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  1. groovy willsky

    • groovy willsky
    • Roland

    Avoiding RP- 1900h GMT+2 08/07/2019
    Server and location: S1 & S2 

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19h GMT +2, 08/07/2019

    Your in game name: Gustav Polacek

    Names of allies involved:  @Terra @Ron

    Name of suspect/s: @Roland @JimRP @devteam

    Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  none

    Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): go in game and try it

    Detailed description of the events: I tried to open my map and pressed escape so I could run with the map open. It didn't work. I think the game is literally unplayable. I asked staff team what to do about and they said to post a report for Avoiding RP. 

    PLZ fix asap, running/walking with the map open is the only reason I still play this game...

    1. Terra


      POV Betka Komarek:

      I am not involved in this.

      what the fuck wtf GIF by NetCologne

    2. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      ^lying in a report - guilty - 5 day ban, 10 points

    3. Ron


      POV: Willsky just looks for an excuse because he got lost ig and doesn't know his ways. I also like to blame excessive ooc on him, being my ally. 



    4. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      jungle book snake GIF

    5. Ron


      also lying in a report is a 7 day ban , get your ways and facts straight @Dr Willsky - jeez 🙄


    6. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      calling in @DrMax @Zanaan @Ducky @Misho @Kerkkoh @Gremlinco for their professional advice and POV

    7. Zanaan



    8. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      ^thats why no one likes you @Zanaan

    9. Roland


      salt bae ban GIF

    10. DrMax


      Dunno, I only do medical rp, and Terra and Ron don't wanna help me so just ban the report OP and allies.

    11. Terra


      @DrMax that is blatantly abusing powers... biased...


      That's standard?

      Fuck... I forgot.


    12. DrMax


      You cheeky lady @Terra!

    13. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      Stop with the back and forth from here.

      First and only warning!

    14. DrMax


      No u


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