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"Watashi wa anime dai suki desu!"

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    1. Ramon


      Maybe you should make a legit character page first Rolle! 

      //Reported  <3

    • Rolle
    • Mexi

    My nibba, you watching group therapy on Fridays? 


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    2. Shadows


      I wish Rolle called me his nibba

    3. Mexi


      What can I say? We're basically BFF's, Shadows.

    4. Shadows


      That's cute ngl

  2. Please don't hate me...

    I'm disgusted.
  3. Emails sent by DayZRP?

    Notification settings in the little drop down that opens when you view notifications.
  4. (P.s. its a joke plz dont ben me men)

  5. @Shane's status updates are broken. Try to fix it or end him and get rid of his shit memes?

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    2. Aiko



      Is ok Little Kistune, you will get use to it.

    3. Alex


      @Shane just stop posting for the time being lmao

    4. Shane


      I am unfortunately :(

  6. Please stop.


    1. Rolle


      ie, ore wa anime dai suki desu.

    2. Kyle_Jones


      ok im making a meme, you did this not me.

    3. Rolle
  7. The continuity of events was broken due to an error on both sides when executing a character, so it has been fixed and resolved by the admin team by resurrecting the killed character. Now you have to adjust your characters to follow the new timeline of events where the character was in fact not killed. You can change the memory of the execution or forget it completely, how you do it is up to you.
  8. Yes you can, because we are telling you to.
  9. A strange radio message [Frequency Open]

    //OOC: The permadeath was invalidated by the admin team, drop it.
  10. Nobody can perma your character unless you agree, no matter if they unload 5 AK mags into your corpse, blow up your corpse with grenades or drive you over with a T-90. Our rules clearly state when a character can be killed permanently and no whining about how "it doesn't make sense IC" or "my character saw you die" can take priority over these rules. These people simply have to accept that this is a game, players respawn after dying and not everything will make 100% sense in game and the IC experiences will involve these kind of continuity issues.
  11. Role playing in computer games on the Internet is serious business.

    Srs bsns gusie.

  12. OP wishes in reports

    You can already do that now if you want, you can say in report that "I don't want him to be punished too hard, it's ok" or "my life is destroyed, I can't RP anymore, please perma him". Most of the time it will be ignored tho
  13. OP wishes in reports

    We can't have members choosing what kind of punishment other members receive, it would lead to bias against less known members or those who do not have as many connections in the community. With staff, we have protocols and restrictions who can handle reports and how, what punishments to issue and we try to treat all members equally. That would not be the case if report OPs could pick and choose which rule break someone should be punished for or what the scope of the punishment should be. You can request a report to be closed which results in no verdict or punishment and we may accept your request if we believe that the rule breaks did not negatively affect other players, but that's about it.