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  1. Rolle

    SoundCloud doesn't offer sorting of search results or user submitted tracks in any meaningful way, so I created this little tool to find most popular tracks submitted by uploader of your choice. Maybe someone will find it useful :) 

    Check for example user "breakbot", great tunes.


    1. LouieRP


      Good shit Rolle I will use this in future. 

    2. Brady


      r u trying to hack me

    3. BorisRP



      Bildresultat för borat great succes gif

  2. Staff Appreciation Thread

    I love our current staff team. They're great people who put a lot of work and own personal free time into some website on the Internet. Even when they make mistakes, it's only a small part of all work that they do correctly, I salute them for their effort. While I've mostly burned out completely after over 5 years, these guys keep this place running solid despite all the setbacks with our game of choice. Thanks staff!
  3. 5 Points for greeting a friend

    Not handling the appeal, just curious. You genuinely believe greeting a friend by calling them a cunt is mature?
  4. Want to avoid points.

    Everything is an insult depending on context and bias. Most of the time SJW is fine, for all other times we have R4.
  5. Rolle

    I as the owner of this fine establishment refuse to point Hebi for calling me and Staggs (my accomplice) a cunt for changing his profile. This is due - yes, you guessed it - staff bias. Everyone else posting such things are subject to warning points.

    This official statement has been brought to you by Rolle Tax Enterprises Inc.

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    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


    3. UndeadRP


      Fuck but its such a fun word.

    4. Keira


      I thought cunt was acceptable in Europe and stuff :(

    5. Rolle


      It is, we even have it in the rules!

    6. BorisRP


      Bildresultat för thinking emoji

    7. Keira


      It is acceptable... or it isnt? Confusion has intensified.

    8. Squillium


      Can I go to people’s profiles and offer to eat their ass? Is there any jurisdiction on this? WHAT ARE MY LIMITS?!?!

    9. Rolle


      It's not acceptable. You may only use status updates to post how good DayZRP is and how happy you are by being a member here.

    10. BorisRP


      Bildresultat för but were not gif

    11. Squillium


      “Praise be to our Polish God-King, may his Pierogi’s be good and may his border with Germany be forever strong”

    12. Elmo



    13. Voodoo


      There is a gif i could put but dunno if it would be taken the wrong way

    14. Elmo


      @Voodoo careful now, don't wanna get points for jokes

    15. Rolle


      Very careful now, Rolle is having another episode

    16. UndeadRP


      I take jofferys terminology. He's a bear and sometimes he growls at you. Completely reasonable, just don't be dusty.

    17. Voodoo


      But points make prizes dont they?

    18. Rolle


      Yes, at 30 points you get to see an exclusive funny video, only for the people who win! :D 

    19. Voodoo


      If its the team fortress one ive seen it before xD

    20. Rolle


      I switched to a new one :D 

    21. Chris


      Didn't Papa have a pretty funny custom banned video?  Get dat.

  6. Community Summit

    No? The list is generated from the approved group list.
    • Rolle
    • Hebi Kotei

    Very nice profile, you now qualify for promotion.

    1. Lyca


      Niiiiice :D

  7. RandyBiscuit's Intro

    Stop scaring people away
  8. Community Summit

    How about that, a prototype of sorts: https://www.dayzrp.com/council/
  9. Community Summit

    I have an idea on how to implement this on the website, stand by
  10. The staff team has had a team meeting on Sunday and we have decided to change things around here a little bit and try some new things out while we are waiting for Beta coming Soon™ 2026. Here are the things that we have decided on changing, which should happen within the current or next week, depending on how busy we are. There will be more announcements and/or sticky threads focused on every change on this list so everyone has a chance to get informed about them properly. 1. Player list on the server statistics have been removed This is to prevent easy access to metagaming players that are in game. While we know that there are alternative ways of acquiring this information, you are no longer handed it on a platter where you can check identity of someone on the server in matter of seconds. It may come back, depending on player feedback. 2. Private radio frequencies will be removed Only public frequencies will be allowed in the radio chatter forum. This is due the fact that a lot of private frequencies contain taunting and provoking content that is viewable by everyone and those targeted by such messages cannot defend or reply to them. It is also quite contradictory to have private messages on a public forum. Once this goes through everyone will be able to post on all radio chatter threads. We still ask however to not interrupt or disrupt other peoples conversations if you are not involved in them in any way or don't know the characters involved. Those interested in private radio chatter we direct you to private messages instead as a use of IC private communications. Up to 10 people can be added to a PM and it works just like a thread with conversation-like view and it is indeed private. 3. Dynamic groups will be removed The concept of dynamic groups will be removed, and with it kill right sharing between players not in an official group. With dynamic groups removed, only approved group members share kill rights with each other. Everyone not affiliated with an approved group are treated individually and will have to fight and survive on their own. Additionally, official groups do not have a distance or line of sight limitation to the kill right sharing, it is always available to all group members. There will be more explanations exactly how this will work in game, along with common examples once this is implemented and the rules are in place. The reason for this is to encourage players to create new, creative groups as well as allow the staff for easier balancing of power and a better screening process when it comes to groups. This is a trial and we will review the general feedback and effect this will have on game play, role play and player experience in a 1-3 months and decide what to do about it then. 4. SMART goals will work more as a guideline SMART goals will be a more of a guideline to keep in mind when creating good group goals, rather than a strict requirement. We still want you to have at least have the "SMAR" part in your goals, which will also probably speed up the approval process, but we won't be enforcing the strict format of group goals to follow the SMART principle. Do note that if your group has goals set to X and you do things Y in game which are completely opposite, we will still step in and question the groups official status. 5. Griefing rule will be added to the rules It's not specifically defined right now, but I believed that it was self-explanatory based on rules like 5.1 or 5.3 that it was not allowed. Apparently for some that was not so obvious. So since some people asked for it to be added, we'll do that.
  11. Community Summit

    As soon as new rules are in place.
  12. DayZRP Community Memes

    Quoting top tier meme. And people say things have gone to shit lately. This meme is from beginning of 2014, same things happened back then
  13. Enfusion Engine Issues

    So it's not a DX issue. If it's a laptop, does it have Optimus technology to switch between iGPU and dedicated GPU? That caused issues on my old laptop, game tried to start on iGPU. I don't remember if I ever fixed it.
  14. Enfusion Engine Issues

    There are no downloads for DX11, it is baked in into Win10 and updated through Windows Update. You can update legacy DirectX with this.
  15. Community Summit

    The GMs got a draft on the new rules now, we're awaiting their feedback and suggestions. This week? That's fine, in case you can't make it you assign next in command etc. But I don't think group leaders should be "lawyering up" by having someone else speak for them.
  16. Rolle



    1. Zilly

      And im stuck tethering with my phone in a 2-3 bar area. 

      Can i move in with you, Rolle?

    2. BorisRP



    3. Lad


      yeeah sure i'll download this anime ser- oh no wait done that.

      i'll just download tropic-oh no wait just downloaded the entire series

      rolle y tho

  17. Community Summit

    If you believe everyone should have some formal of voice then this will not work. In that case the talking over each other meetings that we do now is what will work. If people want to run solo, that is fine, but I don't think they should expect their actions to affect the server or voice to be heard on the same level as large official groups will. I am against voting simply because this will create a popularity contest and those with most friends or alt accounts will get elected. If you have 20 friends you can get 5 into this council and push your agenda. With groups having to be approved and by definition having a backing of 4 other members, I think that's the better solution.
  18. Community Summit

    My proposal to make this super easy is to not have nominations, but instead all group leaders act as members of the player council. This will work well with official group only change coming soon and all groups will have the voice they need, without us having a 2 hour meeting where a lot of people talk over each other.
  19. The Deal With It Attitude

    I just had to The meeting thing, if you want to elect a council of some kind and organize meetings, that's probably an idea for a different thread. I like it a lot! And yes, @Erik we're working on a solution to end the gathering points, then waiting for them to expire. The idea right now is to set a hard limit on acquired points, after which they never expire. But that's also a discussion for different topic. Now (slightly) back on topic, the admins have discussed the situation already, we've all watched the videos provided to us (3 in total, about 30 minutes of footage), we've made a verbal agreement on what to do when (if) appeals arrive in our mailbox. And back on topic properly - the "deal with it" attitude is not as bad as I think you try to make it look like. The admin team trialing a new change to the rules once every year despite general consensus being towards no, or banning some troll or rule breaker outside of standard procedure once every month or two is in my opinion definitely not killing the community or such an extensive abuse of admin power to warrant rethinking the rule 4.
  20. The Deal With It Attitude

    I didn't compare them to SDS, their RP reminded me of SDS RP. Not quite on the same level. SDS we great, at least we had something to shoot at with the mortars from TP.
  21. The Deal With It Attitude

    I've seen the videos now, they're juicy. Reminds me of the kind of role play that SDS did back in the day. *cringe* And yeah, you can't know for sure. You'll have to... trust us.
  22. The Deal With It Attitude

    That hurt my feelings.
  23. Group Idea for future use

    Problem. Zombie apocalypse is not an ideal place to conduct business. Most people are just trying to survive. As such, con artists and scammers would not have many different opportunities. And with people everywhere armed, their scams would be short lived as well. It seems like this would work well in a different game - EVE Online
  24. I dunno man, seems like everyone is out to be their own bank and create their own government these days. As long as you don't initiate on everything that moves because you were "disrespected", someone refused to move or pay a tax that you made up on the spot or didn't acknowledge your communist teachings, it should be fine.