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  1. *licks you with a really long tongue*

    1. Ender
    2. Lyca


      *is for once speechless*


      We played too much Left4dead today. ^_^

      But it was much fun! 

  2. man-158403_960_720.png

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      Fuck.. you know Im only 5 ft

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      That's ok Keira, you can still ride ;)

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  3. I reorganized the Archive. Also restored some content in DayZRP Mod forums. Turns out some forums there were invisible, like groups and reports. Enjoy the nostalgia ;) 

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      About time, now i can look into copying the old 501st thread :trolle:

  4. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

    I don't know what that is or how to make one. Teach me senpai.
  5. Premium Subscription Price

    I never thought I'd say this but... Beni is correct.
  6. hi

  7. Promotion

    It won't, because if the reward is any higher, you can buy YouTube views from bot services for less than. And I don't want to reward people for content that is watched by bots.
  8. Promotion

    Doing some quality PR work. Jim has suggested idea about Steam name changing to me, I thought it sounded cool, so I wrote some code, added more things and am now releasing it for public testing now to see the impact of it. PROMOTION PAGE (Also accessible from under "Information" menu) Promotion page is a system that will reward you for spreading the word about DayZRP community. Currently you can get rewards in 3 different ways: 1. Steam name Change your Steam name to include phrase "DayZRP.com" (without quotes), then go to your DayZRP website profile, click on edit profile and enable Steam name tracking. You will start earning a point every 3 hours you have the name on. (this is automated and working OK) 2. Recruit new members In your account settings you can find a referral link. If someone registers on the website using your link, you will receive some points. You will receive even more points if they successfully get whitelisted, play for some time on our servers or purchase a Premium rank. (this is being automated as we speak, you can still recruit people right now, but you won't receive the points for it until I'm finished later this week) 3. Content creation If you create content you can receive points by sharing YouTube videos featuring gameplay on our servers. The amount of points depends on the amount of views your video gets. This process is currently manual and requires you to send in a video to me, in order to receive the points. Only videos uploaded from 2017-08-28 are eligible, you can't receive points for videos recorded or uploaded in the past. Hopefully this will create some incentive for you to spread the word and at the same time get cool rewards and Premium ranks. Oh and of course feel free to suggest reward values or different kinds of promotion that we could offer to you, as the Promotion page says, this is in beta and the reward values were chosen on a hunch of what would be appropriate, rather than something researched and balanced out.
  9. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

    What the fuck
  10. Get out of jail card idea

    Ok, so it looks like the balance of the answers won't sway in any direction. Sadly we only got about 150 votes from the 350+ members that visit the website every day, but I guess not everyone - especially newcomers - are interested in the inner workings of the community or permabans of people they don't know, I suppose they are here just to... role play in DayZ? As we can see, the result is not overwhelmingly positive which was my requirement to go forward with this suggestion, which is why I will stop it here and abandon this idea. I like that many people brought up both positive and negative things about this suggestion, showing that they at least considered both sides of the problem. The one I was most conflicted with personally is the fact that the bans and warnings you receive should matter and have consequences so that we can keep a healthy environment which prioritizes role play and have a community that is not full of toxicity, however I was hoping that the large amount of money involved would mitigate these issues and risks. However I can understand and accept that others do not see it that way. Regardless of the outcome, I am glad to see that we can still discuss controversial things like this is a polite and respectful manner, putting aside only a handful of troll posts in this thread. Thank you all for participating and voting on this suggestion. Let's all of us who are still here work together to keep this boat afloat and try to better ourselves and our role playing effort so that when beta hits in 2022 we are ready.
  11. Get out of jail card idea

    So I recently got a 1Gbit connection upgrade for DayZRP servers and now I would want to buy another dedicated server to host a bunch (10-15) of miscellaneous game servers and services, mostly unrelated to DayZRP as of right now, but who knows, maybe DayZ will one day go beta and we will be able to use this box to host our own DayZ server. I have 2 other boxes from before, but these are quad core Intel i5 from 2012/2013 that were used to host DayZRP mod servers and not really up to the task, as I can only host max two game servers on one of these boxes. Anyways, the business is going good, however anything extra DayZRP earns goes straight towards the taxes, so there's not much room for new purchases or investments. So I got this idea this morning after chatting in staff Slack how to make some extra cash to buy this hardware and bring more players to the servers at the same time - allow people who were banned to come back, but for a price. So the idea is to allow some of the permabanned players whose appeals have been previously denied to come back to the community under final warning by purchasing a "get out of jail" card for 100€. Yes, I know, #sellout. The reasoning is that so far I have instantly denied all of permabanned people because I didn't trust them and I was pissed off about people disregarding the rules, but with time the rage has subsided and I think that if they lay down 100€ people will keep their word about wanting to improve like they wrote in the appeal emails, because nobody will lay down so much cash just to fuck up again with a stupid meme or flame comment. Admin team didn't seem to be too much against the idea, this was tested before with another member, but in his case the money worked more of as a collateral and it was returned to him (he chose to exchange it for a Premium rank, but basically yes) after he behaved good for a few months. In this case there would be no refund. Who would be applicable for this? Those who got permabanned, but haven't done anything too malicious or attempted to circumvent the ban. The suggested procedure was: Check with admin team through email if you are applicable Admin team votes on whether it's OK or not - majority decides If answer is yes - transfer the money Send another email with transaction id from PayPal If everything ok - account is unbanned and placed on final warning Now I know this is me being a sellout, it's a cashgrab move and it goes against everything I said in the past about the bans and the fact that permanent bans are not really permanent. But sometimes I just gotta swallow my pride and do what's best for the business, even if I don't like it (like ads, various annoying perks). It doesn't help that we are also down to 160 players / 24h, we need all the extra players we can get to spice things up in game and bring back S2. And of course that dedicated server with dual Xeons is a good future investment. So I thought I'd like to ask you the community about this first, if you do want to see permabanned players back in the community, or do you want them to stay gone? Do you think a payment of 100€ is enough to keep them in straight line? I ask because it will be you who discuss and interact with these people on the forums on daily basis and meet them in game and it would be real shitty if more people left community because of this idea than come back after a move like this. Make no mistake, these people have been banned and removed from the community for a very good reason and it's a risk to bring any of them back. I may think it's worth it because I will be the one on the receiving end of that cash to buy the hardware I need for this and another community, but what about you? You, the players who are reading this are the most important asset that this community has and no short term flow of cash or new dedicated server can replace you, you take priority and I won't move forward with this idea without a major agreement. Let me know your thoughts and vote in the poll. And please remember that this is only an idea at this stage, nobody is getting unbanned yet.
  12. RIP 400 pages of my novel

    Inb4 bad cable
  13. Get out of jail card idea

    Good discussion so far guys, loving the arguments and how it's split almost evenly between the two. Nothing brings people closer together than a common enemy If you don't mind I will just keep watching the discussion for a while before answering any questions and contributing. I can deal just fine with not having the extra cash or server, like I said the business is good. This is about you and your opinion.
  14. The Masonic Knights

    But it's 2017?
  15. Impersonation Interpritation

    There are situations where spreading false rumors about groups or directly lying about something that that group has done is done maliciously and then it would be punishable. So I wouldn't go as far as Hebi saying that it is "perfectly fine" and can be done "without any punishments". That makes it sound like spreading misinformation about other groups will never ever get you in trouble, which is simply not true. We just don't have a rule specific for this kind of thing because it has never been a problem and we don't add rules on things unless they are an issue.
  16. It will look like this: https://www.dayzrp.com/timeline/
  17. Weeb sounds

    I have no idea what you're talking about.

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    2. Ramon


      Is this a DayZ community or a weeb community? Do you have any new plans, Rolle?
      It's getting a bit weird right now.

    3. Rolle
    4. Ramon


      Yes Rolle, weird. I thought we were a mature community? ;)
      I am glad to see you removed it now. Still love you, despite you are a weeb. <3

  19. Ask the admins

    There's been a lot of speculations and rumors going around the DayZRP community recently. To help to remedy the problem the admin team has decided to open up this thread where you can ask the server owner and the server admins any questions you may have - even the controversial ones - surrounding our work on DayZRP and allow more transparency about our work. However, we won't answer questions regarding DayZRP security measures, personal matters or other information that may compromise someones privacy. No discussion is allowed in this thread, only serious questions should be posted. Any posts that do not follow the template will be deleted and/or receive warnings. Only Server Admins are allowed to respond to questions in this thread. Use the template below to post your question(s), so it is easier for us to track and respond to them. Leave answer fields empty, we will write our answers there. Asking: /any admin Q1. A1. Q2. A2. Q3. A3.
  20. Memory loss / Virtual Memory Questions

    The game crashes are due to memory access violation as far as I remember, which is an issue in the source code of the game, so extending your virtual memory will not help. Virtual memory setting is how much drive will be used for pagefile on your drive. So technically it can be as large as how much free space you have on your C: drive. It has nothing to do with how much RAM you have. I recommend you leave it on the "system managed" setting, Windows will shrink and extend it as it sees fit to give best performance.
  21. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  22. Promotion

    You mean next to posts? It wasn't something relevant on the forums and it was taking up space so I removed it. You can still view your balance on the promotion page.
  23. Character deaths

    Yeah, currently the user cannot kill the character on their own, only admins can or it can be killed through too many in game deaths. There will be a setting Soon™
  24. The Legion

    No. Just.... no. My old meme group idea EPM had a more believable story and better RP potential than this. A group like this would be bordering on bad RP, so I'll just archive this and you should not RP this idea in game.
  25. Baiting

    bait beɪt/ verb gerund or present participle: baiting 1. deliberately annoy or taunt (someone). DayZRP rules say: 6.4 You may not bait other players into situations where you use kill rights or self-defense (see rule 7.2) due to their response to your provoking actions. This rule was created to prevent scenarios that include, but are not limited to following situations: 1. You leave a vehicle/valuable items at location and go away while keeping overwatch on the things you left from afar. Another player stumbles upon your vehicle/items and takes them. You initiate on the person and rob them from their items, or you straight out kill them because they are technically stealing your belongings which is a hostile action. You get banned for baiting, as you may not leave vehicles or items unattended and then claim them to be yours when someone in good faith takes them in belief that they do not belong to anyone or that the owner is not around. 2. You steal something from another player in a situation where: The item is of insignificant value or is not valuable enough to you to justify the need to steal it There is no IC reason to steal the item or it does not make sense in the current situation to be stealing things from other players You stealing the item would put you directly at risk of getting caught (for example stealing right in front of a player, surrounded by their allies) After you steal something, the person or allies of the person you stole from obviously confront you about it and either initiate or directly engage you (which is fair and understandable considering stealing is a hostile action). You, or your group then use self defense as a reason to kill the people you stole from. You get banned for baiting, as acting in a way that provokes another player to initiate on you and using that as means to gain self-defense kill rights is considered baiting. 3. You are at a hotspot location where a lot of players gather. You block a path leading to that area by for example blocking a road with a vehicle or stand with your character in a doorway. You do not initiate on anyone or act hostile towards anyone, but you don't move either, making it impossible for other players to pass. Finally, after talking and reasoning with you has failed to get you to move, someone initiates on you and tells you to move or you will die. You or your group use self defense kill rights to kill the initiating party. You get banned for baiting, as acting in a way that leaves other players no other choice but to initiate on you due to your behavior in order to continue their regular RP is considered baiting. 4. Two groups are hostile towards each other. Your group knows the position of the second group, so they send you in alone to their location so that you get initiated on and are taken hostage. Meanwhile, the rest of your group takes positions around the area in anticipation of the initiation. You get initiated on and draw the other group out of their cover. Your group then fires and kills the opposing group with ease, as your group didn't have to go through the risk of having to initiate on them and you helped to draw them out of defensive positions. You get banned for baiting, as risking your life and using tactics where people are sent in as bait straight to the enemy in order to gain self-defense kill rights for your group is considered baiting. Also, in all of these situations, as per rule 7.4, any kill rights gained from the baiting are invalidated and any killers from your group will also get punished for any invalid kills that may have been gained from baiting. Baiting is also a 5 day ban offense now. Of course, baiting can be done in many ways, but it's usually easy to spot since it has very close links with rule play (killing people simply because the rules allow you to - rule 7.5), NVFL (risking your life for something meaningless, just to gain kill rights for your group - rule 5.6) or disregard for fair play (using any kind of advantage that the rules may give you, even if it doesn't make sense IC or is not considered ethical/fair play OOC - rule 5.3). I hope this clears it up for both community members and staff who handle report verdicts on how the rule should work and be applied when enforcing our in game rules.