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    2 questions because I'm confused

    Groups are approved on admin discretion, we can deny and archive groups for any reason for example balancing (of there already are too many hostile groups), lore, originality, potential, or even if we like the idea or not. 1. I didn't outright ban all terrorist groups all of a sudden. Just gave example why a group like IZIZ, NRB, Al-Keida, Poko Haran etc would be denied. Groups affect the entire server and are a focus area of the game play and community, 2 players having ERP session in the woods is none of my concern. 2. Because those things require permission of people involved and therefore it didn't feel necessary to outright completely ban it if some people are OK with it.
  2. Roland

    Terrorist Groups/Other Controversial groups

    Why? Because more often than not, it is taken too far and we already have plenty of the "extreme" RP around, we certainly don't want add even more to it. Sure, the idea is not completely unrealistic, but that doesn't mean we want it on the server. There is no rule, group approvals are done entirely based on staff discretion.
  3. Roland


    What qualifies as griefing is very individual. To me, griefing is every destructive action that is not warranted by actions of the enemy. So taking your example, we would need to know the relationship and history between you and those owners. If you have previous history of murder etc, it would be fine to gain entry to their base and raid it, looting things. If you have no previous history and you simply get in there and replace the locks "for the lulz", that is griefing.
  4. Roland

    Terrorist Groups

  5. Roland

    Avatars Busted

  6. Roland

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    Your avatar gif source? 😄 

    1. Banshee



    2. Ducky


      Banshee got me

    3. Ducky


      @Roland Why do you ask dad?

    4. Roland


      I had to see it for myself, cheeki breeki playing street piano

  7. Roland

    Quick website suggestions

  8. Roland

    Okay... This Fog.

    Not helpful at all then, thanks.
  9. Roland

    Okay... This Fog.

    Is that before or after this new fix?
  10. Roland


    That is correct. However the rule that specifically required everyone to communicate in game at all times was removed, it was too difficult to enforce and was not necessarily needed in all situations. Instead, the general behavior of prioritizing OOC over IC in terms of activity, goals and communication is considered bad RP and that includes situations where people disregard IC communications and instead communicate OOC to detriment of RP or gaining unfair advantage. In the end, there is no way for us to monitor or even disallow people from using 3rd party communications, we have no control over that.
  11. Roland

    Okay... This Fog.

    Merged threads, if we could keep fog discussion and feedback in one thread, that would be great. I did another fix server side right now, please leave feedback on fog status.
  12. Roland

    Okay... This Fog.

    I just disabled the fog yesterday with a server side fix. People said it was gone. If it's not, we will look into it again.
  13. Roland

    Okay... This Fog.

    Check now
  14. Roland

    Accents and voices.

    Just changing accent by itself, no. We already have too high workload dealing with all kinds of rule breaks, we don't want add to that list petty ones like someone changing accent or speaking differently.
  15. Roland

    aadragonx Ban Appeal

    This has been solved through a support ticket. Don't create double appeals kids.
  16. Roland

    Website, premium and item updates

    We have recently moved to a new webserver, which should be slightly faster. We have also upgraded our website platform to a new version, which added a few new features. You can now add gifs directly from the editor, by clicking on the gif button and searching. The service is provided by giphy. Please use it wisely, just spamming gifs around on the forums is not allowed as per community rule 1.5 There are a few cosmetic issues with the avatars, editor and some other areas of the website, those will be fixed over the next few days. Premium wise, there have been some changes to the perks: Sapphire perk for an icon beside username has been removed, it is no longer compatible with our platform. I'm looking into finding a replacement perk for Sapphires and up. All Gold and higher members have had their avatar and cover photo limits raised. You can now upload animated avatars up to 1MB big (doubled from 0.5MB) and cover photos up to 4MB (doubled from 2MB). Diamond has received new perks which is a fully customizable title below their name, as well as ability to send global radio messages to the server through what you know as RCON. This one is still work in progress, but you can see the draft here. Item shop has received an update. Remember that Item Shop items are cosmetic, nerfed versions of the original ones that can be found normally in game. Item shop spawned items may have reduced armor, inventory capacity, protection from elements or functionality. We have added MANY new item variants for existing items, those won't be active until new DayZRP content update is released later this month though. You can recognize the new variants in the dropdowns by the broken image when selected Here's a full list: New items have been added consisting of military outfits. Finally, the upcoming DayZRP mod content update. New update is on the last stretch and it should be released by the end of this week if nothing unexpected happens This update is taking a long time because we are trying to synchronize, organize and structure the work done by multiple devs and create procedures on how the content should be created and submitted. This also meant that we had to go through thousands of lines of code that were already submitted in previous updates to make the code meet these new standards. Future updates should hopefully follow this new standard we have set and should be released much faster. We are working on a hotfix for the fog issue, this will be released ASAP
  17. Roland

    Bullet damage

    I think it definetly needs balancing, 5.45 should not do same damage as 7.62 That said, I think it's good that overall damage has been reduced, increasing TTK.
  18. Roland

    When did DayZ become a horror movie?

    This is worse than the mist IMO
  19. Roland

    S1: KoS in GM summer camp - 02/02/2019 20:35

    People told me I must do this report. Since Jim admitted to the rule break there's not much to discuss here. Comrade Jimski will serve a 7 day game ban for Invalid kill and combat log. Verdict not appealable. Solved with notes.
  20. Roland

    Weeb stuff on banners?

    Don't fight it, accept it. Resistance is futile.
  21. Roland

    Back to 80 players...

    Continue as we are, server performance was vastly improved in the new patch.
  22. Roland


    No, weather changes over time.
  23. Roland

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    The above is not live on the server. DayZRP February update has not been released yet. Today we just released a small patch to make the old DayZRP mod version compatible with new DayZ 1.01 patch.
  24. Roland

    Is it combat log if they attempt RDM?

    This is the reason why we will never say "it's ok to break rule X if Y". Hence the answers from staff OP has gotten. Think like this - if someone is on a KoS spree then they will be permabanned and there will be nobody around to report you ?
  25. Roland

    Kicked from every server...

    Because you're trying to join other servers with our mod? You have to disable our mod in launcher if you're gonna play elsewhere.
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