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  1. Brandon Appeal...

    Thanks @Galaxy, so he's just some random guy to you. Thanks @Crazy_Corwin @Brandon24 based on what you said, why are you switching between channels on our TeamSpeak and telling people to move because they are not in a proper channel according to you? Then saying "fuck off" if they refuse? The task of moving people to correct channels is for our staff. Flaming people like that is subject to permanent removal from the community. Can you explain further? Also, it seems that your accusations and Jims version of events do not match, he claims he never told you to kill yourself. Comment on that?
  2. Brandon Appeal...

    @Crazy_Corwin can you post your PoV?
  3. New Update

  4. Brandon Appeal...

    @Galaxy is this your friend? Can you vouch for him?
  5. Updated the timeline page with some events, we still need a picture for every event.

    Please contact a lore master with title, image, text and optional link for "read more" if you want to add an important event to the page

    1. Western


      Looking good, sure someone will find a few pics, you want random ones or ones in game

  6. Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    Added rule 2.8, that was one of the major reasons for this rule update and I completely forgot about it.
  7. Oh seven, watch out for yourself in Nigeria.
  8. Changed home page stats to weekly, as we have large variations from day to day when it comes to activity, some days are very quiet and weekends are usually busy. Weekly stats should hopefully give a better overview of recent community and in game activity. And it doesn't look as depressing :D

    1. Western


      Just had a look and seems alot better then a 24 year one, More to it and such seems to a lot more activity on it. Good idea really :P 

    2. Roach


      I like it. When does it update? Mondays or Sundays?

    3. Rolle


      Updates every day at 12:00 server time, so it won't suddenly update once a week, it's more of a rolling week, it takes last 7 days from current day into account.

    4. Roach



  9. Safe Zone Trial Poll

    Don't need to play daily in order to have an opinion about Safe Zone. You have the daily player number on the front page. Since the safe zone has been added 652 players have played on our server and 1598 members have visited the website.
  10. Safe Zone Trial Poll

    Only 100 members have voted, out of 350+ that we have daily on the website. Please vote, as it is important to make an informed decision about the future of the safe zone.
  11. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    If you dislike anime, why even post in this thread trying to be edgy? OP asked for recommendations, if you don't have any and just want to bash on something you don't like, gtfo. I recommend: Another GATE Anything from Makoto Shinkai
  12. Safe Zone Trial

    Safe zone trial poll is now open: Discuss the safe zone in that thread.
  13. If you don't know what the safe zone is, read this announcement. Here is the promised safe zone poll that will determine the future of the safe zone that was introduced two weeks ago. Please vote on options that best describe your experiences in the safe zone as well as how just the fact of it being there has affected you. Those who haven't been in game at all during the last two weeks shouldn't vote at all, I care about true in game experiences and not your dislike for the idea of a safe zone without having even experienced it. Of course feel free to express your opinion about the safe zone below as well, do you think we should keep it? What should be changed?
  14. The recent thread pointed out to me how a hostage rule wasn't written quite the way we wanted it to be, so I went through all our rules and made several adjustments. These are no big changes, mostly just rewording to reflect our current stance on how these rules should be enforced. Rule 1.4: Added that it's both off topic forums and status updates that are exempt from this rule. Rule 1.9: Clarified that you may not imitate official Premium perks through graphics on your profile, avatars etc. Rule 1.10: Now that we have video background perk, changed the phrasing so that it is clear that you're not allowed to have gifs as background, videos are fine if you have access to them, duh. Rule 1.11: Removed the part that you can't mention banned players, since we don't really enforce it anyway and usernames get recycled which could cause a problem in the future. Rule 1.12: Removed the part where "character page must comply with all rules", that's kind of self-explanatory. Reworded the requirement for the characters background to be compatible with our lore. Rule 2.3: Reworded, since VAC blacklists are now set to automatically expire. Rule 3 explanation: Fixed broken newcomer guide link, thanks @Loscham Rule 5.2: Reworded the requirement for characters to be compatible with our lore. Added part where you should keep in mind the state of the world and context of post-apocalyptic world when choosing a backstory. Rule 5.3: Specifically added improper use of kill rights as an example of rule play, since this is the most common occurrence. Rule 5.5: Reworded and simplified the impersonation rule Rule 5.6: Added additional NVFL example, specifically one of most common "knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement" Rules 5.7 (abusive RP) and 5.8 (dying for spawn point - NVFL) switches places, so that now 5.6 (NVFL) and 5.7 (dying for spawn point - NVFL) are next to each other since they're both about NVFL. Rule 6.6 has been replaced with rule 6.2 which goes more in depth into what is expected of hostile role play on both sides <--- THIS IS COMPLETELY NEW, FEEDBACK? Rule 7.5: Added reference to rule 5.3 Rule 8.2: Reworded slightly, executions should only be done if the guy to be executed has killed your allies in the past, aka eye for an eye. Preventing executions for "not singing while jumping on one foot". Rule 8.3 (requirement for reasonable hostage demands) removed and merged with rule 6.3 (demands during hostile situations) Rule 8.4.1: Added "repeated requests" to requirement for killing for not complying. Also added that attempting to escape is a valid reason to kill the hostage. Rule 8.4.2: Added example that picking up a weapon as a hostage when not allowed to is something that puts the hostage takers at risk and thus should allow the hostage takers to kill the hostage Rule 8.4.3: Simplified
  15. A plea to bandit RP'rs

    I don't know about that. The rule itself doesn't say anything about actions of the demands or that it an action must be part of it for it to be considered a rule break. It just specifies that _making_ an unreasonable demand is enough to be considered a rule break. That being said, that rule is in wrong category and badly written, so I'll fix that in a second