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  1. Rory

    • Rory
    • Roland

    Am I retarded or why can I not view their group threads and only their members from this page
    Shouldn't there be an option to view their group thread? I may be blind but..
    It just tells me that it's a closed group, then lists all the members. Where's the thread?

    1. Roland


      Group thread is on the forums.

    2. Rory


      Yeah but wouldn't it be better if there's an option on the actual thing in "Groups" to view the thread?
      Let's pretend I'm a newcomer and wanna join a group. I click on DayZ > Groups and view all the groups. I click on them and only get to see the members & not the actual thread. Since I'm new, I don't really know where the thread would be. 

      I think having everything in one place would be much more easier for everyone to view their threads, without having to go all the way back to a new page and trying to find their page.  A simple hotlink to the thread through coding would be enough. :) 

    3. Roland


      There is no such option. The new GroupCP is for the group members use only to have their forums, invites, galleries and what not. Non-members have nothing to do there except to apply. It's working as intended :)

    4. Rory


      I remember back on the old old forums, the groups listed in official groups such as what I'm reffering to had the option to view their thread. Meh I just feel like it would make so many things easier :/ Most groups have their applications on their group thread. It kinda blows but whatever *rolls eyes in frustration*