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  1. Hall of Shame

    But please do, tell us all about your issues and opinions.
  2. I just stated my opinion. Disagreeing with you doesn't automatically mean I'm against progressive thinking. I just think that if a group idea is well made and planned, 7 days is enough to find 4 members in our community to get it started.
  3. If a group does not attract 4 people within a week, it's either a bad idea, or bad group management IMO. The requirements are not unreasonably high, I think it's good how it is, without a ton of inactive groups.
  4. Hall of Shame

    That never happened. You seem to be misinformed.
  5. Hall of Shame

    See, now you're learning. If they haven't been breaking the rules they would've still been here. Such a tragedy.
  6. Hall of Shame

    That's a funny way of saying "broken the rules".
  7. The City of Stary.

    This is serious role playing community. How dare you.
  8. Rolle

    1. evanm23


      thank you for this amazing gift

      jkjk im trying to improve my attitude 

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      Dio Brando

      Is the hallofshame a new thing or have I just never noticed it before?

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      They are back, I have actually missed these. Good work.

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      Is the hall of fame functional? Even after I enable it in my settings I can't see anyone

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      This is perfect xD 

    6. Max

      lmao nice

  9. No Longer Whitelisted?

    The Steam account you are whitelisted with hasn't been online in 19 hours. Are you sure you're using the right Steam account?
  10. Names for Stary Sobor

    New Havana, for El Presidente!
  11. TeamSpeak sucks. Like really, it's not even a meme. I like Discord much more, it's better. Let's switch to it. Discord Pros: FREE Cannot be DDoSed, doesn't lag Easily accessible anywhere you are through desktop app, regular browser or mobile app Can message people when they are offline, see what games others are playing Notifications and mentions, just like on the website Much more secure (no alts, VPNs or proxy trolls etc) Better chat and voice quality Better group management Bots with custom functions like custom commands, activity tracking, quizzes, tons more Much better looking (TS looks like it came bundled with Win98) Multimedia extensions (embed images, videos) Frequently updated with new features We can have a widget on the front page showing who is online Everything else Discord Cons: None, you have to overcome your fears, enter 21st century and let TeamSpeak go
  12. The City of Stary.

    That's great to hear, I can't wait for the next one. Perhaps I'll even get DayZ installed and participate Should we get around 500 weekly players we can also bring S2 back which would allow more people to participate in the events, as we could reserve one of the servers..
  13. The City of Stary.

    I can't chill my beans when people are doing this kind of shit. We're finally getting some events done, people have started to play more (we're at > 420 weekly players now, up from 350 or so) and the second the event starts a mass initiation is dropped. It boils my blood. Maybe, just MAYBE these people just want to shit on and disrupt any attempts for peaceful RP to happen or just pick easy targets to PvP because they knew that people will be there. The people can do this "organic, random, free" RP all the time when there ISN'T an event ongoing, which is like fucking 99,999999% of the time. So don't tell me that people need to be left alone to "freely RP as they see fit", they have PLENTY of time to do that outside of the events. I'm sure that if the event organizer wanted a mass initiation and have some key people related to the event die just as the event starts, they would mention it in the event description. This will be a shameless advertisement, but if people are interested in this kind of "organic" RP I recommend DayZ Underground. Their servers and RP are in fact so organic, they don't even have a no KoS rule. So you can just organically RP with your bullets. But that "organic RP", "let people do what they want" won't work during events. There's too much as stake, too many people got in the server early to get a spot to participate, too many people planned these for days - sometimes weeks and then some group decides to fuck everything up with a "drop weps 10 secs" because "hey, there's a lot of gear here". There's a huge difference between doing genuine hostile RP and being an gear whore and PvPer disrupting events with mass initiations for some stupid reason like "we need 556", the latter won't be tolerated by me. The GM team is great, they solve 94% of the reports correctly, but they cannot use rule 4.2 which is very conveniently applicable here, since it says that actions that damage role play may be punished by admins. Damn right I'm pissed off. Thankfully Joffrey said it worked out in the end, which is great news, otherwise I would be all over this shit right now.
  14. The City of Stary.

    Mass initiating on a scheduled peaceful event without a VERY good reason like "they all robbed and tortured us an hour ago" is subject to rule 4 and instant permaban from me + group disband. I won't be tolerating attempts to disrupt the very few and rare events that we get. Deal with it.
  15. What do you get on your pizza?

    You fucking madman.
  16. BeanZ WAR

    I can't believe I pay to store and back up these shit posts. 70.
  17. What do you get on your burger?

    Meat and cheese. I'm a rebel.
  18. Paid Staff

    That used to happen, when DayZRP was doing really well financially. We even had an internal system which divided 33% of all DayZRP income among staff based on their rank. In the current situation as I'm sure you know, this is not possible. All and any profit from DayZRP is spent on paying back the debt (~ 20 000€ left to pay from 55 000€ that it started at 18 months ago). This is also the reason why staff haven't received any presents (free Steam games etc) that they usually got in the past on Christmas, we haven't had any community contests with Steam games as prizes etc. Once I pay back the debt, hopefully sometime within next year, I'll definitely go back to handing out freebies once in a while, and if we do really well (like in the screenshot), staff pay is definitely a possibility. But as Hollows mentioned, now that this is a registered company, paying staff creates a whole different set of problems tax- and bookkeeping wise. After the debt is paid I'll probably transfer ownership and move the company to a different country to avoid all this hassle with Swedish laws. It is a business. The HoFs you see are subscriptions.
  19. Perma-deathing?

    You're contradicting yourself there "People should not be forced to perma BUT FFS PERMA ALREADY FGT" As for the permadeath through deaths in game - it's not implemented, but I've recently saw a character with 30 deaths, which would definitely constitute a perma. I think it should be dynamic, based not only on amount of deaths but also on time played in game, since the more you play, the larger chance of you dying. Perhaps something like if( $deathsthisweek >= 5 AND $deathsthisweek > $hoursplayedthisweek / 2 ) permaCharacter();
  20. Ignore Options

    Flaming, +5
  21. Ignore Options

    Now it should be fixed. Forgot about a space.
  22. How do you eat your fries?

    No sauce, no ketchup, no nothing. I'm a rebel.
  23. Community.

    Another one of these? Look, I don't want to flame you or bring you down or anything, it's nothing personal. But these "community is dead" threads change nothing and are getting really tiring, they've been done almost every month since 2013. DayZRP has "died" so many times already, Jesus has nothing on us. It's always the same thing too, someone claims that the community is dead, staff - including me - is doing shit job, someone got banned or not banned, promoted or not promoted (choose depending on situation), vague suggestions that do not really help with anything and are as useful as "stop being poor, get rich" advice. I'd love to discuss if there actually was something to discuss. Perhaps next time try to focus on one issue at a time and go in depth about one problem that you see and go into the cause, effect and proposed solution along with a poll , instead of going "community is dead and shit" in a wall of text.