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  1. I also want to add that I was the one who dumped the items on the ground. It was not out of anger or trolling, it was no intent of griefing. In my lapse of judgment from the prior RP situation I was trying to hurry and pack up what was needed. I want to apologize for anything that was left of the ground.
  2. Parker Hunt POV: While traveling with @Kain, @zsmith1111, @JkpFrog we stumbled across the base in question. After spending twenty minutes trying to get in we made a plan to climb upon each others shoulders to climb over the wall and open it from the inside. All the necessary items needed to open the gate had been available. Once we were inside we took what was needed nails, medical, tents, and the vehicles. Actually leaving a car behind for them when they returned. In no way did we Grief, Ghost, Exploit, or Cheat our way inside the base. Only used mechanics that the game allowed us to use
  3. *Parker stumbles toward the closest thing that could hold him up from stumbling, that being a downed airplane in the North West Airfield. He quickly turns around and puts his back to the cold metal and slides himself to the floor. He removes his backpack and sets it on the ground infront of him opening it wincing in pain from the cut in his left arm. Pulling out a few items including bandages, his radio, his canteen, and the fleeting amount of vodka he has left. He begins to roll up his left sleeve and pours the vodka on his arm trying his best to disinfect the wound but leaving just enough le
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