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  1. Community Summit

    The GMs got a draft on the new rules now, we're awaiting their feedback and suggestions. This week? That's fine, in case you can't make it you assign next in command etc. But I don't think group leaders should be "lawyering up" by having someone else speak for them.
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      Can i move in with you, Rolle?

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      yeeah sure i'll download this anime ser- oh no wait done that.

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      rolle y tho

  3. Community Summit

    If you believe everyone should have some formal of voice then this will not work. In that case the talking over each other meetings that we do now is what will work. If people want to run solo, that is fine, but I don't think they should expect their actions to affect the server or voice to be heard on the same level as large official groups will. I am against voting simply because this will create a popularity contest and those with most friends or alt accounts will get elected. If you have 20 friends you can get 5 into this council and push your agenda. With groups having to be approved and by definition having a backing of 4 other members, I think that's the better solution.
  4. Community Summit

    My proposal to make this super easy is to not have nominations, but instead all group leaders act as members of the player council. This will work well with official group only change coming soon and all groups will have the voice they need, without us having a 2 hour meeting where a lot of people talk over each other.
  5. The Deal With It Attitude

    I just had to The meeting thing, if you want to elect a council of some kind and organize meetings, that's probably an idea for a different thread. I like it a lot! And yes, @Erik we're working on a solution to end the gathering points, then waiting for them to expire. The idea right now is to set a hard limit on acquired points, after which they never expire. But that's also a discussion for different topic. Now (slightly) back on topic, the admins have discussed the situation already, we've all watched the videos provided to us (3 in total, about 30 minutes of footage), we've made a verbal agreement on what to do when (if) appeals arrive in our mailbox. And back on topic properly - the "deal with it" attitude is not as bad as I think you try to make it look like. The admin team trialing a new change to the rules once every year despite general consensus being towards no, or banning some troll or rule breaker outside of standard procedure once every month or two is in my opinion definitely not killing the community or such an extensive abuse of admin power to warrant rethinking the rule 4.
  6. The Deal With It Attitude

    I didn't compare them to SDS, their RP reminded me of SDS RP. Not quite on the same level. SDS we great, at least we had something to shoot at with the mortars from TP.
  7. The Deal With It Attitude

    I've seen the videos now, they're juicy. Reminds me of the kind of role play that SDS did back in the day. *cringe* And yeah, you can't know for sure. You'll have to... trust us.
  8. The Deal With It Attitude

    That hurt my feelings.
  9. Group Idea for future use

    Problem. Zombie apocalypse is not an ideal place to conduct business. Most people are just trying to survive. As such, con artists and scammers would not have many different opportunities. And with people everywhere armed, their scams would be short lived as well. It seems like this would work well in a different game - EVE Online
  10. I dunno man, seems like everyone is out to be their own bank and create their own government these days. As long as you don't initiate on everything that moves because you were "disrespected", someone refused to move or pay a tax that you made up on the spot or didn't acknowledge your communist teachings, it should be fine.
  11. Hmmm

    Added it
  12. The Deal With It Attitude

    Contact email is open 24/7, to everyone. I don't see myself using veto on this one to keep them permad as it is now, but then again I haven't seen any video. If it was really that bad, I would not dismiss that as an option. But an appeal can be created either way.
  13. The Deal With It Attitude

    An admin was there, experienced it first hand and made the call to treat it as trolling. That's plenty enough to use rule 4 and to me as good as any evidence, because I trust the admins judgement. I don't think you know why the Aiko did things she did. She spoke to me about the situation before using rule 4, I think I know better why the call was made. They received a permaban because of trolling.
  14. The Deal With It Attitude

    Oh? I didn't realize anyone was permabanned for a comment in the report. I thought they were trolling in game. My bad.
  15. The Deal With It Attitude

    Fixed that for you. No need to sugarcoat it.