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  1. Ron

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    From Ron to Rolando:

    What happened to the view of ... if it is a sensitive topic like rape the party encouraging this needs to make sure everyone involved is fine with it?

    Don't get me wrong, I never was against things like that as an ig action since I do think it is realistic. And like you said many times before "People who want to role play these things can do it, people who don't want to do it don't have to and cannot be forced to do it either. And if someone is doing it in immature or trolly way that disturbs other peoples RP, report and they will be hit with Bad RP, with or without the rule being on the rule page." 

    Guess it is pretty obvious that there is some bad blood between the parties of the current report regarding the topic. 

    The one not happy with it should have said something. Agreed 100%. But as the enforcing party ...you should have to ask everyone directly receiving this kind the role play for their consent. It is such an easy thing to do ig and it should be focus of both parties to create something entertaining for everyone involved.

    I get where you are coming from with it is easier this way around since less ooc in chat and stuff.  But like If someone has a prob: Ask once. Drag the victim away or the people who don't agree. done.

    What I am trying to say is your statement left a bit too less responsibility on the side of the people who are actively acting sexual violence out ig, for my taste.


    1. Roland


      I don't think it's about responsibility, to me it looks like it would just be far easier for a few people to occasionally say stop, than for many people to ask the same question every time "just in case".

      And if we went that path where you have to ask people around if they are OK with RP done, how would we define what kind of RP requires asking and which doesn't. Maybe someone doesn't care about rape, but torture is a big no no for them. So now you also have to ask before torture. There's multitude of fucked up things done in game that some people may not be ok with, and forcing people to ask for permission of everyone around every time something more controversial is done would not cover everyone anyway.

      Therefore I believe it is far easier with my solution. People who are sensitive need to learn to speak up. It's good for them.

    2. Ron


      I agree, learning to speak up is an important lesson. Same as learning to be able to put yourself in someone else's shoes. 

      There simply needs to be a balance. Thanks for the words rolle, have a nice day 👍


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