer.'' *A small break in the flow of words* ''I will ask around here and see if there is someone who has taught classes before, untill then looking forward to your reaction or safe arival,'' *The PPT stays depressed for a moment as she lowers the mic to put it down, Her voice furher away again.* ''Hey Blake, with all the confusion over names maybe we should get a bunch of those nametags for on our jacke......'' * the radio falls silent*
  4. I want to put a general thank you to all the people I RPed with today. The ammount of different people I had RP with today was insane, It seems like I talked for 8 hours straight. Some converstation very pleasant others very tense, But all of them where delightfull. Everyone involved, From all the different groups many thanks and hopefully we can have plenty more RP in the future.
  5. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

    Time to get to work for real.
  6. Samantha Greenfield had been working as a doctor for doctor whitout borders for a couple of years before the infection hit, Going from far away place to far away place in the middle of nowhere helping people who could not get medical attention and care any other way. She and her team where used to living from their trucks, living in tents for months at a time, Her passion for helping people stemmed from her going trough intensive medical treatments in her later teenage years. A period in her life she doesnt say much beyond the obvious about, It does still drive her to ever help the people around her, After the infection hit, she lost her team members to the horrors of those first days, And afterwards dedicated her life to helping people in honor of those she lost.
  7. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

    A wild free medic wanders out of the woods. I followed the rainbows for a long while, Whats going on.
  8. Graffels

    [POI] Pobeda Homestead

    I keep driving up north to pobeda to check if its been sneaked in yet
  9. A place for all adventures of Rocket Riggs, the most dangerous man on the Chernarussian roads. Adventure 1: [video=youtube]
  10. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

  11. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

    (made by Othuyeg) This is the actual emblem we need I believe
  12. Graffels

    [FM] Free Medics

    The call has been heard, Brian has let himself be know. If you need another medic count me in.
  13. Graffels

    Bluestone 42 - Resistance of the Red Star [BSR] [Strict recruitment]

    As per the DESOLATION rules: Group wars which are agreed upon by both sides allow for permanent KoS rights between group members who use a group XML, until one of the groups surrenders. Both of our groups agreed to this so there are permanent KOS rights between our two groups.