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  1. Shane Fenn

    Born in 1990 in Norfolk England Shane graduated University of Westminster for Media and Communications Studies in 2012, he was offered an internship with the BBC and once he finished his internship he was signed on as a war correspondent, He covered several stories ranging from Syria to Ukraine. Once Chernarus and Russia started to bomb each other he was on one of the first available fights into the county as a photographer.
  2. Possible in-game currency idea

    in my opinion you should try to do this in game not in a suggestion thread.
  3. New Survivor

    heyyy mannn welcome to the community! if you're new to role play i recommend you check out the cool guys at the mentor program! if you need help with anything in terms of understandings rules and stuff of that nature fell free to hope in the help desk (they don't bite.. very hard) or ask under the questions section of the forums! i really hope you enjoy your time here! <3 Again welcome!
  4. New Faction System Idea

    yeah i'm sorry but it's a big old -1 from me dude, seems like it would cause more problems than solutions
  5. honestly to find people head up north. it's a massive map and only 60 players so i've gone days without running into anyone. i hope you enjoy your time in the community and if you have any questions don't hesitate to use the help desk
  6. DayZ Beta confirmed - Opinions?

    i got excited because i thought you meant we had a date set for beta, now i feel meh, i'm not excited because with how this game goes it could be 6 months before we get beta
  7. heyyy i noticed today is exactly my 4th year here. that's pretty cool

  8. Firefight KOS changed?

    honestly i agree, if there is a firefight and you walk in then it's nvfl and the killer shouldn't be punished because there is no real way to tell who's involved or not and if you're getting shot at and think "okay all my friends are next to me and i don't know that dude so he's most likely shooting at me" you shouldn't be punished
  9. So...yeah...I'm back.

    hello! welcome back!
  10. Life is Feudal server.

    honestly it's a no from me. it died twice already just let it stay dead.
  11. I love it here

    welcome! if you need any help don't feel afraid to ask at the help desk, and the mentor program is quite cool too
  12. so it's pretty simple. create the worst group you can think of. Rules: no talking about real groups past or current, this is for groups so far out there it would never happen in game i'll start. "a group of people running around without pants on, they rob everyone for pants to offer as a sacrifice to their pants god, anyone with pants on and refuse to give them up will be cut up and thrown off green mountain as an offending to pantizila"
  13. so.... i might be addicted to league of legends now... apparently i hate myself

    1. Roach


      Dear god :P I hope you make it out alive or that you still have a life waiting for you if you ever break away from that game haha 

  14. Is everyone ex-military?

    my character was a electrical engineering student that came on a internship i avoid playing military characters like the plague. if i had to guess bandits like military characters because it means they can be mr badass and pvp if it comes up the same way they would in pubs when most people wouldn't be as skilled. plus most bandits are somewhat new imo (other than the few super old ones) and a lot of people see guns and think "i'm going to make a military character
  15. Character Affiliations

    i'm gonna have to say -1 it doesn't really provide anything that can't already be done.