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  1. Roland


    Character system changes for new website version so far:

    • Character limit (3 alive characters at once)
    • Sync with whitelist (you can only join server with active character)
    • Tracking of in game time, damage and deaths for each character, visible on character page. The data is currently delayed by up to 24 hours, may be fixed later.
    • Character name and alias cannot be changed once character is created
    • Characters marked dead cannot be edited or deleted
    • Deleted characters are not really deleted, just inactivated, for staff reference purposes
    • Background colors replaced with background image (similar to what you have on profiles)
    • Background story field is now required and has minimum length of 500 characters.
    • Background story text field will become a editor field for eligible Premium ranks (same one as the one you use to post). This means you will be able to format text, drag and drop images etc into the character background story. Non Premium ranks will have the regular text editor.
    • Fixed equipment and features line breaks
    • Background music now usable with remote link only (no upload, you have to upload it somewhere else and paste in a link). I might be able to provide a simple file host at a later date. An upside to this is there is no limit on the music file size.
    1. Elk


      sounds good

    2. Dan


      Let us change the alias because sometimes you gain nicknames IC'ly.

    3. Buddy


      Yeah, I'd say that warrants a Bean from me


    4. Elk


      had an idea for it, the character name, could you possibly change the colour of it or nah? 

    5. Major


      +1 Rolle. Can't wait to see it.

    6. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      I actually agree with Shadows for the alias thing, nicknames are often gained in game. It would be nice to be able to show that. 

    7. Karma


      I like everything here except the Alias and name thing, characters get married or ''adopted'' into families, nicknames get added over time please don't make it so those cant be changed.

    8. RedSky


      May I ask would it be possible to have a W.I.P feature for the characters? it's quite a handy character builder. So that you can make a character before you actually get to play them?

    9. PCJames


      I like all these changes, no more 'throw away' characters

    10. evanm23



    11. RogueSolace


      Id like the ability to change names die to earning nicknames or things like marriage. Other than that, sounds good ?

    12. Oliv


      Rolle, if I can make a suggestion it would be a field to hyperlink something, so those that have stories in Lore and Stores sub forum can drop a link there

    13. Roach


      What @Oliv said ;) also great fuckin' features if you ask me :D

    14. Ducky


      Plus fucking one Rolle.

    15. Kieran_Hales


      This is great makes u character feel more real in the forum side of it