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  1. Roland

    DayZRP Item Shop Updates

    2019-08-19 New variants: TTsKO Jacket (EMR) TTsKO Pants (EMR)
  2. Roland

    Gas mask buffs

    I like this solution, we will aim for this.
  3. Roland

    Why is PS4 server offline?

    No idea, it shut itself down. Console server provider is trash. Fixed now.
  4. Roland

    Priority Queue

    Probably only for staff and highest special ranks, perhaps Diamonds too. It's because if everyone has a priority, nobody has a priority.
  5. Roland

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    You tell us
  6. Roland

    Need something to do?

    This man is trying to start an uprising, guards, arrest him.
  7. Roland

    DayZ Update Thread

    Can't wait for queue priority
  8. Roland

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

  9. Roland

    Need something to do?

    DayZ has always been a sandbox'y game where players create their own content. It's difficult to change that without some kind of automation, I doubt staff will have the endurance to manually run events every day for players in all times zones to satisfy this "something to do" thing that players want. We already have a feature plan for automated events in our development tracker (air drops, horde spawns, stash announcements, call for help, etc). It will take some time to create it, there are other features that we are working on first.
  10. Roland

    World of Warcraft Classic Thread

    Absolutely haram.
  11. Roland

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    We will be temporarily removing new map additions to see if they are responsible for server performance degradation that several of you reported.
  12. Roland

    Gas mask buffs

    I'd rather remove CS nade than gas masks from Item Shop. I ain't going through all those refunds just for a grenade debuff. The solution I was thinking about was either remove the protection that gas mask offer, or add a simple free gas mask to the item shop.
  13. Roland

    Logging in as an aggressor.

    Defenders logging in inside of their own base in order to help with defense effort is considered ok. Attackers logging in inside enemy base is considered ghosting.
  14. Roland

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    DayZRP 19.8.1 Released 2019-08-14 Map Stary/Kab roadblock by @Descendants Added multiple islands and caves from Chernarus Islands and Chernarus Caves. These are server side mods and you do not need to subscribe to them or enable them in your launcher. @JimRP Removed Removed scissors, custom combat knives, tweezers, carnival mask, jason mask, human flesh mask, barbed bat, scrap, fabric, football, cassette player, guitar and double side axe. All crafting involving above items was removed as well. Some of the items like guitar and knives will be re-added in future patch. If you owned Spooky or Venetian Mask in item shop you can refund it regardless of times used. @Roland Balancing Wooden box now requires 3x amount of materials to construct. It cannot hold any rifles or be buried anymore @Kerkkoh All existing wooden boxes have been deleted from the map - map cleanup, anti-hoarding measure @Roland Slightly rebalanced some of the ammo, grenade and weapon spawns @Watchman Vehicles should spawn with all parts attached. However, spawn rates of car body parts like doors and hoods has been lowered @Roland General fixes Incorrect item names for Rastr clothes fixed @wirpy Incorrect flecktarn camo spelling. @Bishop Gameplay Players no longer die if disconnected while restrained @Kerkkoh All players get 10 slot hotkey bar, regardless of clothing worn @Kerkkoh Quick reload added (hold R to reload weapon in your hands). Should work with all weapons, report if not. @Kerkkoh General items New soda: Moscow Mule @Watchman Clothing New EMR camouflage for the following items: @Ducky MICH Helmet 6B5 Vest TTsKO Jacket TTsKO Pants New MultiCam camouflage for the following items: @Ducky MICH Helmet Plate Carrier Pouches Holster New general variants for MICH Helmet: @Ducky Black Beige Green New general variants for Tactical Helmet: @Ducky Black Beige New quilted jacket variants: @wirpy Green Purple Red Yellow Zebra Leopard Blue Weapons New custom type of grenade - tear gas (aka CS). @Bishop While within the gas of the grenade your character will experience impaired vision, coughing, impaired movement and eventually vomiting and loss of consciousness. After leaving the radius of the gas your character will enter a recovery period before being completely restored. Gas masks can be used to void the effects of the gas, and to resuscitate downed survivors who are still inside the gas. The same rules that apply to the flashbang grenade when it comes to use on other players and initiations also apply to this.
  15. Roland

    World of Warcraft Classic Thread

    EU-Shazzrah HORDE Rolle (Undead mage) Critalot (Undead rogue) Dranosh (Orc warrior) Can't wait to... wait in queues
  16. Roland

    Item shop inventory count

    I voted no since Item Shop is about cosmetic look of the items and not their slots, armor, etc. Additionally, the slots of items in item shop can change at any time and that just adds another thing to keep track of and updated, which will most likely not be done after first batch.
  17. Roland

    Hey Roland, thanks for the 144 € discount.

    I'm aware of this, thought about solving it while coding logic for picking random item. In the end couldn't come up with anything, so just ignored it. It's not like people are spending 200 on virtual items every day.
  18. Roland


  19. Roland

    What is the name of the xbox server

    All our server names start with "DayZRP.com"
  20. Roland

    New Website Banners Go Here!

    That's pretty awesome, will add
  21. Roland

    Supply Crates

    Technically yes, but it increases the sales (half of the time you get an item for 3€ that you perhaps would normally not purchase). That's the catch.
  22. Roland

    Supply Crates

    I think if you have Diamond, you don't really think about saving 2-6€ to get a random item through a lootbox. You just buy the item you want
  23. Roland

    Supply Crates

  24. Roland

    Supply Crates

    Introducing Supply Crates in the item shop for a limited time to see if people will hate it as much as I expect them to do It's like a loot box, except that you cannot lose... kind of? You always get your moneys worth or more. The chance percentages for items are shown in the item description in the item shop. The items received are non-refundable. What do you think, yay or nay? Should I change something about it to improve it? Or just remove entirely? Let me know!
  25. Roland

    Console servers

    All server names start with "DayZRP.com", both on PC and consoles. So just search the server browser for "dayzrp" or scroll down until you find it and favorite it. The query seems to be working fine. What do you mean? Have you been on the server and it hasn't updated the count? The player numbers are updated every 5 minutes. Also, if you are having trouble joining our console servers, it might be because of this:
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