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  1. Phoenix

    • Phoenix
    • Rolle

    Am I retarded or why can I not view their group threads and only their members from this page
    Shouldn't there be an option to view their group thread? I may be blind but..
    It just tells me that it's a closed group, then lists all the members. Where's the thread?

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    2. Phoenix


      Yeah but wouldn't it be better if there's an option on the actual thing in "Groups" to view the thread?
      Let's pretend I'm a newcomer and wanna join a group. I click on DayZ > Groups and view all the groups. I click on them and only get to see the members & not the actual thread. Since I'm new, I don't really know where the thread would be. 

      I think having everything in one place would be much more easier for everyone to view their threads, without having to go all the way back to a new page and trying to find their page.  A simple hotlink to the thread through coding would be enough. :) 

    3. Rolle


      There is no such option. The new GroupCP is for the group members use only to have their forums, invites, galleries and what not. Non-members have nothing to do there except to apply. It's working as intended :)

    4. Phoenix


      I remember back on the old old forums, the groups listed in official groups such as what I'm reffering to had the option to view their thread. Meh I just feel like it would make so many things easier :/ Most groups have their applications on their group thread. It kinda blows but whatever *rolls eyes in frustration*