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  1. Yes, It was a very good RP session :troll:
  2. Ghost's stream (live)

    10/10 Stream, Great World Of Warcraft gameplay :troll:
  3. Editing video program

    Try Lightworks. I've heard quite a few people talk positively about it and it's free.
  4. DayZRP Christmas Special

    #287, it's a shame you can't put Internet on the wishlist
  5. Thanks m9 plz stahp abuse :troll: Thanks
  6. I was considering applying Voodoo until Mantits joined! :troll: Plz no grivenski :trolldance:
  7. DayZRP Passphrase

    I'm trying to find it. Is it highlighted in any way? Nope, you finding it shows that you read the rules.
  8. [V] Veritas [Recruiting] [ACTIVE]

    I am aware of that mistake but alas I think mr mantits is asleep but thanks connor Sleep? :lol: Nah, will fix it tomorrow
  9. [V] Veritas [Recruiting] [ACTIVE]

    First post because Matt won't stop moaning
  10. Evolve Alpha keys

    The alpha finishes today at 8pm PST, so there's around 10 and a half hours left for alpha play. EDIT: I dunno, I can still play it, but it said that it would end on their website.