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  1. DayZRP Community Memes

    Can confirm, this is an accurate representation.
  2. Another "hmm"

    Yes, we have a lot of fun around here!
  3. Rolle

    IT'S OVER 4000!!!

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      *jealous because she wants an anime thingy in her name on her profile* :( 

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  4. Another "hmm"

    And apparently staff online at the time gave the guy a verbal warning. /shrug Unfortunately regular staff will rarely issue same punishments for shitty attitude and behavior as I would. I could probably turn it over, but it's not very drastic so I'll probably leave it, too much effort. And I can't be around 24/7 and issue warnings exactly the way I want them to be You simply had a misfortune of me handling the warning 😈
  5. Another "hmm"

    Just report these status updates? And please provide links and not screenshots.
  6. This is Madness

    Very well, our system and experience we provide is definitely not for everyone. Take care and good luck elsewhere.
  7. Lore Wipe

    When beta releases
  8. The staff team has had a team meeting on Sunday and we have decided to change things around here a little bit and try some new things out while we are waiting for Beta coming Soon™ 2026. Here are the things that we have decided on changing, which should happen within the current or next week, depending on how busy we are. There will be more announcements and/or sticky threads focused on every change on this list so everyone has a chance to get informed about them properly. 1. Player list on the server statistics have been removed This is to prevent easy access to metagaming players that are in game. While we know that there are alternative ways of acquiring this information, you are no longer handed it on a platter where you can check identity of someone on the server in matter of seconds. It may come back, depending on player feedback. 2. Private radio frequencies will be removed Only public frequencies will be allowed in the radio chatter forum. This is due the fact that a lot of private frequencies contain taunting and provoking content that is viewable by everyone and those targeted by such messages cannot defend or reply to them. It is also quite contradictory to have private messages on a public forum. Once this goes through everyone will be able to post on all radio chatter threads. We still ask however to not interrupt or disrupt other peoples conversations if you are not involved in them in any way or don't know the characters involved. Those interested in private radio chatter we direct you to private messages instead as a use of IC private communications. Up to 10 people can be added to a PM and it works just like a thread with conversation-like view and it is indeed private. 3. Dynamic groups will be removed The concept of dynamic groups will be removed, and with it kill right sharing between players not in an official group. With dynamic groups removed, only approved group members share kill rights with each other. Everyone not affiliated with an approved group are treated individually and will have to fight and survive on their own. Additionally, official groups do not have a distance or line of sight limitation to the kill right sharing, it is always available to all group members. There will be more explanations exactly how this will work in game, along with common examples once this is implemented and the rules are in place. The reason for this is to encourage players to create new, creative groups as well as allow the staff for easier balancing of power and a better screening process when it comes to groups. This is a trial and we will review the general feedback and effect this will have on game play, role play and player experience in a 1-3 months and decide what to do about it then. 4. SMART goals will work more as a guideline SMART goals will be a more of a guideline to keep in mind when creating good group goals, rather than a strict requirement. We still want you to have at least have the "SMAR" part in your goals, which will also probably speed up the approval process, but we won't be enforcing the strict format of group goals to follow the SMART principle. Do note that if your group has goals set to X and you do things Y in game which are completely opposite, we will still step in and question the groups official status. 5. Griefing rule will be added to the rules It's not specifically defined right now, but I believed that it was self-explanatory based on rules like 5.1 or 5.3 that it was not allowed. Apparently for some that was not so obvious. So since some people asked for it to be added, we'll do that.
  9. Dear @DustyRP, If you read the OP it will answer most of your questions. We had a staff meeting and these are things that the staff team together have decided, not just me. The rules have not been implemented yet, there will be a separate announcement thread once they are changed and start being enforced. We realize that a lot of people are against this change, but in the history of DayZRP many changes were against the wishes of the community and they ended up staying and being an important part of what we are (examples being real names in game, requirement for a character page to play, moving to a new website). So that's why we're trialing it. I know all about the concerns that you wrote about and they have been discussed and taken into consideration, but I still believe that the positives I wrote about in OP outweigh the negatives that you mentioned. Nobody has responded to you probably because this isn't the dynamic group changes announcement thread, where the actual rule changes will be announced. This is just a headsup for upcoming changes, so they don't come as a shock. The dynamic group removal trial will happen, that much has been decided. Right now you're fighting something that doesn't even exist, swinging your sword at air in front of you. Once you see the rules, then you can argue about how they are bad or good and what can be improved.
  10. This is Madness

    Unfortunately, it seems to be quite the opposite, you don't seem to know our rules. Telling someone to stop and put their hands up is a hostile action. From the rule page: "Hostile actions are player interactions where you or your group members lives are threatened by other players, or you are forced to do something against your will under threat of violence. For example, if someone is telling you to drop your weapon and put your hands up or else you will die, he is committing a hostile action against you." You didn't just say stop, you wrote in the report that you said "stop, put your hands up". That is a hostile action. Doing a hostile action on another player grants that player kill rights to defend themselves From the rule page: "7.2 Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is directly at risk. These rights last for 2 hours after last interaction during the hostile situation and can be used as long as their use do not conflict with any other rules like NLR or NVFL." That's why people start shooting at you after you initiate on them. With current rules, kill rights can be shared between allies within line of sight or 500m From the rule page: "7.3 Kill rights are only shared between group members if the group's members are within 500m of the situation taking place or have a direct line of sight." That's why friends of people you initiate on can come and try to kill you if they are nearby. Initiating on someone for no valid IC reasoning is against the rules From the rule page: "6.1 You must always have a valid in character reason which would justify a hostile situation." Initiating on someone to find out who they are is not considered a valid IC reason. You can do that in peaceful matter. Finally, kill rights gained from invalid initiations are considered invalid and treated as if you have never initiated at all (aka just KoSed) From the rule page: "7.4 Kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if the kill rights were not obtained." Therefore your kills have been considered invalid and it was you who were punished. Now, onto your claims: No, just saying stop is not a hostile action and hence does not grant any kill rights. Telling someone to put their hands up is a hostile action. No, your friends must be already in game and either within 500m or be able to actually see you being attacked (line of sight). Telling people on TS who are not in game or are too far away from you will not grant them any kill rights. So, overall you are displaying a severe misunderstanding about our rules and even after the verdict explained them to you, you are still getting them wrong. At this point we are considering pulling your whitelist, since you don't seem to have any idea how hostilities work here, despite all the quizzes.
  11. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Let me decide what my members on my website can or cannot post and where they can post it, thank you very much. Know your fucking place. Y'all banter brigade, gif posters, apache helicopters and jokers can get the fuck outta this thread, I will be issuing finals and permabans for people not following our core values. I'm done fucking playing with this cancer. If you don't have anything nice and on topic to say, don't post at all. Deal with it.
  12. DayZRP Staff Agreement v4 This is a staff agreement that all staff members need to agree on and sign if they wish to be a part of the staff team. This thread has been made visible to the public in order to be more transparent as well as highlight staff teams rules and responsibilities. In order to be a member of the staff team in DayZRP community you must agree to the following terms and conditions. All staff members must follow the rules of this agreement. This agreement will continue to hold you accountable as long as your account is in good standing in the community, even after you leave, get demoted or kicked from staff team. DAYZRP STAFF AGREEMENT Version 4, DECEMBER 2017 §1. All contributions you make to DayZRP community in form of source code, binaries, images, videos, text, ideas, protocols, routines or other creative work created or submitted by you as a staff member can be freely used by DayZRP community without any limitations following the WTFPL License with credit to you, or the original author. All created and submitted content must follow this license. Any content created or published without a license specified will be assumed to follow the WTFPL License. §2. You agree to not share or mention any internal staff information, protocols, routines, credentials, server logs, Slack staff chats, staff forum content, things said inside staff TeamSpeak channels, recordings of conversations or any other sensitive information obtained in staff to any 3rd parties outside the current DayZRP staff team. §3. You agree that you will always follow core values of DayZRP community, act professionally, uphold the rules and make best effort to remain unbiased and objective at all times. Failing to follow these rules as a staff member can lead to three outcomes: 1. Low severity - unprofessional behavior, lesser power abuse or bias - staff strike. Two staff strikes equals permanent removal from staff team. 2. Medium severity - greater power abuse or bias, sensitive information leak - instant and permanent removal from staff team. 3. High severity - intentional sharing of sensitive internal information like server logs or Slack chat logs, corruption - instant and permanent removal from the community. If you agree with this agreement, please fill the following template and post it as a reply to this thread. Your IP, browser information and date stamp will be saved along with it.
  13. We have been forced to disable some features on the website that relied on accessing and analyzing game server logs. These features are: Death count on the front page statistics Character damage and recovery system Character statistics This is due DayZ developer team forcing all server providers to disable access to FTP on DayZ game servers. I have tweeted the DayZ development team about it here: This is why we can't have nice things.
  14. Removal of dynamic groups has nothing to do with people not being able to defend themselves. Everyone can still defend themselves when attacked.
  15. Characters escaping death.

    That is a very naive way to see things, things don't always work that way in hostile situations. People get killed for a large variety of reasons and not always due to their own fault. Plus, you'd be basically punishing people who took a chance and tried to fight against hostile players. The last thing we need is to give people less ability to fight back when attacked, if anything it should those who are defending themselves that should have the upper hand somehow.
  16. Characters escaping death.

    We have had this suggestion appear every few months for the last 3 years or so. The conclusion that both I and the staff team stands on is that while yes, it's not realistic or great RP to have character that just died in game appear healthy or slightly injured just a few hours later, it is the less evil option. Allowing permadeath be done by other players opens a huge window of possibilities for abuse from hostile players, something that we want to avoid at all costs. Instead, there was a suggestion to permadeath characters that died a lot or often (taken up in the other thread), but it turns out people don't die nearly enough for it to be effective.
  17. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    I already did run the script for perma characters that you see in OP, it just didn't actually perma the character, but logged it instead. Almost nobody was caught by it, just some people killing themselves for better spawn. People usually played a lot of hours, which meant that their death / hour ratio never went low. Turns out people die far less than what we imagine. Either way, it's not possible anymore now that we can't automate access death logs.
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    I've started playing EVE online again, now I won't get anything done around here. RIP.

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      Did you get anything done before? smh staff doesnt do shit

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      Takes DayZRP donations, buys Revenant.


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      I have one of those pleks thingy's left, can I exchange it for a months playtime? Had to start from scratch though so me have no money.

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      Is this why you're too busy to implement the tool ideas I had?

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      @Mass Nyx for me, thank you very much :D

      @Samaritan They added free to play, so you can play even without PLEX, you're just restricted to 5M SP and basic ships / skills. PLEX still gives you 1 month game time, although 1 old PLEX has been split into 500 new PLEXes. 1 month of Omega subscription (gives access to everything) is 500 PLEX.

      @Brayces Soon™ Shhhh!

      @Oliv Yes, sorry dad.

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      Rolle....you can play games after you do the tool idea Oliv had. Along with other things...bad Community Owner!


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      Wow after everything we been true

  19. I forgot to report VAT to the tax office for income from DayZRP and will have to pay a 70€ fine. FML
  20. Events "Protection"

    Nah, there would be plenty of interaction both friendly and hostile. The only difference would be that all kills would actually be justified, without situations where people are dropped because "PvP gods" need a sense of winning and can get that by attacking easy targets on a no-KoS role play server. Where other players are respected and nobody uses cheap tricks to get advantage over others to win. Where people focus on role play. That kind of a thing. Pipe dream, I know.
  21. Events "Protection"

    I just thought I'd point out the flaw in yours. Yes, the game is made for hostile actions. But people come here to avoid hostilities from the public servers. Some of them for role play, some of them just for the no-KoS rule, but they all come to get more interaction with players and less killing. So you saying that we need more unrestricted hostility is going against the entire concept of this community and the reason we exist. There's plenty enough hostility on public servers, we don't need that here. We're trying to do more friendly, less hostile version of DayZ. That has been the goal since the very start in 2012.
  22. Events "Protection"

    Sounds like you would love public servers. They have all these great features and you can initiate on anyone you want, for any reason you want Truly great role playing experience.
  23. Disallow stealth radio usage: Rule 11.5

    I can't find the post now, but I think I gave an example like that in the announcement when the double mic rule was introduced. Basically, if you were initiated on and are demanded to keep quiet, but after several warnings you kept talking and thus relay information on the radio, that was seen as non-compliance that put the aggressors directly at risk and it would warrant a bullet to the head.
  24. Events "Protection"

    No, it doesn't. Not even 2 days ago I received a complaint about one of our official groups initiated on and killed two players because "our group just has goals like that and they refused to listen". We're still far from peaceful RP only.
  25. Events "Protection"

    I'm not creating a rule to suit the state of roleplay, this rule is to prevent abuse by players who destroy experience for others. Similarly to "No KoS" rule, I don't need to play for hundreds of hours to know that we need it to allow for some peaceful RP to happen, as without it people would just shoot each other in the face. So I don't think I need to get in game, sit in a pub and absorb the in-game climate by getting initiated on for "looking funny" in order to know that mass initiations on ongoing events for smallest of reasons are bad and should be stopped to allow for these events and role play to happen. I like that demographic Elmo. Peaceful, non-hostile players have hardly ever been a large problem in this community. Why wouldn't I listen to that demographic that rarely causes any serious trouble? What's the worst these campfire RPers did to you, gave you bad RP and bored you with their shitty character story? Of course I'm gonna take their side when 80% of all rules is there to prevent abuse from hostilities.