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  1. You can upgrade subscription plans on the manage purchases page.
  2. PayPal account is not required. Contact PayPal if you have trouble with the payment part.
  3. For the record, we don't do voluntary bans anymore, admins have been instructed by me to not do it. Either you stay away from the community temporarily using your own strong will or stay banned forever. It's just too much hassle for us banning and unbanning, removing blacklist, reinstating whitelist, closing leaving threads etc just because you can't control yourself to not visit the website or perhaps just to have a pretty strike through name for a few weeks.
  4. I don't have a lot of time to argue why it as it is. Oliv sums it up pretty well - whitelist is to check you have read the rules and know them at the time of filling out the form. It doesn't check in any way if you're a good role player. Just like driving license test, everyone has to pass it, but there are still tons of idiot drivers on the roads who have no idea what they're doing and are killing innocent people. The reasons why whitelist is as it is: - it is much less work for the admin team, which means they can spend more time on other things and do not burn out as fast because they have read pages of rule explanations text every day and catch any mistakes - the acceptance rate in new system is lower than the old whitelist system, proving it is at least as difficult, hence no reason for change there - DayZ player base population is at its lowest, we can't be too picky about potential players or else the servers will empty and community will die - changing the whitelist application takes either money to hire a dev or my own work and time. I have neither right now.
  5. Stop sparkling you twilight vampire wannabe >:l

    1. Aberration



  6. I dont know what to think of that new fire effect. it feels way too "2007 forums" 

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    2. Hebee


      Stop picking on a defenseless man.


    3. Nihoolious


      reminds me of this email program my grandmother downloaded to have special effects on her messages and shit back in 2009

    4. Phoenix


      lol that's cute.

  7. I will be gone for 2 weeks. I will be available to admins in case of emergency or payment problems. Will probably lurk on the forums when I have time. Be good kids.

  8. Are the banners broken? For a few days they've looked like this for me (Always 60 and 4) 


    I looked it up real quick, maybe you need to do the same as this guy

    1. Rolle


      Must be your browser ignoring the cache rules from the website. Try CTRL+F5.

    2. Roach


      Aaaaaaand it's updated ;) Thanks Rolle

  9. There seems to be some weird glitches with the new site..

    Is that meant to happen, or just purely a new feature? 

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    2. Jamie
    3. Phoenix


      Totally got me there too @Jamie

    4. Jamie


      I get everyone. 



    Work in progress on the new IPS update/theme for DayZRP. It will be a more transparent and lighter theme with less overwhelming darkness and red everywhere. It will also be slightly faster :)

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    2. equiinox


      Looking good

    3. Ramon


      Is it no clickbait to something else? Hmm, maybe I will take a look Rolle ;)

    4. equiinox


      @Ramon naaa it's all just a meme, hes gonna Rick Roll you dont do it ;)

  11. Yep . I'll fix tomorrow.
  12. I think you drinking to my health might've worked, feeling slightly better today, stay tuned :P

  13. I've never seen full page ads on my mobile personally, but then again ads are unique for every person. Make a screenshot when you see it again