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  1. I also want to add that I was the one who dumped the items on the ground. It was not out of anger or trolling, it was no intent of griefing. In my lapse of judgment from the prior RP situation I was trying to hurry and pack up what was needed. I want to apologize for anything that was left of the ground.
  2. Parker Hunt POV: While traveling with @Kain, @zsmith1111, @JkpFrog we stumbled across the base in question. After spending twenty minutes trying to get in we made a plan to climb upon each others shoulders to climb over the wall and open it from the inside. All the necessary items needed to open the gate had been available. Once we were inside we took what was needed nails, medical, tents, and the vehicles. Actually leaving a car behind for them when they returned. In no way did we Grief, Ghost, Exploit, or Cheat our way inside the base. Only used mechanics that the game allowed us to use and RPing it out at the same time.
  3. *Parker stumbles toward the closest thing that could hold him up from stumbling, that being a downed airplane in the North West Airfield. He quickly turns around and puts his back to the cold metal and slides himself to the floor. He removes his backpack and sets it on the ground infront of him opening it wincing in pain from the cut in his left arm. Pulling out a few items including bandages, his radio, his canteen, and the fleeting amount of vodka he has left. He begins to roll up his left sleeve and pours the vodka on his arm trying his best to disinfect the wound but leaving just enough left to drink for himself. After he is finished bandaging himself he grabs the canteen to notice he has not left himself any water to drink and angrily puts it away in his pack. He grabs his radio tuning it to 96.6 and begins to speak.* "Hello I hope to the gods someone is hearing my moans and requests. My name is Parker Hunt and I am at the northwest airfield, just like a lot of you I had another run in with these damn infected. Unfortunately I bit off a bit more that I could chew this time." *Chuckles at his poor joke and the fact he still has a sense of humor in a time like this.* "I have made a stop at the downed plane north of the runway at the North West Airfield, I have stopped the bleeding but I am now realizing in my stupidity and greed of supplies I overlooked the amount of food and water I have brought with me and I do not know if I will be able to make it down south. If anyone is listening I am asking for the grace of god in the form of help, I know this world has turned us cold but I am hoping that some of us are still warm. *Parker lets go of the receiver and bangs his head against the metal of the plane, feeling the throbbing pain in his left arm. He sets the radio down and retrieves his cigarettes from his pocket counting that there are only four left. Takes one and places it in his mouth then strikes a match to light it. He admires the smoke that is coming from the end of his cigarette before picking up his radio again and continues to speak.* "If anyone could please assist me I would be willing to give you what ever you like from the fleeting supplies in my pack in return for the chance to live another day in this harsh world. Also Kevin if your'e still in the area and are listening to this I could really use the help my friend." *Parker takes another drag from his cigarette and slowly letting the tobacco filled smoke release from his nose.* "Other than that to anybody who is listening. Keep surviving." *Parker drops the radio in between his legs and continues smoking his cigarette.*
  4. Parker Hunt born in a small suburb outside of Los Angeles in Southern California. There he would spend his childhood and early adult life living the peaceful, safe, normal middle class suburban life most have come to understand and enjoy. Once high school had ended he would go off to college in San Francisco and earn an English Degree in hopes of one day becoming an author writing books similar to Spy/Thrillers he had grown to love reading his entire life. The year of 2017 Parker would be working as a copywriter for a local ad company in Downtown San Francisco writing for "Start-Up" companies that wanted to spread the word of their newest take and solution of the modern worlds problems. During a night of drinking and conversing with his group of friends they decided to make a plan of backpacking through Russia that summer and set a time of late mid May to begin the journey. They arrived on the 20th of April near the southern border of Russian and began their journey. Days filled with traveling, sight seeing, food exploration, and drinking. On the 25th of May they had taken a bus to Chenarus due to a recommendation from a fellow traveler in the hostel they were staying at. Sitting in his seat staring out his window at the vast open expanse of farm land, Parker had no one idea he would not be returning to Russia let alone his home in America.
  5. In between Rogovo and Pogorevka we spotted two people outside of the barn and we walked toward them to ask them what they were doing but before we could get close enough we hear the girl say "Run!" so we chase after and I say multiple times to stop running or you will be shot. After they do not shoot we begin to fire at them killing one of them and breaking the girls legs. Once we search her for a radio and patch her up we move her. During that time she was being rude and making snide remarks and we warned her to stop or we will kill her. Once we stop we begin to use RP emotes to hit her with a tire iron and a tazer with her giving no type of pain rp at all. During this time she is still making rude comments, we then shoot her in the leg and she has fallen to the ground. She then says another remark and I shoot her once killing her.
  6. *Parker is sitting down against a tree, fire keeping him warm and fiddling with his radio to see if anyone was broadcasting. He hears the strange noises and almost turns off the radio until he hears the morse code. He scrambles in his bag to find a pen and paper to copy the message. Once the message ends and he finishes copying the code he pulls out a small book that helps translate morse code that Sylvester Todd had given him. Once he translates the message a giant smile is brought to his face and he grabs his old dusted clown mask from his bag and puts it on.* "Well I'll be damned looks like the family is getting back together." *Parker says to himself then begins to laugh and drink until he drifts off to sleep happy knowing the fun will start up again soon.*
  7. The masquerade in my opinion when you could go to vybor military and ask a random person and hear the fear in their voices when they spoke of them.
  8. *Parker takes a drag from his cigarette exhaling then begins running through different frequencies on his radio searching for something to listen to then the song plays and the cigarette falls out of his mouth and he turns up the radio smiling and laughing.* "I knew you would return old friend, I have been waiting a long time my brother." *Places down the radio listening to whats left of the message then looks around in his backpack taking out his old dusty scratched up clown mask, he then picks up the cigarette takes one last drag and puts it out and begins to find his long lost friend.*
  9. I am happy to see where we take this group!
  10. Anyone LE - LEM level that want to pug or mm?
  11. Hi there, I just wanted to welcome you to the community!
  12. *After Parker has finished bandaging Ivan's name to his arm he grabs his radio and his pack of cigarettes lighting one and begins to broadcast.* "To all of those concerned, Ivan Lynch died tonight. My hand in his death was not out of anger or fear I did it to help Ivan. I may have worn a mask but he looked past that and saw me as something more and that is why this pains me to talk about this to you all." *Takes a drag from his cigarette.* "He was a good fucking man, a great man. I took no pleasure in taking his life but it is what he asked for. I have spent the last twenty minutes carving his name into my arm so I may remember him always." *Finishes his cigarette and throws the butt into the fire.* "I am not sorry that I killed him but it pains me that I did. This is all I have to say on this matter I hope some of you mourn for the death of Ivan like I will." *Places his radio down getting ready to leave but then grabs it for one last message.* "Slade, Ivan talked about you in the end. His only reason for living lately was to make sure you were alive. He asked me to make sure you were okay from time to time and that if you needed anything that I help you so I want to respect his last wish because Ivan was also my friend, one of the few I had in this place. You may never want to ask for my help or you may even want to kill me. Either way I will be there to help you when you need it and I gave you the information needed to contact me the last time we talked be safe out there Slade." *Parker puts the FNX45 that Ivan had given to him to end his life and puts it in his bag. He then takes his clown mask out of his bag and throws it into the fire and taking a second to watch the plastic of the mask melt and the connection he had to the item melt away too.*
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