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  1. Eli is an American born, Aviation Mechanic who served eight years in the United States Army right out of High School. Following in his fathers footsteps, he was proud to serve his country as many of the men in his family had before him. His knowledge and success during his career as an Helicopter Mechanic, landed him a job in the Aviation Industry as a civilian. At the age of 27 he began traveling abroad, to and from training new industry employees around the world for a company known as Kline Avionics. His last known destination; Chernarus.
  2. Elias Kane

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Yup, that is what you need. Don't forget the Exile mod it's self as well as the all in arma terrrain. Already got the Exile mod (i think at least, downloaded something 200mb's worth). And yeah, the terrain is going to take the longest i think. Which i don't understand, is it not just the maps? don't quote me on this. But to my knowledge the All in Arma Terrain in specific to detailing the Esseker map. But i could be wrong, so again. don't quote me.
  3. Elias Kane

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Yup, that is what you need. Don't forget the Exile mod it's self as well as the all in arma terrrain.
  4. Elias Kane

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Can i play now plz? =] *pulls out hair*
  5. Elias Kane

    Bugs YOU spotted in 0.57

    I've noticed while getting into Role play interactions with folks, that using gestures like F1 to raise your hand to show friendly, or even most of the others. You sometimes are forced to kneel or prone when using them. I've had a few encounters where i stop to say hello to someone, and i drop down onto the ground and raise one hand. It's pretty silly.
  6. I've been trying to log into all three servers for about 30 mins. I noted that it was possibly close to reset times.. But.. This is kind of strnage. Anyone else having this issue, or an explanation?
  7. I see a lot of replies talking about "Don't be an ass" I play.. Borderline asshole characters. In the sense, that in real life i don't like to take too much shit from other people. Unless of course you've got something i am afraid of. I've lost many lives in DayZ RP, and i always sat back and looked at what i might have done right or wrong. I get guns in my face, and i talk shit. It's just my nature. It gets me shot. Sometimes i don't talk shit, but then later i feel like a little bitch, cause they still rob you anyways. The good thing about DayZ RP, is that there are rules in place to prevent certain killings and deaths. Essentially, i should be able to be as dick as i want without worrying about death, so long as i made no formal threats and so fourth for the other parties to take offense enough to want to shoot me over, lol. I have not been actually Robbed in quite some time,because they tone usually changes after i say "Fuck you asshole" but again without my weapon raised.. All they can do is give me a "Ten seconds put your hands up" So put your hands up and let them give you a lame Robbery RP, OR Be a dick and make them earn what they take. It takes some thought and time to manipulate someone with an upper hand on you, but it's worthwhile. Especially if you can hold off long enough for some Hero character to spot you with your hands up and a gun in your faces. Gives them a reason to get trigger happy.
  8. The first guy that came upon my Character, was typed to immediately.Yes the message could have been more clear, but even in VOIP i began to explain, but he turned it around into an RP, so naturally i tried to go along with what i could. And i don't know about you all, but i can BARELY hear the voices in that video until the guy gets close enough to that room to see the character shot.
  9. (I then initiated on him and told him to put his hands up multiple times, when I noticed he was having trouble putting his hands up I told him in ooc to hit f2. I then began to count down to 10, as soon as I shot he typed in ooc "I told you I am glitched." ) I know perfectly well how to put my hands up. But as you stated NOTICING me having troubles. You would have then noticed a series of gestures and item pulls that had no significance towards the RP going on. One might even think.. "Hey perhaps this guy is having problems.. OR, Wtf is this guy doing trying to play charades?"
  10. Not denying having said anything. But yes, please post this video.
  11. thank you, i think i've properly done it now.
  12. Server and location: S2 Prison Island Approximate time and date of the incident 6/15/2015 Appx: 15:45 Server time(SERVER TIME): Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name:Elijah Cole Names of allies involved:None Name/Skin of suspect/s: No names known. White armbands, Rp Russian accents. At least 4 or 5 men. Suspects weapon/s: Sks/Mosin Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):None Detailed description of the events:I was looting about the prison island, and had found what i was looking for. A plate Carrier vest to add the attachments to which i had found earlier. Upon finding it i began attaching things and equipping, when the vest suddenly just vanished and everything inside of it.. I scowered the floor and tried pulling out and putting away my weapons to see if anything would help. I assumed some sort of lag and then noticed the actions and things not working. I.E. Pointing, raising hands...Shortly there after, one man came into the hallway i was standing in having my issue and he began to RP with me.Immediately first and for most, i typed //ooc i am having glitching with items and things at the moment.He began to question me and the rest of his buddies came in. I recognized them all as the same fellows who "taxed" me in RP IN Pavlovo earlier in the day.I responded in RP as i would, but things became a hostile situation and i have 4 or 5 guns immediately in my face telling me to put my hands up. All the while this is taking place, My character can be seen using random gestures. I assumed a lag from me pressing them all before. I was then order to put my hands up, in which case i did not voice after pressing the surrender key several times. I again typed in OOC that i was having glitches, and they all began counting.I was then shot once they got to "1 second"
  13. Will try updating drivers now. Alright.. Drivers are all up to date. Graphics was the only thing out. Restarted the PC for good measure, and had an system update. Let that do it's thing and logged back into my system. Loaded up DayZ. And Same issue occurred, this is depressing.
  14. Now i do not have the best of computers. I play on a lap top even. I've logged over 300 hours of smooth and playable DayZ SA time on this Rig alone. Suddenly, and recently. When i load up DayZ, The menu is sitting at 1 fps. and i can't even click the the "I understand" tab. Anyone having an similar issue, and have you found a solution? I've reinstalled, added and removed steam launch parameters.. Don't really know what else TO do.
  15. I have not been able to play in a few weeks due to RL, but since the new patches have rolled out, has Persistence been implemented again? Can i use tents and set up camp yet, or is that effort worthless?
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