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  1. LukeRP

    • LukeRP
    • Roland

    What did the rest of us do I barely play lmao. 

    1. Roland


      Tough shit, find new friends, maybe in free medics.

    2. Eagle


      Your such a memer mate.

    3. BorisVC



    4. LukeRP


      Tough shit?

      I have been here for 6 years nothing but respectful towards yourself yeah I get that my group mates and myself have caused you some stress and issues but you really need to stop being so narrow minded regarding people who are actually causing you issues. 

      There is legit people in this community that have raped people and molested people, yeah that is really fucked up right? 

      Then there has been Staff members who went around and leaked peoples IPs and that lead to people getting ddosed and harassed. 

      All of these issues have been overlooked yet you go all out and cause issues for people who are barely play and are minding their own shit. 

      The only reason I stay here was for Jim. 

      He is a really great guy he is a person that shows what a community leader is all about he helped you keep this place running and get nothing in return you should learn from him you really should. 

      I do not care about the outcome of this place anymore you do what you want. 

    5. BorisVC



    6. Roland


      Yeah, tough shit. If you get involved into a crowd that does bad things and you clearly know about it ("I get that my group mates and myself have caused you some stress and issues") then you suffer the consequences of being labeled as one of them.

      There's no reason to be upset.

      Jim is obviously biased towards his friends and group. I would be too. You think he is a great community leader because he would cover your back no matter what. That's not me.

      I have no friends. I have no group. I don't even play the game. I'm as unbiased as one can claim to be in this community.

    7. BorisVC


      forever alone

    8. Eagle


      You? unbiased? 

    9. Jerry


      Wish I didn't leave those PMs ?

      Roland I'm your friend! tell me I can make my group

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